Bathmate Review: Trying Out the HydroPump

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘TRYING OUT THE HYDROPUMP – a bathmate review’ by sexplanations

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Written by: Recapz Bot

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How does it work?
The video showcases BathMate hydro pumps for penis enlargement, using water instead of air for creating pressure, demonstrating the process, highlighting features, providing instructions, showcasing effectiveness, mentioning bruising as a downside, explaining benefits, providing additional information, attempting to use it on the knee, and giving a recommendation with a discount code, with humorous comments.

Key Insights

  • The video is about BathMate hydro pumps for penis enlargement.
  • The host explains that the pumps use water instead of air to create vacuum pressure.
  • The pumps are designed to enhance experimentation and relaxation.
  • The video demonstrates the process of using the pump on the host's skin.
  • Condoms are used to show potential enlargement.
  • The host mentions the different features of the Hydro Extreme 7 pump, including a cleaning system and padlock.
  • Detailed instructions are provided on how to use the pump in the bath.
  • The host demonstrates filling the chamber and creating suction.
  • The effectiveness of the pump is showcased, claiming significant enlargement.
  • The quick-release system is highlighted for easy removal.
  • Potential bruising is mentioned as a downside of penis pumps.
  • The benefits of using water instead of air are explained.
  • Additional information about the BathMate Hydro Pumps is provided, including materials used and size options.
  • The host attempts to use the pump on their knee but notes it would work better with an actual penis.
  • A recommendation and discount code for purchasing BathMate products are given.
  • Humorous comments and unrelated side remarks are made throughout the video.

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I’m Dr. Lindsey Doe, clinical sexologist and host of this Sex Curious show, Sexplanations. Let’s take a bath. And you thought I was gonna get naked, but I’m not. Oh yeah! Lady in Jean overalls bath tub time!

This episode of Sexplanations is sponsored by BathMe. They make hydro pumps so they benefit from being in the bath tub. For multiple reasons, actually. One, because instead of using an air vacuum to create pull on the blood that is inside the erectile tissue of penis, clitoris, etc., it uses water. And two, this routine of warming up your body, your genitals and groin, is a positive experience to associate with all of this experimentation and enhancement. It’s good for your hygiene, your relaxation, drawing the blood to the surface, getting things nice and relaxed. This is not a hot bath, by the way. We’re like river bath right now. This is great. Why aren’t we doing this in the river?

Okay, here we go. So I have this pump. It’s tilted a little because it’s designed to go over the curves of the pubic bone. Then I have this bad boy. Oh yeah, get it, get it! Which comes with a hand pump as well. This one doesn’t need one. This one does. I’m gonna try and demonstrate both of these. I don’t have a penis. So we’re just gonna see how it works on my skin. And then I’ve got some condoms here, full. We’re gonna see if they enlarge and increase into masses. Let’s do it.

First, so you know. This is the Hydro Extreme 7. It comes with this gorgeous bag and it has towel so I can clean up afterward. It has a nice strap. It has a cleaning system so that I can go in there and get out all of the water. And then there is an actual missing toy cleaner I can use. And a padlock. I don’t want anyone else getting into my penis ball.

So look. This is the red tubing that goes to the handle which goes onto the end of the device like this. Directions. I have filled up the tub. Next, the top, the valve, I’m going to turn it to the right. That is what the instructions show me. Then there is what’s called a black pip. This was the hardest thing for me to figure out. Right now it is upright and it is supposed to go to the left or the right in order to be in an open position. So it looks like there’s no place to push it and then I’m going to break this little plastic thing off. But if I push down and to the left or I push down and to the right it actually moves a little. Just have to trust the mechanics.

Then it shows that I am going to fill up the chamber. This right here is a chamber for a lot of penis pumps. They’re full of air. And this system is a hydropump system. So it’s going to use water. We’re in the water. We’re full. Air penis. Air penis is not going to go in the water. Spill it. Get in there. Okay.

Then I’m going to make a suction like my penis is coming out of my chest. And then I think I can just pump with pressure this way. But it’s much easier for me and my center of gravity if I use a hand pump. Which case I’m going to open the valve and open this up. Put air penis in. Make a suction. Then put the black pip to the center like the directions say. This is very erotic. Strangely erotic. I think I’ve already filled up my penis as far as it goes. I don’t have the upper body strength to make my boob penis get bigger. I need this guy. I’m gonna have the biggest dickie ever. So put that on. This is gonna work. Are you getting bigger? Shouldn’t this be squeezing stuff out? Oh, it is. And it’s hurting. Hurting my pectoral butt.

