Becoming Cold-Hearted: A Guide

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘How To Be Cold Hearted Person’ by Meninfluencer

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Written by: Recapz Bot

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Key insights: Stick to decisions, minimize communication, prioritize logic, maintain authority, focus on goals, seek support for personal growth.

Key Insights

  • Key insights from the video on how to be cold-hearted:
  • 1. Making decisions and sticking to them portrays authority and gains respect.
  • 2. Minimize contact and cut off unnecessary communication to minimize problems.
  • 3. Keep communication short and give direct answers to avoid unnecessary conversations.
  • 4. Being direct helps avoid unnecessary communication and portrays authority.
  • 5. Cold-hearted people don't express their thoughts or feelings to maintain a cold-hearted persona.
  • 6. Prioritize logic over emotions when making decisions for a better future.
  • 7. Remind yourself of your success and achievements to maintain a sense of value.
  • 8. Use anger as fuel to achieve your goals rather than letting it bring you down.
  • 9. Keep yourself busy and focus on actions rather than emotions.
  • 10. Maintain a focus on your loved ones and your "why" to avoid a toxic mental environment.
  • 11. Establish a self-care routine to take care of yourself and your life.
  • 12. Seek help from trusted individuals when needed and recognize the importance of support.
  • 13. Being cold-hearted isn't about being cold-hearted 24/7. It's about gaining power and authority to achieve one's goals while focusing on personal growth and avoiding unnecessary pain.

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How to be cold-hearted

So being cold-hearted is a very interesting subject. Some people want to be cold-hearted because they just simply want to be left alone. While others want to be cold-hearted because they’ve been hurt in the past and want to prevent that in the future. Whatever your reason is, being cold-hearted obviously has its benefits because if you’re cold-hearted, it actually portrays authority and people will respect you more.

So obviously in this video, I’ll talk about how you can become more cold-hearted and I’ll go over actual actionable steps to help you become more cold-hearted.

So obviously if you’re someone that’s new to this channel and wants to see more content like this, please consider to hit the subscribe button and help your brother out. With that said, let’s jump into the video.

All right, so the first thing I want to talk about is something very powerful. It will actually allow you to gain a lot of authority. So number one, make your decision and stick to it. So whatever the scenario is, if you make a decision, stick to it. And obviously understand that not every decision of yours will be your best decision. But even then, stick to it. As long as it doesn’t harm you, you need to stick to it.

The reason for this is that if people actually see you stick to your decision, even though you still don’t know what the best decision is, people will still respect you because you’ve made your choice. A lot of people in this world don’t know what they want. So they’ll actually follow the person that’s the most convincing.

So if you’re someone that’s the most convincing, that’s how you actually gain authority. It’s not always the best choice that actually helps you out, but the choice that most people follow.

Because cold-hearted people make their own decisions. They don’t rely on other people to actually tell them what to do. And if you’re someone that wants to be more cold-hearted, you need to make your own decisions. Because this way, you’ll be able to actually be more cold-hearted.

Obviously, not every decision will be your best decision. So if you’re someone that actually noticed that it might be quite harmful, actually get rid of that decision. And obviously, explain to other people why you got rid of it. Because this way, everyone will understand your perception. And obviously, this will also help you to gain authority.

And the second thing I want to talk about is something that a lot of cold-hearted people do. So obviously, if you want to be more cold-hearted, you need to minimize the contact that you have. So therefore, number two, cut off contact.

Cold-hearted people try to minimize their contact. The reason for this is that the more contact you’ve got, the more problems you actually get. And obviously, as a cold-hearted person, you want to minimize your problems.

So as a cold-hearted person, you only keep contact with people if it’s really, really necessary. And obviously, if you don’t have to keep any contact, you’ll try to minimize it.

And even if you keep necessary communication, you still want to minimize it. And obviously, that brings me to the third point, short communication.

So as a cold-hearted person, you want to avoid unnecessary communication. So by actually having short communication with people that are actually necessary, you avoid most contact in general. And therefore, the next time you speak to someone and you’re talking to a necessary person, try to communicate by giving a short answer.

So if they’re asking close questions, say yes or no. And if it’s an open question, just be a bit more direct. And obviously, this brings me to the next point, number four, be direct.

The reason you want to be direct is because this way, you actually avoid a lot of unnecessary communication. If you’re direct, the other person gets the answer and you’ll be free to go and vice versa. And another reason for this is that a lot of people aren’t direct. So if you’re direct, most likely, that person won’t expect it. And therefore, they’ll have a mind freeze for a few seconds. And therefore, they probably can’t think of anything. And that way, you can actually end the conversation.

And another cool thing about this is that only powerful people are direct. Because if you’re someone that has authority, you’re not afraid to be direct. And therefore, if you’re direct to a particular person, it portrays authority.

Another thing that very powerful cold-hearted people do is that they don’t express their thoughts or feelings. They usually keep it to themselves or just to a small group. And that brings me to number five, don’t express your thoughts or feelings.

So if you’re someone that really wants to be cold-hearted, it’s unnecessary to say sorry when you don’t have to. And another thing is that you don’t have to express your feelings or thoughts. Just keep it to yourself. It’s unnecessary.

And therefore, if you actually do actually express it, this way, you only increase your communication. And therefore, you have longer conversations. And that’s something that cold-hearted people try to avoid.

And I obviously understand that you might be someone that has an urge to actually express their thoughts and feelings. Well, if you’re someone that’s like that, you can obviously just express it to a close group or someone that you actually trust, rather than to express to anyone and everyone. Because this way, you won’t maintain your cold-hearted persona.

And you know what? Cold-hearted people try to make a good decision. And I obviously said at the first point that you don’t need to seek for the best decision if you already made a decision. But cold-hearted people do actually try to make a good decision by using their logic. And that brings me to the sixth point, logic over emotions.

Hey, look, I understand that emotions can get in the way. And obviously, if you didn’t know, emotions play a bigger role on our decisions than logic. But even then, a cold-hearted person tries to maintain a logical decision.

A cold-hearted person doesn’t think back at the good times. He or she actually focuses on the now and the

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘How To Be Cold Hearted Person’ by Meninfluencer