Bauer Cordless Tools: The Ultimate Review

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Bauer 20V Tools! (Good or Bad?)’ by DIY Gene

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Written by: Recapz Bot

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Gene Kavasis chose Bauer due to their variety, affordability, and performance, recommending them for DIY and home projects but not heavy contractor use.

Key Insights

  • Gene Kavasis wanted to standardize his cordless tools to one brand.
  • He considered several brands including Milwaukee, DeWalt, Bosch, and Bauer.
  • He chose Bauer because of the wide variety of tools they offer and their affordable prices.
  • He purchased various Bauer tools such as a cordless drill, driver, sander, impact driver, circular saw, blower, USB charger, and glue gun.
  • He has been happy with the performance of the Bauer tools, particularly the drill and sander.
  • Some tools require larger batteries for optimal power, such as the sander, circular saw, and blower.
  • He has also been satisfied with the 3-8 ratchet, but hasn't fully tested it yet.
  • Bauer batteries are reasonably priced, and he recommends getting at least the 3 amp or 5 amp battery instead of the 1.5 amp.
  • He likes the variety of tools Bauer offers and the ability to use the same battery for all of them.
  • Gene recommends Bauer tools for DIYers and home project enthusiasts, but not necessarily for contractors who use tools extensively.
  • He plans to continue buying Bauer tools and will use them in building his future shop.
  • He is impressed with the performance and durability of the Bauer tools, even when using the smaller 1.5 amp battery.
  • Overall, Gene gives Bauer tools a positive review based on their value, quality build, and selection.

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Hi, I’m Gene Kavasis. A while back I was talking about wanting to standardize all of my cordless tools. Because, well, for one thing I had multiple brands, multiple tools, multiple chargers, and multiple batteries. So I really wanted to get down to one tool.

Now I looked at several different brands from Milwaukee, DeWalt, Bosch. You know, there’s a lot of great tools out there. And then I also took a look at the Bauer brand that is sold exclusively by Harbor Freight.

Now I really started looking at that because one, they sell a lot of different type tools. And two, which is really important for me, the price. Their price was easily half as much as Milwaukee, DeWalt, and a lot of these other tools.

I’m not cheap. I just really like good value.

No dad, you’re cheap.

I’m not cheap.

Dad, you’re cheap.

I’m not cheap. I like good value. You drive a Jeep from 1994. That’s vintage.

It’s old, dad.

Yeah, it’s vintage. It’s like antique. Like you.

So I thought, all right, I’ll pick up one of the cordless drills. I’ll try it out. It’s reasonably priced. If it doesn’t work great, I’m not at any real big loss. So then I also picked up a quarter inch driver, and I thought I’d give that a try too. And one thing led to another, and next thing I know, I was out of control.

So besides the drill, the driver, and the charger, I picked up an orbital sander, a 3x impact driver, a circular saw, a cool little blower, a USB charger, and a glue gun. And a partridge in a pear tree.

Now this is in no way a paid endorsement. In fact, I’ve purchased every one of these tools from Harbor Freight. So my review on this is my opinion, and mine only. The good, the bad, the ugly, and all that other stuff that goes with it.

So according to Harbor Freight’s website, they have over 60 20-volt cordless tools from Bauer. So that’s a pretty good selection of all sorts of different products from them.

Now I have really enjoyed the drill. The drill has worked out really well, and it has plenty of good power. Um, the sander is a great workhorse, but you’re going to want to make sure you use one of the larger, like a 3 amp or 5 amp battery on it, to get your power out of it. Same thing with stuff like the circular saw, and even the blower. The blower worked fine with the smaller battery, but if you’re out there for a while, it’ll use up that battery very quickly.

This is the 3-8 ratchet, and this has three different speeds. It’s got a LED light on the front of it, and like I say, you can turn it to three different speeds. Plus it’s a variable anyway. So I haven’t really put this to the test yet, but I’m going to be playing with it a lot more. That did that with a small battery.

So this drill is a workhorse. It’s done really well for me. I’m really happy with how well it works, and it’ll run fine on the 1.5 as well as the bigger batteries. The 1.5 is kind of nice sometimes, just because it’s a lot lighter, and it’s easier to get into places. So if you’re doing something like just assembling something, this is going to do fine. But if you’re driving like two or three inch screws into wood, you’re probably going to want to use one of the bigger batteries for it.

One of the surprises too was I purchased… Hey ShopKat, how we doing? Did you come in to say hi? Are you going to give your seal of approval? Yeah. One of the things I was really kind of surprised about was I picked up an inexpensive Bauer glue gun, and it works great. I mean, it heats up fast, and compared to trying to use one of those where you plug it in, you wait for 10 minutes for it to heat up, this thing really does the trick.

Another one that I really liked is this little blower. Now this isn’t a leaf blower. What this works great for is basically knocking the dust off your surfaces and scaring the ShopKat. Sorry, ShopKat.

Personally, the 1.5 battery came in the kit form, and I think they run about $29. Now, you can get these 20% off because they’ll do coupons all the time for, you know, as little as 20% off on all their products. But I wouldn’t waste the money on this size battery. I’d at least go to the 3 amp or even the 5 amp, which are more money, but they’re still extremely reasonable. I think the 4 amp runs somewhere around $49 before you can get coupons on it, and $59 on the 5 amp. So they’re still a lot cheaper than buying a DeWalt replacement batteries or batteries for it. So that gives you the ability to store up extra batteries, and that’s kind of nice as well.

The variety of the tools that I get from this really had me kind of excited. I like the idea of being able to expand my tools and use the same battery throughout. That really is powerful. And then, like I say, I got to come back to price, you know. It’s got to be reasonable for me to make it worth my while.

Would I recommend the Bauer tools? I absolutely would to the DIYer or the home project enthusiast. Fantastic tools. I think they hold up well. They’re doing really well, and I think I’m going to get a lot of life out of these. Would, if I was a contractor, using these 12 hours a day? Probably not. I would go to probably the best brand I could find, and you are going to pay a lot for that. But for how I use them, and I still use them a lot, they do really well. I plan on building a shop here in the near future, and I’ll be using all these tools throughout it, and I’ll let you know how that goes.

I really have to say, I’m pretty impressed with how well these tools performed, even using the smaller 1.5 amp battery. And it still pushed through some pretty stiff wood and drill bits, even that one and a half inch Forstner bit, and did really well. So I’m impressed with that.

So basically, you’re looking at value in the price, quality build, and a great selection. So this one’s got my thumbs up, and I think I’m going to continue buying with this.

Hey, thanks a lot for watching. If you have any suggestions or comments, put them in the comment section below. And in the meantime, I’ll see you soon.

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Bauer 20V Tools! (Good or Bad?)’ by DIY Gene