10 Ways to Earn Respect from Narcissists

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ’10 Ways to Make a Narcissist Respect You’ by Rebecca Zung

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Rebecca Zung, a narcissist negotiation expert, provides 10 ways to earn a narcissist’s respect, including staying distant, being independent, holding power, and demonstrating high value through relationships and boundaries.

Key Insights

  • The speaker is Rebecca Zung, a narcissist negotiation expert and attorney.
  • She provides 10 ways to get a narcissist to respect you.
  • Staying a little distant from them can make them respect you more.
  • Being independent from them, both financially and emotionally, earns their respect.
  • Holding a position of power over them makes them respect you.
  • Not revealing that you're onto them as a narcissist helps maintain their respect.
  • Demonstrating high value to them, whether through money, sex, or prestige, earns respect.
  • Being friends with people they want to be friends with makes them respect you.
  • Fluffing up their ego while setting boundaries can make them respect you.
  • Remaining calm and non-emotional earns their respect.
  • The most important way to gain their respect is by being authoritative, confident, and self-assured.

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Are you dealing with a narcissist and you are just feeling like they are constantly in your face? And you’re just like, Oh my God, how do I get them to respect me? And there’s just no way it could ever possibly happen. I’m going to give you 10 ways to get a narcissist to finally respect you.

Hi, I’m Rebecca Zung and I am a globally recognized narcissist negotiation expert and I’m also an attorney. I’ve written a couple of best-selling books. I’ve also got a brand new one in pre-order. It’s called Slay the Bully, How to Negotiate with a Narcissist and When and you can check it out at slaythebully.com. When you go there, you’re going to get all kinds of really amazing bonuses, including an entire version of the manuscript early, so that you can start reading it even before it comes out. So go check it out, slaythebully.com and make sure you subscribe to this channel because you’re going to want to make sure that before anyone else gets access to anything, you’re going to be the first one to do that. So subscribe and hit that notification bell.

I want you to start feeling your power when it comes to narcissists, because the one thing that they don’t want you to have is power. They don’t want you to feel respected. They don’t want you to feel like you are confident and so that’s what I want you to have. They feel like they’ve got dominion over you. I feel like it’s that spider versus fly thing. They catch you in that web, they start sucking all the life out of you, and you just feel drained and you feel stuck there.

How do you make a narcissist respect you? How does that happen? Well, there are a number of different ways and I’m going to give you 10. You’re going to want to watch all the way to the end here, because I’m going to give you 10 and I’m going to save the best one for the end, of course.

So, the first one is that you got to stay a little bit distant from them. You can’t be so close that they know your weaknesses. This is for people who haven’t quite gotten into a relationship with them yet. These are for people who are just kind of reading the room with narcissists. You’ve kind of started to figure out, wait a minute, there’s something going on here. Maybe you’ve watched my other videos on love bombing, my other videos on the early relationship warnings of a narcissist, and you’re starting to see the red flags. When you see this, this is narcissism guaranteed. That’s another one of my videos and you’re going, wait a minute, no, stay the distance, stay a little bit aloof from them, because they want to grasp you. They like that chase. If they can’t quite grasp you, then they respect that a little bit, right? They want that, they want the shiny thing. Remember, narcissists don’t attach themselves to you because you have so little value, they attach themselves to you because you have so much. So, if you stay a little bit distant from them, they think, wait a minute, this is something I can’t have. So, you can’t be so close to them that they know your weaknesses because then they use them against you. So, that’s number one.

Number two is stay independent from them. If you’re not financially dependent on them, you’re not emotionally dependent on them, then they respect that from you. If you become dependent on them, if you become needy, then that’s when they can start ghosting you. That’s when they can start giving you that silent treatment. Remember, it’s in that love bombing phase, that grooming phase, that conditioning phase. That’s when they start to get you to need them, they start to get you to want them, you start depending on that dopamine hit, and that’s when they can turn around and start saying, no, I don’t want you, no, and that’s when you start going, no, I do, and you become dependent on them, whether it’s emotionally or financially, and that’s when they have that power over you, that control, that dominion. So, if you stay independent from them, then they don’t have that and they respect you for that. They attached themselves to you because of that supply source, that IV they wanted to attach themselves to, or the optics of hanging out with you, that power source, that money source, the influence source, whatever it was. So, if you still have that, then, maybe it’s your looks. Remember, they are all about how they look to the world, right? So, there’s that too, that diamond level source of supply.

The next reason why they will continue to respect you is if you’re in a position of power over them, they could be a narcissist, they could be the most flaming narcissist on the whole planet, but let’s say you’re the judge in a case, well, okay, they’re going to have to respect you, or maybe you’re their boss, or maybe you’re the CEO of the company or something like that, then they’re going to continue to respect you, or it could be that you’re the leader of the group that they all hang out in, they’re going to respect you for that. Maybe you have more money than anybody else in the group, they’ll probably respect you more for that. If you have more power, you have more dominion over everybody else, you’ve got some kind of gravitas that makes them look up to you for some reason, then they’ll respect you for that, okay?

So, the next reason that they will continue to respect you is that let them believe that you’re not on to them yet. Once they think that you’re on to them and they know that you’re on to them as being a narcissist, then that mask whips off, you become public enemy number one, and they see things in black and white. So, if you’re not for them, then you’re against them, and all hell can break loose at that point, and if that’s where you’re at, then you might want to go ahead and grab my free Crush My Negotiation prep worksheet at this point, which you can get at winmynegotiation.com. It’s a free 15-page e-book, which has helped literally thousands of people win their negotiations. Highly recommend that you go grab that right now, go get it, it will help you definitely win your negotiation.

All right, so that is number five. Number six is to show them that you are of high value, whatever it is, in any way, shape, or form, whether it’s because you’re continuing to give them money, sex, prestige, whatever it is, continue to show them that you are of high value. If they feel like they’re going to be lesser in some way without you being around, then they will continue to respect you. So, that is number six.

Number seven is being friends with people that they want to be friends with, so they will respect you because remember, everything is transactional for them. Everything is surface for them. So, transactional surface, so diamond level supply, for coal level supply, those are my words, diamond levels, how they look to the world, everything has to feed their black hole inside, that whole level supply is devaluing you, controlling you, manipulating you. So, it’s got to feed one beast or the other. Making them look good or feel good. So, you’re fluffing up their ego. If you’re constantly fluffing up their ego, especially in front of other people and they want to keep you around, but you got to make it believable. If I were you, I would only do this to ethically manipulate that manipulator. So, I call it fluff for favor vomit later. Hey, can you do X, Y and Z? You’re so much better at it than I am, and it’ll be done so much more faster, more efficient than if I did it, whatever that is, but you’re fluffing up their ego, like you’re fluffing up a pillow. So, if you can do that,

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ’10 Ways to Make a Narcissist Respect You’ by Rebecca Zung