Animate Your Drawings with Sketch.Metademolab and Canva

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘How to Animate Your Drawings with Metademolab and Canva’ by TheMerrillsEDU !

Written by: Recapz Bot

Written by: Recapz Bot

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How does it work?
The video demonstrates drawing animations using; from scan to download and editing using Canva, with an example shown.

Key Insights

  • The video demonstrates how to bring drawings to life using a website called
  • The process involves taking a picture of the drawing on a white piece of paper and uploading it to the website.
  • The website scans the picture and asks for a character to be identified within a crop box.
  • If necessary, the user can highlight or draw missing limbs or arms on the character.
  • Dragging touch points around will determine the areas where the character will move.
  • The resulting animation can be downloaded by clicking "share" and then "download."
  • The downloaded video can be edited and blended with other elements using Canva.
  • The speaker shows an example of adding a playground background to the animation.
  • The background of the drawing is removed using Canva's "background remover" tool.
  • The video can be resized to fit the desired frame and then downloaded as an mp4 file.
  • The speaker directs viewers to follow for more tips and tricks on their website at

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Let me show you how you can bring drawings like this to life.

First up, take a picture of your drawing on a white piece of paper.

Then head over to and click “get started”.

Next, upload your photo.

Once the photo updates, go ahead and click “next”.

It’ll scan the picture. You can agree or disagree, then it’s going to ask you to find a character.

Make sure that your character falls in the crop box, then click “next”.

Once it scans your character, make sure that your arms and limbs are within the frame.

If not, you want to highlight them or draw them with a pencil. Click “next”.

Now, you can drag these touch points around and those will be the areas that your character will move.

I’m just going to leave mine the way that it’s at and see what happens. Click “next”.

There you go. Now you have your drawing running across the screen.

Let’s go ahead and download this by clicking “share” and then “download”.

Now let’s take that video and let’s add it into Canva.

I’m going to go to “create a design” and I’m going to go down to “video”.

The first thing I’m going to do is I’m going to find a different background, so I’ll search for a playground.

This one looks good. Let’s add that as the background layer.

Now I want to take my animation and I want to click, drag it up to my uploads, and I want to upload it to the playground.

Now that the video is uploaded, I want to make sure that I’m clicked on that video and I want to go to “edit video”, then “background remover”.

This is going to take all that white space out of the background of your drawing.

Now the background has been removed, let’s go ahead and stretch out the whole diameter of the video so that way the character will be running throughout the whole frame.

Let’s click play and now my character is running across the playground.

To save this new video, I just go to “share” and then I go to “download” and make sure it’s an mp4 video and then click “download”.

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This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘How to Animate Your Drawings with Metademolab and Canva’ by TheMerrillsEDU !