Arlo vs. Blink: Better Deal or Better Camera?

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Arlo vs. Blink | Do you want a better deal or a better camera?’ by

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Written by: Recapz Bot

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Arlo offers higher quality cameras and features, while Blink is cheaper with fewer features.

Key Insights

  • Arlo and Blink are security camera brands with similar catalogs.
  • Arlo offers higher quality cameras, including 2 and 4K video streaming, a security system, a personal safety app, and more features overall.
  • Blink is consistently cheaper but has fewer features and only offers cameras without a security system.
  • Arlo has a wider range of products starting at around $100, while Blink keeps everything under $250 and often bundles their products.
  • Arlo surpasses Blink in terms of equipment, extras, and products, including better cameras, a security system, and features like theft replacement and animated notifications.
  • Arlo is compatible with Google Home, while Blink is not.
  • Both brands require payment for essential features like recording video, but Arlo offers more functionality without a subscription.
  • Blink is budget-friendly, with its cheapest camera being $35, making it suitable for those in need of a quick and affordable security camera solution.
  • Blink offers longer video storage and more affordable local storage options.
  • Arlo is making changes that end support for older cameras, while Blink doesn't face that problem yet.
  • Blink has good battery life, boasting a capacity for a two-year battery life, making it suitable for outdoor use without needing wires or outlets.
  • Arlo provides better quality equipment, while Blink offers more affordable options.
  • The choice depends on whether one prefers quality (Arlo) or quantity (Blink).

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Would you rather spend more to buy less or go with the cheapest option and get more stuff? That’s the big question when it comes to security brands Arlo and Blink. Both have similar security camera heavy catalogs, but there’s a big difference in each brand’s pricing, subscriptions, and camera.

Comparing Arlo to Blink is like pitting a laptop against a calculator. Sure, they can do the same basic tasks, but one can do a lot more. Arlo has cameras with 2 and 4k video streaming, a security system, a personal safety app, and more features overall in its portfolio. But Blink is consistently and notably cheaper.

With doorbell cams, outdoor cams, indoor cams, you name it, Blink and Arlo were both camera-only brands until last November when Arlo announced its security system, new pricing, and entirely new app. My guess is it’s Arlo’s way of keeping up with the likes of Ring and SimpliSafe. Blink, on the other hand, still only has cameras. It was acquired by Amazon a few years ago for its battery-saving technology, but not much has changed since. It’s still kind of like Ring’s little brother.

Most of Arlo’s products start around $100, but you get a better picture, compatibility with a security system, and smart features that make using them easier. Then there’s Blink, which keeps everything under $250 and often bundles their products, but everything’s pretty bare bones.

So let’s dive into the details. What does Arlo do better than Blink and vice versa? When you look at equipment, extras, and products, Arlo surpasses Blink in every way. Arlo offers more and better cameras, has a whole security system up for grabs, and offers features like theft replacement and animated notifications.

For example, let’s take a look at the video doorbells from each brand. This one is from Arlo. This one is from Blink. Arlo is also compatible with Google Home, where Blink misses, and its subscription perks apply to all of its cameras instead of just a few.

From what I found from my test, both brands keep essential features like recording video behind a paywall, but you can get away with more from Arlo. When I tested the Blink video doorbell, I learned that you need either a Blink subscription or Blink’s local storage device to even see live video from your camera. This means that if you don’t pay for Blink monthly, you can’t drop in and see what’s happening on your doorstep. Arlo, on the other hand, won’t let you record any video from a subscription-free camera, but it will at least let you interact with the live view and let you talk to anyone on the other side.

As a budget-friendly brand, Blink nails it. Its cheapest camera, the Blink Mini, is only $35 and keeps all of its gear under $250. For anyone needing a security camera fast, this is really good news. New parents, pet parents, anyone who just experienced a break-in, something simple and cheap is a great place to start. And if that sounds like you, Blink might be that place. Blink also offers longer video storage than Arlo and more affordable local storage with its Sync Module 2. And with Arlo making so many changes this year, we’re seeing support end for the brand’s older cameras. Blink doesn’t have that problem. Yet.

While I haven’t been too impressed with Blink’s camera quality, their battery life is consistently good. Blink boasts a capacity for a two-year battery life, which is awesome for anything you use outdoors. Fewer wires and outlets means you can place your cameras anywhere and remove them more easily.

Basically, it boils down to this. Arlo has better gear, but Blink has better prices. Both brands have the same types of cameras, cloud and local storage, and deals on product bundles. But Arlo gives you significantly more bang for significantly more bucks.

So what do you think? Are you team quality or team quantity? Drop a comment below and tell us your thoughts. We also have a written article on this same face-off on that you can check out below in the description. Thanks for watching and stay safe!

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Arlo vs. Blink | Do you want a better deal or a better camera?’ by