Approaching Girls at the Gym: A How-To Guide

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘HOW TO Approach Girls In The Gym’ by Heidi Somers

Written by: Recapz Bot

Written by: Recapz Bot

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How does it work?
Video shares tips for respectful approach to women in the gym.

Key Insights

  • Video is about approaching women in the gym
  • Different people give their tips and insights on how to approach women in the gym
  • Main advice is to be respectful, polite, and make compliments
  • Don't interrupt someone in the middle of their exercise
  • Wait for appropriate moments to approach, like when they're getting water or done with their workout
  • Avoid staring or making it obvious that you're interested
  • Compliment the woman's outfit, shoes, or energy, not her body
  • Don't ask for Snapchat or Instagram right away
  • Overall, be quick, respectful, and attentive to body language and cues

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Wait, does this happen? Come on, we’re Alphaland, everything happens here. We don’t need your help. Asked her to help spy you, you know, you know I’m already suffering. I feel that. A compliment here and there. Compliment the drive Don’t. Just don’t You’re still my favorite queen of the night, my friend, let’s drive off again, let’s drive off again

What’s going on guys today we are doing something very special We are going to be asking some people at the gym how they would approach a woman their gym crush and i’m going to write their answers, so Let’s do this in three two one.

What’s your best tip to approaching a woman in the gym?

First the first thing is be polite Be respectful, I think yeah For a gym crush be respectful be polite And then I don’t know maybe make a little be a compliment here and there I guess in my opinion That’s good. I don’t know I guess good vibes positive Yeah That’s that’s really a tough one i’m not gonna lie Uh, I would have to say probably I just asked her to help spy you, you know, you know You don’t need it. You don’t need it. But hey, what if you’re squatting like 400 pounds? Hey, then she she really knows that you’re like interested in her because you definitely don’t know your purple That was perfect. Thank you so much. It’s like can I get a spot? Approach anybody mid exercise That’s a big no-no if you really want to approach somebody wait till they’re done with their exercise Personally, i’m very much in my zone when I train catch me on my way out Like when i’m done with the whole workout, that’s for me But then like what would you say like how would you want to be approached when you train? No, no one’s asked me. I don’t know Nobody asked you before no one’s asked me yet Don’t go up and give people a spot you if we’re in here and it looks like we know what we’re doing We don’t need your help, but you can be a gentleman maybe open the door or something, but don’t lift my weight Okay, one do would be keep it really quick the first time because I feel like girls are a little bit like nervous They’re like the guy’s following him around so keep like 15 30 seconds Just like quick introduction the first time because then I feel like you can get a vibe like, okay She wasn’t into it. So it’s good. I didn’t like bother her or she’s into it. Then the next time maybe ask her out Don’t like approach her from across the gym Because if you see you’re like coming and like you’re I feel like that’s kind of creepy I feel like if you’re kind of thinking about doing it and she’s working out a machine here Maybe like do a few sets at a machine here So it feels a little more natural because then more it’s like it’s more like in between sets like Oh real quick, you know, it’s like oh, I felt really natural. Yeah What is one do and one don’t for approaching women in a gym? One don’t is do not interrupt them in the middle of a set One do is make some really casual eye contact and see if the eye contact is given back That was great. You killed that I’m, not approaching a girl in the gym me personally just because I mean she’s coming to the gym to decompress. This is her time Um, but if she’s like making eye contact and you kind of feel the vibe maybe On her way out or catch her on her way out, but she’s working out. I’m not bothering her It’s her time let her do her thing. And if she’s really into you, she’ll find a way to Find you I guess don’t tell her to take out her headphone and talk to you If she wants to talk to you, she’s going to don’t just like awkwardly start flexing in front of her. That’s kind of weird, right? Wait, does this happen? All right. Come on. We’re alpha and everything happens here for me This is like a spiritual ground like, you know, people are here to meditate to release whatever stress that they have So I don’t really look at this as a draining ground for me. So it’s kind of like for people to release Um, you know take time to themselves then, you know get away from the actual real world at times So that’s how I look at it. What should a guy like not do? I hate when they’re just like staring at you hardcore and making it blatantly obvious and then like coming up to you and just saying something like super direct just like You look so fine like Be nice be respectful, especially if you’re like big and huge like I have two sisters So they always taught me to be respectful and don’t don’t talk about their body. I feel like it’s kind of weird I mean to compliment them nicely But yeah, not their body don’t Just don’t yeah The only time I approached a girl in the gym was when she was doing pull downs And just like one arm pull downs why she had like an intense stare for me Other than that i’ve never approached girls in the gym. It’s not worth it, especially if they’re trying to work out I would say if you’re trying to approach someone a really easy do is just to compliment something like nice shoes Like I like your shirt that’s kind of like an easy way to like ease into it without being too forward But not the body right just not not the body. Oh, you’re trying to set me up. No, I don’t have a drink crush I don’t have a drink crush. But if you do you do this do not go up to her and say and try and Get in with a set or ask her. Hey, can I can we switch out? If your friend came up to you and was like man, there’s this girl How do I

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘HOW TO Approach Girls In The Gym’ by Heidi Somers