Ban Appeal Activision: Legit Purchases Leading to More Player Bans

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Activision BANS MORE PLAYERS for Legit Purchases…’ by PrestigeIsKey

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Written by: Recapz Bot

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The video highlights issues with the Witchcraft bundle release in Call of Duty, including bans and the need for improved support and communication.

Key Insights

  • The video discusses an issue with the Call of Duty game, specifically related to a bundle called Witchcraft.
  • The Witchcraft bundle was supposed to be released with Season 6 on September 27th, but it never arrived, causing confusion among players.
  • However, players could still see and purchase the Witchcraft bundle through the in-game character customization screen.
  • Those who purchased the bundle in this manner ended up receiving a 30-day ban, including a YouTuber named Gray from YouTube.
  • Gray's ban was overturned after several developers looked into the issue, but other players remain banned with no way to appeal.
  • The lack of a reliable support system or channels to contact for assistance, such as Activision Assist, is a major problem.
  • The video emphasizes that players should not be banned for spending money on legitimate in-game purchases, and the situation should be rectified by the game company.
  • The YouTuber raises concerns about the need for a complete overhaul of the support system, including the inclusion of real people and call centers for better customer service.
  • It is mentioned that the gaming industry is facing challenges, with companies shutting down and employees losing jobs, while big gaming companies continue to make billions of dollars.
  • The focus on short-term financial gains by squeezing money out of players may negatively impact long-term relationships with dedicated players.
  • The lack of transparency and communication by the game company regarding the bundle issue is criticized.
  • The YouTuber discusses the need for better coordination between different teams working on the game, particularly regarding bundle releases and changes.
  • The video concludes by asking viewers to share their thoughts on the matter and expresses frustration with the situation.

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Well, we just spoke about it last week, but it seems to be happening yet again. Now the issue is not going to be widespread. It’s going to be happening to a select few people. But even if it’s happening to one person, it’s far too many.

And that is people legitimately spending money in the bundle shop to pick up a bundle that was legitimately released only for Activision to then remove the bundle for some unknown reason. And then those accounts that have the skins end up getting a 30-day ban.

So what ended up happening? When Season 6 officially came around on September 27th, it was supposed to bring a brand new Tracer pack called Witchcraft. Unfortunately, it never arrived, which made people wonder what the heck happened.

But if you went into the character customization screen for Callisto, you’d actually see that the Witchcraft bundle was there, and it was purchasable officially through the game. Anybody that purchased this bundle via that method actually ended up getting a 30-day ban, and this includes a YouTuber by the name of Gray from YouTube. I’ll put a link to his channel down below. He does a ton of bundle reviews, I think mainly for the Operator bundles and the Flashier packs that have pretty interesting blueprints.

This is truly a unique situation we find ourselves in, though, because after he was banned live on stream, by the way, he posted this tweet, which ended up getting quite a bit of traction. Over 400,000 views. A couple of developers actually caught wind of this and reached out to Gray to get as much information as they possibly could. They looked into it, and they discovered that there was a big problem. And the good news is, they’re looking into this issue right now. Gray even managed to have his account unbanned.

But unfortunately, it doesn’t end there. Even though Gray’s ban was overturned in about seven hours, other people started to share their stories, and yeah, some people were banned for the same exact thing. And unfortunately, they’re still banned with no way to actually appeal anything.

And this creates a whole bunch of problems. But it also starts another conversation that I want to have in regard to Activision Assist and just getting assistance in general.

I need to make it very clear. The situation we just saw go down with Gray is not normal. It’s definitely an anomaly. And the good news out of that anomaly is that the developers are aware of the situation and they’re actively looking into it to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

However, this does bring in the question, if you were one of these folks that did the same thing, that managed to get banned over nothing for just spending money, then how do you get unbanned when there’s no way to appeal it and there’s no way to contact anybody about it?