Do you see how much bigger my penis got? Like it’s so wide that it’s almost filling up the chamber. And it’s so long that it’s almost to the tip. And you can’t see here, but it is sucking all of my chest skin into it. It worked. So then you basically go five seconds and give your body time to get the fluid going in there. And then you will do five more seconds of squeezing. I’m just gonna relax here. But do you see? Do you see that big wholesome erection?

Okay. Now I think if I had a cock, then I would have a cock ring already put under here. And then that would go off at the end. But I don’t right now. So when I’m finished, I can just use a quick release system. Which is really cool about this BapMate. So fast and easy. And I just push down and turn. And I actually turned it again. And I kept my erection in the tube. I press and I turn to open the valve. And all of this pressure that is creating giant hickey on my chest is relieved. Come here, penis. Went back to its original size. The wall is in there. It was great. And if it were a circulatory system and I had a cock ring, that would pinch it off at the size that it produced inside. Then I’d be able to withdraw and do all the things that I want to with the heartache. Do you love my hickey? Do you see that?

Okay, this is not what’s gonna happen to your body. Just so you know, if you put this on your pubic bone, you will hopefully have a different experience. One downside of penis pumps is that they can cause this kind of bruising. The ticky eye from the palatal ticky eye video. You know how your dentist can tell whether or not you’re giving blowjobs? Similar thing can happen with these, but it’s not very common. And this is definitely a result of me doing it on the tissue that it is not intended for.

I love that it’s clear so that you can see your progress. It has this nice gauge so you can track over time. It’s a really stable material. It has this nice base to create a cushion against my skin. And the water system is great because it’s more gentle. It’s going to disseminate the pressure more evenly, the vacuum more evenly. The water system is safer than air, and that’s because it distributes the vacuum system more evenly on the skin tissue. And also because you’re in the water, the skin is already prepped for that alivening.

So one system for it is really simple. You just press it against your groin with the object of insertion in here, and then you’re just going to pump it this way. But again, because I have my center of gravity lower, I can use the hand right on the end. And then this squeegees out. I tried this, by the way, with air to see how it would work once I got in the bathtub. And I will say that the water system was much more pleasant and made a lot more sense. And I think that the reason why it needs to take place in the bath is if you don’t get a great seal here, it’s going to make a mess. And this is this and this displace the water. And so that’s got to come out someplace. But if you could get a really good seal on this, like let’s say you had a really squishy bonds without a lot of pubes in the way, then you could probably get good pressure here, warm water in here, and then just shoot this into a sink and not have to go through the protocol of a bath. But who doesn’t love taking baths before you pump up your dick?

Ultimate male hydrotherapy pump designed to be used in the shower or bathtub, utilizing the amazing power of water. Bath Mate Hydro Pumps give the user an erection in a completely safe, controllable manner and retain the most sophisticated external penile rigidity devices available. Manufactured using state-of-the-art dermatologically tested materials, Bath Mate Hydro Pumps are certified as skin-safe, latex-free, phthalate-free, and covered by a comprehensive two-year guarantee foam.

Oh, this one is designed for a penis of five to seven inches when erect. And you can get it in multiple colors, but still clear so you can see your penis growing. Let’s try you out. This one has more of a foam base to it. Am I just that weak? It’s only letting me do the one squirt. Okay, let’s do it with a penis. Hold that there. Put this in there. Put it on my groin. My penis is detached. It’s not on my pelvis anymore.

Okay, here’s the situation with this pump. I don’t think it’s going to entirely work on me. There is a really good video that shows someone using one with an actual penis, and I would recommend watching it. A Patreon subscriber actually told me that Bath Mate, of all the penis pumps they’ve used, that this is their preference. So if you’re studying the art of penis pumping, this might be the way to go. And hopefully your penis gets a better response than my knee. Anyway, thanks to Bath Mate for sending me these and for sponsoring sex education. If

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘TRYING OUT THE HYDROPUMP – a bathmate review’ by sexplanations