36 Hour Fasting Benefits: Accelerated Effects in 16 Hours

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Get the Effects of 36 Hour Fasting in ONLY 16 Hours’ by Thomas DeLauer

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Written by: Recapz Bot

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How does it work?
Shorter fasts with Mediterranean spices, ginger, lemon verdana tea, and apple cider vinegar aid fat utilization, burning, and storage reduction.

Key Insights

  • Longer fasts don't always give better results
  • Ways to get deeper into a fast in a shorter amount of time
  • Mediterranean spices like oregano, thyme, rosemary, and sage activate PPAR alpha, promoting fat utilization
  • Lemon verdana tea containing hispiduline activates PPAR alpha and increases expression of CPT-1, aiding fat transport into cells
  • Ginger contains compounds like 6-shogol and 10-shogol, which activate PPAR alpha, increase adrenaline, and mobilize fat
  • Gingerols and 10-shogols in ginger, when combined with caffeine, increase fat burning and reduce fat storage
  • Capsaicin in cayenne pepper activates the TRPV receptor, stimulating the vagal nerve and increasing adrenaline
  • Apple cider vinegar increases AMPK, signaling the body to utilize stored body fat more effectively
  • Recommended routine: last meal with fatty fish and Mediterranean herbs, apple cider vinegar before bed, apple cider vinegar and cayenne in the morning, sip on ginger or lemon verdana tea throughout the day, more apple cider vinegar and cayenne if desired, consider using Mediterranean herbs post-fast.

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Title: Ways to Enhance Your Intermittent Fasting

Host: Who doesn’t want to get more out of their intermittent fasting regimen in a shorter amount of time? How do we get deeper into a fast without having to spend more time fasting? There’s a lot of evidence that shows that longer fasts don’t always give you better results. So how do we get the benefits of a longer fast but compressed into a shorter period of time? I’m going to show you a few ways to get deeper into a fast in a shorter amount of time.

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Host: So with fasting we have a few different ways that we burn fat and I have to spend like 30-45 seconds explaining this first before I can give you how we activate it. We have epinephrine and adrenaline. So we have basically this adrenaline response that drives some fat loss. Well that also drives up what is called AMPK which is sort of your body’s energy sensor. So when it recognizes that there’s no food coming in and adrenaline goes up it starts utilizing stored fat tissue. This in turn activates what are called these different transporters CD36 CPT1 the names are not really important they’re just little vessels that transport fat into the cell for burning. But in order for all this to occur we need to have a genetic change gene expression. So there is a protein called PPAR. Everything I’m talking about today is about getting this PPAR activated more so that you can literally get into a fasted state and deeper as fast as humanly possible.

Host: So the first one is this your last meal before you start a fast ideally should be something with some Mediterranean spices. Now I’m not just saying that because I’m a Mediterranean diet nerd. No there’s evidence the Mediterranean spices like oregano like thyme like rosemary and sage are very potent activators of PPAR alpha. You see they contain something known as hispiduline. Now there’s a cool study published in the journal lipids that found that when people consumed these kinds of spices they had a superior activation of PPAR. What does that mean in human terms? It means that their genes were turned on more for fat utilization. Now to give you context PPAR is usually only activated when the body recognizes that we’re starting to use stored fat as fuel. It’s sort of a natural response the body says oh this guy’s starting to burn his own fat let’s activate these genes that make this process more efficient so he does not starve. Okay so if we can have external components that activate PPAR more then we get into a fasted state even faster.

Host: Now there’s another study in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry that found that rosmarinic acid which is in things like rosemary also triggers a potent activation. Triggers it as a ligand for PPAR. Okay so again just consuming things like that. Now what do you put it on? If you put it on something like salmon or a fattier cut of fish that has high omega-3 content well guess what omega-3s are also a potent activator of PPAR. So you combine say take some sockeye salmon put a little rosemary sage something like that on it and have that be your last official meal before starting your fast. Well that has scientific evidence that it could put you into a fasted state faster. Let’s move on to the next.

Host: Along the same lines there’s something called lemon verdana tea. Okay now lemon verdana tea I read about a couple of months ago and started implementing it here and there within my fast. Well when I test my ketones and test my glucose I see a significant change. So it’s doing something. Well the evidence shows that lemon verdana tea again has a high amount of that hispiduline. Okay so it’s activating that same PPAR alpha getting you deeper into a fast. Now this is something that you could sip on throughout your fast. Now specifically it increases the expression the gene expression of what’s called CPT-1. CPT-1 is the little vehicle that drives fat into the cell. So you could mobilize fat all you want into the bloodstream but if you don’t have the private escort to get it into the cell it’s just gonna circulate and then go right back into storage. So we increase the expression of CPT-1, create more of those transporters, bring them into the cell.

Host: So now that we know that PPAR is stimulated not just by these natural ligands like these herbs and stuff like that but also by fat. Well how do we get more fat into the bloodstream? You know what I’m saying? We can have the herbs that sort of activate PPAR but we also want to have the fat be mobilized to activate PPAR. So let’s talk that. That’s where ginger comes in. There are specific compounds in ginger that mobilize fat significantly but it’s pretty wild. There’s something in ginger called 6-shogol and the evidence is now demonstrating that ginger has an effect on different ranges of PPAR proteins. Okay so 6-shogol decreases the amount of what is called PPAR gamma. Okay which is something that would normally cause you to store fat but it increases PPAR alpha which allows you to burn fat. So ginger is really interesting because the components within ginger, although there’s a couple calories in ginger, will largely put you into a deeper fast and quite a bit quicker than some of these other things. But what’s cool is that inside of ginger you have other shogols too. There’s another one called 10-shogol. Now 10-shogol increases adrenaline via what is called the TRPV pathway. So in essence ginger in two different, completely different fashions puts you into a deeper facet state. It makes you have more adrenaline but it also activates PPAR alpha which burns more fat and it turns off PPAR gamma which makes you store fat again or redeposit it as adipocyte. So pretty serious win-win there.

Host: But then there’s one more piece. The American Journal of Respiratory Cell and Biology published a study that showed that the gingerols and the 10-shogols that are in ginger, when they’re combined, especially with caffeine, they can potentiate the signaling of beta agonists. Okay what does that mean? That means they basically increase the effectiveness of caffeine and they basically increase the effectiveness of what is called a phosphodiesterase inhibitor. Okay that basically means that it’s going to allow you to signal more fat burning and signal less fat storage and signal less glucose utilization. So long story short, ginger plus caffeine could be extremely, extremely powerful.

Host: Now we

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Get the Effects of 36 Hour Fasting in ONLY 16 Hours’ by Thomas DeLauer