Bear Mode: My 1-Week Transformation

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘I Went BEAR MODE For a Week’ by pigmie

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“Video explains ‘bear mode’ training for muscular physique without drugs.”

Key Insights

  • The video discusses a training method called "bear mode" to achieve an unnatural, muscular look without using performance-enhancing drugs.
  • Bear mode training focuses on specific muscles with a higher number of androgen receptors, such as the shoulders, upper chest, neck, and traps.
  • The training routine includes exercises like incline presses, shrugs, lateral raises, front raises, neck curls, forearm exercises, and more.
  • The diet for bear mode involves consuming a protein-rich, calorie surplus meal plan, preferably with clean, home-cooked food.
  • The video shows the narrator's experience of following the bear mode training and diet for one week.
  • Despite losing almost two pounds during the week, the narrator notices some visual differences, including a slightly thicker neck and more defined traps.
  • The idea is proposed that incorporating a few sets of bear mode-style exercises into a natural athlete's routine could help achieve a more muscled appearance without excessive weight gain.

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Trying to achieve an unnatural look while being a natty athlete. Well, there may be a solution to look sauced Without the sauce, and that is going a bear mode. I decided to give it a try. This is what happened, but you gotta focus.

So what’s the secret to bear mode? Well, you see in your shoulders, upper chest, neck, and traps, There’s a larger amount of androgen receptors relative to other muscles in the body. Now when someone hops on the sauce, these areas usually respond exceptionally well with little or no added effort.

So with bear mode, the idea is as a natural athlete, We will have to get these areas to respond the natural way and that is focusing on Training these areas in our workout splits while eating a hearty protein-rich diet. Ideally in a calorie surplus.

So on day one after a basic upper-body calisthenics workout, it was time to initiate bear mode training. It’s time to get bear mode. It’s time to get bear mode. That wasn’t as epic as I thought it was gonna be.

The first exercise, incline press supersetted with shrugs. Jeez bro. So these exercises literally focus on the upper chest, delts, and traps. Which are like I mentioned, the unnatty muscles. Now, on the incline press, I tried to go heavy to really help stimulate and build that muscle density in that upper shelf. Going for about five reps on the incline press. Immediately followed by about ten to twelve reps with the same weight with shrugs. Now when I went too heavy, well, let’s just say I’m glad to have had this power rack by bells of steel with these 1,000 pound rated safety straps.

After five supersets, my upper chest, shoulders, and traps were feeling it, but I wasn’t done. The next exercise was 10 reps of lateral raises. Supersetted with 10 reps of front raises, specifically targeting the delts. But also with the front raises, Secondarily targeting some of the front of the neck muscles as you can clearly see are stimulated here with this neck pump. Doing four sets of this exercise, and then I was done bear mode training for the day, but I had just begun bear mode eating.

So in order to help repair and thus grow back stronger and bigger the muscles I just trained, I plan to consume a calorie and protein-rich diet. Starting off with a wholesome protein shake and soon after following a series of hearty protein-rich meals. Now the traditional bear mode diet usually consists of a dirty bulk, which is essentially just eating any food available. But I wanted to put a twist on this method and get my calories in with clean meals only and by clean I mean no added junk, all home-cooked, rich in protein, carbs, and fats. I was hoping by using healthy food I would be keeping my energy levels high so that I could train more optimally. As well as avoid putting on useless body mass. And so far so good.

On day two after a leg workout, I then initiated my bear mode training for this day. I would specifically focus on neck as well as forearms. Forearms, those weren’t mentioned in the beginning of this video. Well, I figured when it comes to looking unnatty while wearing clothes. Having meaty forearms would definitely help. So starting with one of my favorite exercises to stimulate the forearms as well as the wrists. Yes. Watch my video on that if you’re interested. Anyways, hanging from a bar for a maximum amount of time, supersetting this with 75 front head turns to stimulate the sternocleidomastoid as well as other front of the neck muscles and then 100 rear head turns to stimulate the posterior neck muscles. Three supersets of this circuit, and then off to the next exercise which was 15 side head turns using a resistance band on the right and left followed by 15 reps of forearm curls. Fingers fully extended at the end of each rep, and then 15 reverse forearm curls. Three total sets, and at the end of this, I was really feeling the pump. Oh cringe.

So starting the day off, I actually had a big glass of water. I had some lemon in there and I refilled that a couple of times. But now that I’m hydrated, this is how I’ve been eating for these past couple of days. I’m getting my first meal in right here, breakfast. Then in about two hours when this is settled, I’m gonna go to the gym. I’m going to train arms today and then add on the bear mode exercises after the gym. Protein shake and then shortly after that a small meal and then shortly after that dinner one. And then a couple hours later dinner two. And then by that time, it should be the evening. But if I’m still hungry and I want to eat more, I’ll have another protein-rich meal as a bedtime snack to set me off to hibernation. But that being said I don’t like my food cold. So I’m going to dive into breakfast here. Hardy. Hardy hard.

Rather than doing my occasional intermittent fast about three times a week, I decided for bear mode training I would eat these hearty calorie and protein-rich meals frequently to help improve digestion and maximize muscle protein synthesis.

On day three, the entire workout was centered around bear mode training. So after warming up with some pull-ups, I then did four supersets of five reps of heavy incline press. Immediately followed by ten to twelve shrugs with the same weight. I felt like this combo severely targeted that anabolic upper shelf. After this followed by three supersets of moderately heavy bicep curls around eight to twelve reps paired with skull crushers using the same weight around eight to twelve reps. Quite the arm blaster of a superset. And then after this, a triple superset ten reps of lateral raises, ten reps of front raises, and ten reps of rear delt raises. And that was it. I tried to keep this bear mode training day focused, intense, and concise.

Continuing now with a protein shake that I pre-packed right here. I’m gonna take this down, go to the store, get some groceries, more food for later. And then continue just eating my meals. And it’s just gonna be like literally hibernation mode for the rest of the day.

And to keep the bear growing, upon returning home about two hours before dinner, having another small meal on day three. It was leftover meat and potatoes. For dinner, some more wholesome food. And then a few hours later, even more wholesome food. Eating so frequently and what I believed was a calorie surplus made my temperature rise. And after this final meal, I was full. So I hibernated for the night.

Sleeped. Sleeped.

Day four, waking up pretty sore in the traps and shoulders. After loosening up and getting some food in, I had a 20-minute goof around session on the trampoline to warm up. And then it was straight into bear mode training. To switch it up, working on grip with the captains of crush grippers to warm up, doing reps of 10 on the right and left with a lighter squeeze, and working up to a heavy hold for 15 seconds on the right and left. Five sets of these holds was actually super exhausting, not only to the forearm and hand muscles but also the tendons. After getting my neck warmed up with 75 front head turns followed by 100 back head turns, And then it was off to the bear cave where I did three sets of weighted neck curls, 10 to

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘I Went BEAR MODE For a Week’ by pigmie