Autopod AI: 47 Second Podcast Episode Editing!

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘AutoPod AI Edited My Podcast Episode in 47 Seconds!!!’ by Full Time Filmmaker

Written by: Recapz Bot

Written by: Recapz Bot

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How does it work?
AutoPod is a $30/month software that automates podcast editing, offering various cutting options, presets, and synchronization for multiple speakers and cameras, saving time but deemed slightly choppy in comparison to manual editing, recommended for regular podcast editors, with additional features for jump cut editing and social clip creation.

Key Insights

  • The video discusses the possibility of using a software called AutoPod for podcast editing.
  • AutoPod is a $30/month software that automatically cuts through podcast recordings.
  • It offers options for cutting method and shot frequency adjustments.
  • The software requires synchronizing the clips and provides options for multiple speakers and cameras.
  • Users can save settings as presets for future use.
  • Pre-existing cuts need to be nested for optimal performance.
  • The video shows a real-time demonstration of AutoPod editing a 46-47 minute podcast within seconds.
  • The AI-powered editing is compared to the manual edit, and although it's deemed choppy, it is considered a time-saving option.
  • The video concludes with the recommendation of AutoPod for podcast editing, particularly for those who edit podcasts regularly.
  • AutoPod also offers features for jump cut editing and social clip creation.
  • Links to additional resources and courses are provided in the video description.

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Okay, so I just posted how to start a podcast from A to Z, and I showed my editing process, and a lot of people were saying, “Why don’t you just use multi-cam editor?” And they’re right. That would probably be faster. However, I found something even better, and I wanted to share it with you as an update to that video. Now, here is a podcast that I manually edited myself, so you can see all the cuts that I made. Just a two-camera podcast, and we’re going to start from scratch without any cuts made, and I’m going to be using a software called AutoPod, which is supposed to automatically cut through it all for you. So we’re going to test it out. It is $30 a month; however, they do give you a free trial option. So let’s start that free trial and see how it goes.

Now come to my email, download AutoPod. I am on a Mac, so we’ll download that and copy our license key. Now come to our downloads, install. Let’s open up Premiere. And now you’ll see in the window extensions, AutoPod is now installed, ready to go.

Now your next step would be to synchronize your clips. I’ve already done that. If you haven’t, grab all your clips, right-click, hit synchronize. Now we’re going to come up to window, extension, AutoPod multi-cam editor, where we can throw in our key, log in. And now it gives us a few different options.

Cutting method. I want it to be enable, disable. That way I can go back and enable things that I didn’t like how they cut it. If I want to go to shot frequency, I’m going to put low. You can decide what you want, but I don’t like too fast cuts. We have two speakers; we got two cameras. Audio line one is me. Audio line two was John. And video line two is John. And video line one was me. And let’s go ahead and save this as a preset. Call it Parker’s podcast. Hit save. And now you can quickly just get to these settings without having to redo them every time.

Now the last thing is we can’t have any pre-existing cuts. So if you do have any cuts, just going to have to nest each of these. Call this John and call this Parker. So we nested those, and we are ready to go. So we’ll hit create multi-cam edits, and it begins. So we’ll watch it in real-time, see how long it takes and see how well it does it. And there it goes. We’re off. Look at that, folks. That is AI in action. I mean, this is a 46, 47 minute podcast between two people. And you may have just saved yourself a hundred bucks or however much to have to hire an editor to chop through this. That is quite amazing.

Is it worth 30 bucks a month? Well, if you’re doing a lot of podcasts like this, then yeah, 30 bucks a month is going to be cheaper than hiring an editor to chop through all of that. Okay. So you just saw that in real-time. That was all of what? 20, 30 seconds. Okay. So let’s see how it did. Let’s compare it to my edit. Alright. Now I didn’t chop through the bottom layer, but you can see the top layer, see how it matches up, compares to AutoPods, and it’s definitely more choppy, but we’ll see if we like that or not. So let’s just take a look at one of the choppier parts right here. It chops quite a bit. See how it looks.

“If I seek out the information instead of relying on others to provide it to me, then that’s when I started to, like, get softened, I think. And that’s when things start to change. So tell me that story. So you, you meet your wife, was this in Hawaii?”

“No, we met in Vegas.”

“So you’re already in Vegas now by this time. How old are you when you meet her?”

“I’m the worst at time. Oh man. Teenage years? High school? 2008.”

“2008. Okay. So you’re pretty young.”

“Yeah. 2008. So you start dating.”

“Yeah. Very rocky. But during all of courtship.”

“Okay. That is pretty awesome. I’m not going to lie. I’m absolutely going with this. 30 bucks a month. That is worth it. That just saved me. Episode like this, maybe it’ll take me a half hour to chop through but my time is worth a lot more than $30 for 30 minutes. So that is beautiful. You’d probably want to go through and just double check and make sure it’s done a good job and cut where you want it. But yeah. I’m sold. Tell me what you think. I’m sold. Auto editing for podcasts specifically. Now it has other options too up here where you can do jump cut editing, social clip creator. So it doesn’t just do podcast episodes, but if you edit podcasts, I mean just by this one example, I can say I highly recommend it, and that’s all I’ve got. So quick update there. Go check out Podcast Pro if you guys want to learn how to do podcasts more in-depth. We’ll add this video to it for those who don’t want to manually chop through using multicam or the way I showed you in the previous video. This takes the cake. But that’s all I got. If you want to learn more, links in the description below to join Full Time Filmmaker or Podcast Pro, our new mini-course. And if you have any further questions, please let me know.

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘AutoPod AI Edited My Podcast Episode in 47 Seconds!!!’ by Full Time Filmmaker