A Day with the YoungLA CEO: Fastest Growing Fitness Brand

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘A Day w/ The CEO of The FASTEST GROWING Fitness Brand (YoungLA)’ by Casey Kelly

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Written by: Recapz Bot

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Young L.A. CEO, Gary, showcases company culture, success, and future goals.

Key Insights

  • The video takes place at the Young L.A. headquarters with the CEO, Gary.
  • They go to get a cake to celebrate Young L.A. hitting one million.
  • The CEO, Gary, shows them around the headquarters, including the conference room, admin office, HR, and photoshoot room.
  • They have a large team that works in the facility and they prioritize a family-like culture within the company.
  • They focus on the quality of their products and the story behind them, aiming to create a cool lifestyle brand.
  • Gary shares his background, including being born in India and moving to the US, studying accounting, and how Young L.A. started as an eBay and Amazon selling venture.
  • The brand's success is attributed to the dedication of the team and treating everyone with respect, from warehouse employees to office staff.
  • Gary discusses the future goals of Young L.A., wanting to be a recognized household brand like Nike.
  • They enjoy sushi for lunch, and Casey answers some questions about his favorite Young L.A. product, his goals, and his favorite body parts to train.
  • The video concludes with a thank you to viewers and a promise of more content in the future.

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We’re here in L.A. at the Young L.A. headquarters. I’m here with the CEO himself, Gary. We’re going to show you behind the scenes of Young L.A. But first, we got to get a cake as a gift. Young L.A. just hit a million and you got to make a good first impression with the boss. So let’s go get a cake that says “Young L.A. 1 million”. Let’s celebrate.

Hello. I just need a small circular cake with a little design on it.

Got the goods. Let’s go.

I think this is going to be quite funny and nice. On the way to Young L.A. First time ever going to the headquarters. I’m very excited to meet Gary. He’s a very nice guy. So excuse me. We’re here to meet Gary. Where would we park?

All the way over there in the front. Appreciate it. All the way inside. All right.

Cake time. One million. Look at that beauty. One million. Hope they like it. Chocolate cake. Who doesn’t? Let’s go find them now.

What’s going on, man? Oh my gosh. You okay?

Thank you. Absolutely.

Very nice to meet you, Casey.

Here you go. Here’s that.

Congrats, guys. This is sick.

Thank you. Very much. Yeah, we’re very excited. Let me show you guys around.

This is our conference room slash sample meeting room. I spend a lot of my time pretty much standing here and trying on clothes and people just critiquing.

Because we drop more clothes than any other brand I know.

The drop culture around Young L.A. is insane. How do you get so much quality stuff in such short notice?

We work like six to eight months ahead of schedule. So like right now we’re working at like January, February of next year.

That’s crazy. But like we work. We work. You work. I feel like no brand works harder than us. There’s always like pumping out projects and making sure they’re good quality. Like I try everything thing on, make sure it fits good. My brother critiques it.

In this particular room, I spend around like five, six hours a day, dude. I’m looking just around and I see pieces that every piece I’m looking at I’ve never seen before. You guys were wondering where all your clothes are getting brainstormed, tried on. This is it. This is like heaven for me. This is all the new drops in one.

There’s just a little TV where like all of our reels we added on here. We like update it every few months. It’s like reels over the time. I just like watching these sometimes get stuck here. Just like nostalgic.

This is our main admin office from like marketing to like different admin things. It’s all pretty much here. Notice there’s no cubicles. So you like, you like family. Like my desk looks the same as everybody else’s. But you know, got their different roles and stuff.

This is our HR. I’m Casey. Very nice to meet you.

Likewise. You have a nice smile.

Thank you very much. Gary does have a nice smile.

This right here is our photoshoot room for like e-com photos. Not like any lifestyle stuff, just the e-com. Flora photos, the late photos you see on the website and all that good stuff. And you know, all the lights and everything here.

Essentially starts from here and then it goes from here to all the way there. Starting from here and then it goes all the way. Like this is boxes and boxes of the clothes y’all are ordering. Like everything. All different sizes. Everything in the book that you order that you see in stock is on the website. It’s here. It’s actually really crazy to see.

Kind of a middle aisle. People get these carts. They get like 24 orders on their iPad and then the iPad tells them where to go. And then they fill these individual bins. And then when they take these bins onto the computers over there, they scan, scan and then that’s how the label gets printed out. And you order it.

Oh yeah. Yeah, we have over a hundred people that are like in this facility. On the floor. Yeah. There’s 30,000 square feet and they’re right here. The space opened up next door. I am…

And we broke the wall. This is crazy. Yeah. It just keeps going. We have, we’re close to 60,000 square feet. There’s another little warehouse across the street too.

The culture of Young LA is not like any other brand. It’s like lifestyle, but it’s cool lifestyle. And you make sure that culture is shown throughout everything. How do you cultivate that? Like I’m genuinely just curious myself.

I think a lot of times when we were thinking about the reels we post or the photos we post, we don’t try to just sell the clothing, but the story behind it. We want people to wear the clothing obviously because they love the quality and they love the way they look in it. But also it’s like the people behind it, the influencers and just the culture. Like, you know, you feel cool. You feel cool when you put it on. You have like that fitness body, like you’ll look really good in it. But like a normal person can easily wear my clothes. You know, like our employees love wearing it. And they’re not like, they don’t go to the gym that often. Like, but they still like it. So that’s what gets me excited. Yeah. Obviously you got to show some cool stuff. We’re going to show the Urus, right? You want to get the start on the camera? Yeah, definitely

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘A Day w/ The CEO of The FASTEST GROWING Fitness Brand (YoungLA)’ by Casey Kelly