Ahsoka Recap: Season 1 in Brief

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Ahsoka leads a mission to find Thrawn and fight the Empire.

Key Insights

  • Ahsoka Tano, introduced in the Clone Wars animated series, is now the main character in her own series.
  • Ahsoka is tracking down a map that may lead to the lost Imperial leader, Grand Admiral Thrawn.
  • Thrawn is a military genius and a major villain in Star Wars Rebels.
  • Ahsoka reunites with characters from Rebels, including Sabine Wren, a rebellious Mandalorian artist.
  • Sabine and Ahsoka fight against Morgan Elsbeth and a new dark Jedi, Balon Skull.
  • Ahsoka enters the World Between Worlds and reunites with Anakin Skywalker in a flashback.
  • Sabine befriends rock turtle aliens and finds Ezra Bridger, who escaped capture.
  • Grand Admiral Thrawn, Morgan Elsbeth, and Balon Skull are planning to revive the Empire.
  • Ahsoka and Sabine are left stranded while Thrawn sets up on the planet Dathomir with a secret plan.
  • Ezra returns and Thrawn's plans are still unknown.
  • Note: The bullet points summarize the main events and characters mentioned in the video transcript.

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Welcome to the Man of Recaps. This is Ahsoka, Season 1.

Ahsoka Tano was introduced in the Clone Wars animated series. She was Anakin Skywalker’s Apprentice. She came to live action in The Mandalorian, Season 2, where she and Mando teamed up to take down the evil Morgan Elsbeth.

Now in Ahsoka’s own series, she tracks down the plot thing Evil Lady was looking for. She fears it’s a map to the lost Imperial leader, Grand Admiral Thrawn. He’s a military genius that was a main villain in Star Wars Rebels, and of course, the old novels before that.

You can watch my recap to get the full Rebels story, but at the end, Thrawn was defeated by our hero, the young Jedi, Ezra Bridger. He got help from the space whales, the Pergil, who grabbed Thrawn’s ship and warped them both out of there.

And Thrawn is a serious threat. His return would unite all the ex-Imperial forces and kick off another war. So now on the Rebels’ main planet, Lothal, we realize this show is Rebels, Season 5.

Ahsoka gets the gang back together, recruits ace pilot Harrison Doola, now a general in the New Republic, and still hanging out with the team’s droid chopper, the Chaotic Mayhem Machine.

But the main focus in the show is our rebellious Mandalorian artist, Sabine Wren. Apparently, Ahsoka tried to take her as an apprentice, but these two ended up butting heads. But now Ahsoka’s got the plot thing that can help her find her lost friend, Ezra.

But Morgan Elsbeth has just broken out of prison with help from a new dark Jedi, Balon Skull. He has an apprentice, Evil Bangs Girl, and sends her after Sabine for an apprentice fight.

Sabine’s out of practice and she gets stabbed, but don’t worry, she’s fine. Who needs a spleen anyway? So now Sabine is ready to get serious, ritualistically cuts her hair. All right, Ahsoka, let’s do this.

She starts training with Ahsoka’s droid, Huyang, who was an old Jedi training droid. And Sabine is a top-tier fighter, but she doesn’t have much connection to the Force. Ahsoka explains she’s a little Force-sensitive, but way less than all the Jedi we know.

Meanwhile, the bad guys open up their space map, which answers how Ezra and Thrawn have been missing this whole time. I mean, the Star Wars galaxy isn’t that big, relatively. But turns out they’re in a different galaxy, which, for space, is really far away.

So Sabine and Evil Bangs have their rematch while Ahsoka goes for Balon Skull. Hey, we never met. Who are you? What’s your deal? Well, turns out he seems like a cool guy who wants to do the greater good. But his greater good is clearly bad, so he and Ahsoka have a lightsaber fight. And Balon Skull is no scrub. He’s got Ahsoka on the ropes. In fact, whoa, knocks her off the cliff.

Sabine got the map. She’s gonna destroy it so they can’t find Thrawn, but that would mean she can’t find Ezra either. And so Sabine gives him the map back, taking a pretty big gamble here.

So Balon enters the coordinates, then destroys the map so no one can follow him. And it’s time for the bad guys’ intergalactic hyperspace jump.

Ahsoka, meanwhile, didn’t die. She wakes up in the World Between Worlds, which we know from Rebels is like a mystical Jedi place. And here she’s reunited with her old master, yes, Hayden Christensen, back as Anakin Skywalker. He tells her he’s got a new lesson for her, and they go to a flashback to when she was a kid fighting in the Clone Wars.