And it’s not just for things like this. It’s for things like shadow bans. Activision Assist doesn’t operate anymore. It acts as a full-fledged broadcast tool. Anytime there’s an update from the COD Update account or the Call of Duty account tweets something or they want to give a little bit extra promo to something, they go ahead and just retweet. That’s what they’ve been doing since 2022. Their pinned tweet lets you know that you can go to the Activision support website. But even then, when you try to appeal a ban, it’s not like you’re going to be able to actually reverse it. They will tell you they can’t do anything about it. They will tell you, oh, sorry, you just have to deal with it. Oh, sorry, we can’t look into it further. It’s the worst supported Assist I’ve ever seen since this shit closed down. It’s horrible.

And this turns into a much, much larger issue when you take a look at accounts like Gray from YouTube because he does purchase so many bundles. If this ban were to have been solid, he would have lost out on potentially thousands of dollars worth of skins because of a mistake that Activision made. And if he didn’t have those contacts, he would have never got the account back.

Now imagine all of those other accounts that do the same thing, that purchase maybe every single bundle in the shop because they have the money they want to. I know that there’s a ton of people out there saying, oh, well, you deserve it. That’s not the point. The point is, if someone’s spending their hard earned money on something in-game, they should never, ever be banned for a mistake that was made by Activision. And then on top of it, not be able to do anything about it, not have any contact. Assist can’t help them. There’s no official help lines. There’s no official phone numbers. You are stuck. You are stranded. There is nothing that they can do. And in that case, you just lost everything you spent your money on.

This is what needs to change. There needs to be a full-fledged overhaul to the Assist team again. They need to bring in real people. They need to create call centers. They need to realize that we are no longer dealing with the days of BO2, MW3, where there’s like a maximum of $250 that can be spent per game with the microtransaction camo patterns and format packs.

We’re no longer in those days. We are in the days of an ever-growing, ever-expanding bundle showcase that people want to be part of. And we’re not talking about $250 per account anymore. We’re talking about the potential of $2,500 or more per account. And as these games continue to grow and interweave with each other and skins are able to be utilized in other games, kind of similar to what we saw with Warzone the past three years before they shut that original one down, it’s going to happen again. We already know these skins are carrying over to MW3. And we already know that bans like this for people legitimately spending money and getting a bundle that apparently wasn’t supposed to be there, even though it was promoted in the blog post that it was supposed to be there, getting banned for no apparent reason. And they have no recourse. They have no support team to go to. They have no way to appeal it. That’s what needs to change. That’s why I’m so upset about this. It’s like we shouldn’t see things like this happening in this day and age with a company that’s making billions of dollars from these things. Billions of dollars for microtransactions alone. Not even talking about the full price game, just the microtransactions.

I get it though. I get it. The gaming industry is falling apart all around us. We have companies that are just shutting down left and right. Embracer Group is just taking companies out of the limelight. We have people that are losing their jobs, thousands of people. And these companies are making billions of dollars. But yet they’re still not reaching their bottom line. So they got to let go a bunch of really long-term employees. They got to just make it so they can really just cut off the fat to make sure that they’re making that extra dollar. So they can please those investors and make some more money. I mean, that’s pretty much where we’re at.

But at the end of the day, gaming is a business. It is a business. So they’re going to be doing these things regardless of what we think. We have no control over the outcome of whatever happens anyway. And I’ve been saying it for years and I’ll say it again. This short-term sight on just trying to squeeze every single penny out of people, it’s really not going to work in the long run.

You know, you’re going to have a new generation of players coming through, of course. But at the same time, you’re really, really going to be ruining it for a lot of people that have not only been here for the long haul, but also just want to continue to enjoy these products that are put out. And it’s sad to me.

I think what makes matters worse is when things like this happen, they try to sweep it under the rug. They don’t bring it up in a public statement by putting out a blog by saying like there was an incident on September 27th where we released a bundle and then quickly realized we shouldn’t have released it. If you were one of those people that purchased the bundle, please reach out to us. And or if you were one of those people that purchased the bundle, we will reverse the purchase and replace your COD points back into your account. Why can’t they do something like that? They can track each individual bundle. I would feel like they would do something like that. We’ve seen it done before in the past in Black Ops Cold War. So why is it any different now?

There also needs to be much better communication between the Warzone mobile team and the console team, because if this is just going to still be an issue where bundles are set to release on a certain schedule and then last minute they decide to change something, they need

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Activision BANS MORE PLAYERS for Legit Purchases…’ by PrestigeIsKey