7 Simple Tricks to Increase Your High

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Get More Stoned with these simple tricks!’ by The Cannabis Experts

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Written by: Recapz Bot

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Boost high by changing strains, eating mango, taking breaks, exercising, seeking professional advice.

Key Insights

  • Key Insights of the video:
  • The video provides 5 ways to boost your high without smoking more weed.
  • Changing the strain of cannabis can prevent tolerance to one particular strain and potentially enhance the high.
  • Consuming edibles or eating mango before or after smoking can lead to a longer-lasting or more intense high due to the interaction between terpenes in mango and THC in cannabis.
  • Taking a break from cannabis for at least two weeks can significantly reduce tolerance levels, and a month-long break can bring tolerance back to normal.
  • Regular exercise and weight loss can improve the high because THC is stored in body fat and burning fat releases THC into the system.
  • Professional guidance from a dietitian or GP is recommended if considering starting a diet or exercise regimen.
  • The video encourages trying these methods instead of simply smoking more weed.
  • Viewers are invited to share their own experiences and can subscribe to become more knowledgeable about cannabis.

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5 Great Ways to Boost Your High

Now, before we go any further, know the solution to boosting your high is NOT to smoke more weed. That’s not really the point of this video. Instead, we want to show you ways you can improve your high without using more cannabis. And believe us when we say you can.

First off, have you considered changing the strain of the cannabis you smoke? We ask because it’s easy for the body to become accustomed to and more tolerant of cannabis if you use the same strain all the time. The result can often mean smoking more cannabis to get the same results, let alone any possibility of a boost.

Have you also considered how to use cannabis? Maybe you’d get a better high from some edibles. Better still, either before or after you smoke or before you have some edibles, try a few slices of mango. Yes, seriously. Because mango contains what is known as myrosine. Myrosine is a terpene and terpenes are renowned for entering into the bloodstream seriously quickly. And when they do, they will react with any THC that is there, resulting in a longer-lasting or more intense high.

Now, here’s a thought. You know we mentioned about becoming tolerant to cannabis above. Well, did you know that if you don’t use cannabis roughly for a fortnight, that tolerance diminishes by up to a half? Now, don’t scream at us for this suggestion, but if you avoid cannabis for a month, clinical trials have shown that your tolerance levels would have reverted back to normal. But hey, it’ll just be like starting over again with your first-ever joint.

Finally, and the one we like the least, is to do more exercise and eat a little less. Now, this may sound like the standard spiel for a diet, and you’d be right. However, the weight loss here is just a consequence of what you’re actually trying to achieve. You see, THC is stored in body fat, and burning off body fat will release the THC into your system. So, after an extensive workout, you should get a better high from a joint, especially when you add it to all the endorphins that your body is also releasing. We would add that going on any form of diet or starting an exercise regime should never be done without consulting a dietitian or your GP. However, we’re not sure if you should tell them why you want to lose weight.

And finally, yes, you can smoke more weed, but why not try some of the above first? Let us know in the comments how you go about increasing your high. And of course, if you enjoyed this video, like and subscribe so you too can become a cannabis expert.

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Get More Stoned with these simple tricks!’ by The Cannabis Experts