She realizes Jedi shouldn’t be fighting in the war. Jedi’s whole thing, they’re supposed to be non-violent. At the time, Anakin thought the only way to stop violence is with more violence, and now Ahsoka realizes maybe that was wrong and led him down the path to the Dark Side.

So now Ahsoka and Dark Side Anakin have themselves a lightsaber rematch. But Ahsoka doesn’t kill him, throws the lightsaber away. Yes, a Jedi should choose non-violence.

Meanwhile, Hera finally arrives. She was caught up in New Republic bureaucracy. Most people are trying to do good, but there’s still a lot of secret Imperial loyalists. Luckily, C-3PO shows up to shut this guy down.

Hera brought her son, Jason Syndulla, who, like his father before him, is Force-sensitive and is able to figure out where Ahsoka’s in the water. With the map destroyed, Ahsoka can’t follow unless she asks directions from the Purrgyll themselves. Yeah, these space squid whales are maybe super cute or maybe eldritch horrors, but Ahsoka’s not scared, parks inside one’s mouth for some space whale intergalactic hitchhiking.

Meanwhile, the bad guys are in this new galaxy, but turns out it’s not a new galaxy, it’s an old galaxy. It’s the original homeworld of the Nightsisters, the witches of Dathomir, of whom Morgan Elsbeth is a descendant.

And now pulling up in an old Star Destroyer, oh yes, it’s the man himself, Grand Admiral Thrawn! He’s ready to come back and restart the Empire; he just needs a day to load up something from the Witch’s Temple.

So for now, he’s reunited with his old enemy, Sabine Wren, and it’s like, yeah, go ahead, go look for Ezra. If she manages to find him, you guys kill them both.

So Sabine befriends some rock turtle aliens, and who’s living with him but her friend Ezra Bridger. All grown up now, he’s grown out a beard. But the bad guys catch up to him, and it’s a big fight.

Meanwhile, Ahsoka finally arrives, the space whale’s brought her to the right planet. As Sabine has round three with her rival, Evil Bangs, Ahsoka goes for the rematch with Balan. But she runs away, and he doesn’t pursue. Balan Skull has his own mysterious skull.

So Ahsoka joins the fight and turns the tide, it looks like our good guys win. But Grand Admiral Thrawn is a genius strategist, this whole thing was part of his plan. He distracted them with his least favorite stormtroopers while the rest of them finished loading the ship. They’re ready to go back to their home galaxy, leaving the good guys stranded here.

But Thrawn’s not taking any chances, sends some TIE fighters after them to disable their ship. But the Jedi just ride in on wolves, so Thrawn’s backup plan, he sends more stormtroopers at them. But two and a half Jedi can take down an infinite number of stormtroopers.

But Thrawn had a backup backup plan, he had the witches do a magic ritual. Oh, brings them back as zombie stormtroopers. This slows them down a bit, but they’re still on their way to stop that ship.

But Thrawn has a triple backup plan. The witches give Morgan Elsbeth their power and their secret shadow magic sword. She delays Ahsoka while Ezra and Sabine are ambushed by super strong zombie troopers. Sabine’s in trouble, it’s time for her to figure out how to use the force. Oh, grabs her lightsaber, takes this thing out.

But the ship’s getting away, the only way to catch it is with a double force jump. Oh, the jump and push! Sabine’s gonna do the jump and pull, but now Ahsoka’s in trouble. So just as it looks like Ahsoka’s defeated, Sabine jumps in. Yeah, she stayed behind to fight with her new mentor Ahsoka.

Hu Ying managed to fix their ship, so they’ve got a chance they can still catch Thrawn. But Thrawn still has one backup plan left. He opens a channel just to say hey. Because he won! They can’t catch him, and he lightspeeds out of there back to our galaxy, leaving Sabine and Ahsoka stranded.

But they’re not giving up, there’s still a lot of mysteries about this planet. Evil Banks is still out there. She rounds up the local barbarians like, hey, what’s up, I guess I’m your leader now. And Balan Skull is dramatically standing up on old statues. He seems to know something about the ancient mystical lore of this place. What is his plan?

And watching over his apprentice Ahsoka is Force Ghost Anakin Skywalker. Yeah, he made it to Ghostville.

Back in the main galaxy, a lone stormtrooper aboards the Republic ship. Yes, indeed, it’s Ezra Bridger who escaped. Good news, I’m back. Bad news, Ahsoka and Sabine were left behind. And Thrawn is back too. He’s setting up at the witch’s planet, Dathomir. He’s got some secret plan that involves all the stuff he took from that witch temple. What’s in these boxes? You know it’s not good.

Grand Admiral Thrawn is back and ready to revive the Empire. And that’s where Ahsoka season one comes to an end. If

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Ahsoka RECAP: Season 1’ by Man of Recaps