5 Hyperroll TFT Builds: Climbing to Hyper Tier Fast!

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Climb to HYPER TIER fast in TFT Hyper Roll with these 5 builds!’ by Autarch TFT

Written by: Recapz Bot

Written by: Recapz Bot

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How does it work?
The video covers 5 team compositions in TFT Hyper Roll mode.

Key Insights

  • The video discusses five specific team compositions in the TFT Hyper Roll mode to help players climb and reach the top 4 consistently.
  • The first build mentioned is the Disco Dazzler build, which requires certain 2-star champions like Nami, Taric, and Gragas. It focuses on building AP items for Twisted Fate, Sona, and Ziggs, while tank items go to Blitzcrank.
  • Augments like Final Ascension and Keeper work well with this build.
  • The second build is Country Moshers, which relies on acquiring Country champions early on, such as Urgot or Samira. Healing augments like healing orbs or harm assist are recommended, and items like Titans Resolve and Bloodthirster are important for Urgot.
  • The third build is the Rapid Fire Guardian Punk build, which primarily aims for Rapid Fire Jinx, but can work with other Rapid Fire champions like Aphelios as well. Itemizing the frontline, especially Pantheon, is crucial, and the Heroic Presence augment is highly desirable.
  • The fourth build is Big Shot Sentinels, where having quirky as the main champion is preferred, but switching to Miss Fortune or Ezreal can be beneficial later. Backline items are prioritized, and the Sticks and Stones augment is particularly effective.
  • The last build mentioned is Pentakill Moshers, which involves securing an early Pentakill champion (Olaf) and building around it with Moshers like Yorick. AP items are necessary for Karthus. Trait-specific augments like Submit to the Pit and Jeweled Lotus can be helpful.
  • It is noted that builds like Disco, Rapid Fire Guardian, and Sentinel are considered more reliable than the Mosher builds (Country or Pentakill), which require more luck in acquiring the right champions later in the game.
  • The importance of reaching the top 4 consistently is emphasized as a measure of success and climbing in the game.

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Welcome back, my friends, to TFT Hyper Role with Artark. And a very special episode. This is our 5 builds to get to Hyper. It applies mainly to patch 13.24 because it’s going to be here for a few weeks. And hopefully, we all have some time over the holidays to play through some of these comps and get into Hyper by 2024.

Now I want to say a couple of things ahead of time. These are not necessarily comps designed to win every single game. There are counters to them. So don’t expect to be coming in first over and over. The goal is to climb. So the goal is to hit top 4. And based on all the games I’ve played and everything I have done, I have found that these 5 comps in particular are most consistent in getting you into the top 4. Yes, they are perfectly capable of winning depending on how your luck goes at the end. But your goal is to make it into the top 4.

So since we are in a match where we get offered a Disco to start. Let’s start with the Disco Dazzler build. Now a couple of things about this build. You do not need to start with it to pull this one off. You don’t have to start with Disco and Dazzler. But you do need to make sure you have at least a 2-star Nami, 2-star Taric, and 2-star Gragas as you get into late game because you’re going to need them. Now if you do decide to start with Disco Dazzler, that’s okay too. Just expect to lose a little bit along the way. Your goal is to build lots of AP items—Rabadon’s Deathcap, Archangel’s Staff, etc.—that will go on to Twisted Fate, Sona, and Ziggs at the end of the game. Tank items will move on to Blitzcrank. So you’re going to be making a lot of use of item holders in this, whoever you can get. There’s a pretty specific end game you want to end up with, and we’ll get to that. But in general, if you find yourself getting a lot of AP items early in any of these builds, consider switching over to Disco if you have the chance.

Let’s also talk a little bit about Augments. I find Final Ascension or any of the Ascension ones to be good. This is because the Disco balls provide healing, and that will keep your team up longer. Thus, you’ll get later in the game and gain more power. Keeper is also very good for this, and that is because you’re going to have everyone clumped together, so they’re going to be able to start with a shield. And the key to the end game of this is to essentially create giant clumps to keep your back group—I can’t even say backline because it’s not a line—but your back group safe. And if you are already in it, something like Pandora’s items is pretty good because you will then be able to craft the items that you need in the end game, and that’s going to help you out a ton.

Speaking of end game, in stage 8 drop your chosen. Look for either Blitz or Twisted Fate to replace them, preferably Twisted Fate if you can get it. You need the 5 Discos: Nami, Taric, Twisted Fate, Gragas, and Blitzcrank. Then you want to bring in Echo, who will tick Sentinel along with Blitzcrank. Sona, who will complete Spellweaver with Echo and Gragas. Ziggs, who will be another Dazzler and Hyper Pop. And Illaoi, who will tick Bruiser. You want your final board to look something like this, with just a clump of a front line in front, holding everyone back, protecting Ziggs, Twisted Fate, and Sona who are going to be doing damage. Make sure you put Sona in the damage position. Expect this to easily take you into the top 4 and sometimes even get you a victory.

Let’s move on to another build I really enjoy but is also very, very consistent in getting you into the top 4, and that is the Country Moshers. Now generally, I will only go into this one if I can get Country right off the jump. That means either it’s given me an Urgot, Samira, or both out of the NPC round, or I manage to get a Country Tahm Kench or Katarina early in the match and then can form Country, of course. Since the Moshers come with healing, I like to add to that healing with healing augments, such as either Healing Orbs or Harm Assist, as that will maximize the amount of damage you’re doing and how long you can stay in the match.

Generally, if I pick up a Tahm Kench, I don’t like to take him to 3 stars. I did here, but I usually like to dump him around stage 7 to try and pick up an Urgot or Samira headliner since they will be a little bit stronger as a headliner going forward. But you can make it work with a 3-star Tahm Kench as well. You definitely want to bring in Sett and Gnar as additional Moshers. Sett will also tick Bruiser along with Tahm Kench. Key items for Urgot: Titans Resolve, Bloodthirster. Key items for Samira not shown here: Deathblade is great. But I also like to go Last Whisper and Infinity Edge. But Urgot is likely the one who’s going to carry you. I will often spend my time hoping that I can get a Country emblem so that I can get the ultimate Hecarim at the end. But

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Climb to HYPER TIER fast in TFT Hyper Roll with these 5 builds!’ by Autarch TFT