Best Beyblade: Beyblade X VS Burst Beyblades

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Beyblade X VS The BEST Burst Beyblades!!’ by LeftBurst

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New Beyblade X-Beys triumph over Burst Beys in test, but struggle against Dynamite Beys, compared to Metal Fight Beys.

Key Insights

  • The video is a test of the new Beyblade X-Beys against Burst Beyblades.
  • The X-Beys performed well against the Burst Beyblades.
  • The X-Beys were able to defeat Super King and other Burst Beys.
  • It is mentioned that Burst Beys are not designed to compete against X-Beys.
  • The X-Beys showed potential and may become stronger in the future.
  • The X-Beys were able to beat the Burst Beys, but struggled against Dynamite Beys.
  • The video concludes with a comparison between Burst Beys and Metal Fight Beys.

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We just got the new Beyblade X-Beys, and of course, one of the first things I want to do is test it out against some Burst Beyblades. See how powerful these new metal Extreme Beyblades really are. So in today’s video, I brought 10 of the best Burst Beyblades to verse against the brand new X-Beys. Let’s see how they do.

Alright, here we are at the stadium. I have a bunch of Dynamite Beys, and let’s verse them against the X-Beyblades. We did a short where we versed an X-Beyblade against a bunch of lower-gen Burst Beys, and it absolutely destroyed them. Oh, it demolished them. They got destroyed. They were done. But let’s see how they do against the newer Dynamite Beys. I’m not looking so hopeful after that metal fight video, but first off, we’ll try Super Hyperion. And I will be using Duran Sword. 3, 2, 1, go shoot! Let’s go! Oh my god! He’s so big! Alright, this is definitely ruining your spin. No, it’s definitely ruining the state of Spike. No, it’s not. We should not use Burst Beys on this. It’s not. Wait, are you gonna beat me? No, but I was close. It’s actually so close. It was really close. Wait, it’s kind of Dynamite level. That’s insane. We’ll just do one battle with all these Burst Beys. Next, we have… Why not try out his brother here? We have Helios. 3, 2, 1, go shoot! Alright! Oh, you almost got an X-Finish! I don’t think I can. I think you’re too big for an X-Finish. Yeah, you know, the X-Beys are made to actually fall out of the X-Stadium. Burst Beys and Metal Fight Beys are not. But he’s doing really well. Yeah, he’s actually doing really well. I think it’s the metal context. X is just so fun to watch. Oh! Oh no, he fell! He was so close. That’s what we call Beyblade Burst Spin Steal. It sucks! Yeah, it’s terrible. Let’s go Prominence Phoenix. 3, 2, 1, go shoot! Even if you lose your ring, you’re still bigger. Well, I lost my ring. And you’re still bigger. You think they’re gonna make, like, a Prominence Phoenix gimmick? No, I don’t think so. No, no, that would be too much metal flying everywhere. Yeah, metal flying into your face. Yeah. Oh no. You know what? Let’s take a break from the strongest, see how it does against God Valkyrie. I just wanna see a win, man. 3, 2, 1, go shoot! Okay, so Beyblade X, it might not be dynamite level yet, but it’s already, like, better than God. That’s true. Let’s downgrade a little bit, just a little bit. Here we have Super King. 3, 2, 1, go shoot! Beyblade X versus Super King. Can it win? Oh! Oh, it’s missing its X attack. Oh, that was such a hard hit. Wait. It beat a Super King Bey! And it bursted! It went back to the burst after it beat it. Okay, so already Beyblade X is probably Super King level, I would say. Beyblade Burst has stained my drain sword. So yeah, Beyblade X is probably Super King level, although I don’t think it’s dynamite level. It hasn’t really defeated a dynamite level Bey, but you know what? Let’s change that with the strongest dynamite level Bey. Let’s go. Where’s the logic in this? Wait, but we look similar. 3, 2, 1, go shoot! Oh! Yeah, I don’t know what I was expecting. 3, 2, 1, go shoot! Oh my gosh. Alright. I mean, you’re basically a metal fight burst Beyblade. Yeah, but you can’t really do anything to me. I’m just so big. Yeah. You’re a metal fight burst Beyblade. There’s no way I can win. That’s true. Longinus is kind of like a combination of both. Just a burst Beyblade with a ton of metal. Wait. Oh. No way you’re beating me in lift after death though. Kenny? Oh no. It was close. Hello Kitty. 3, 2, 1, go shoot! It beat the Kitty technically. Did it? Yeah, let’s just give it to him. We’ll give it to him. We still don’t know how burst priority works. There’ll probably be a bunch of comments saying, “Hello Kitty actually won that. There is still burst priority.” Who cares? Who cares? There’s no way he’ll ever do that again. 3, 2, 1, go shoot! Oh. Solid attacks from the X-Bey. Yeah. But is the attack really hitting or are they just kind of ricocheting off? It’s kind of crazy. I don’t think it’s actually attacking it. I think it’s just ricocheting away from it. I don’t know. It looks like you did decent damage to Spriggan. No, it looks like Spriggan did decent damage to me. It was actually just about the burst. Was it? Yeah. Well, maybe Dread Sword is a little powerful then. Alright, next we’ll try it against Kirbyus. It’s gotta be Kirbyus. It’s gotta be Kirbyus. Everyone can beat Kirbyus. Me and my homies can all beat Kirbyus. Oh no, you’re setting high expectations. It has yet to beat a Dynamite Bey. 3, 2, 1, go shoot! Go Kirbyus! Come on, just beat it. Oh! It does no damage. It’s too defensive. It’s so defensive. Yeah, um… Maybe… Maybe not. Maybe X cannot beat Dynamite Bey. Wait, wait, wait. Oh. Wait. Aw. And this is like the first series of Beyblade X. It’s like the single layers. Like, no single layer can beat a Dynamite Beyblade. No single layer can beat… It! Yeah, and the fact that, like, this Beyblade X just beat a Super King Bey. No, like, single layer Burst Beyblade can beat a Super King Bey. So I’m sure as, like, Beyblade X goes on, there’s a ton of potential. It’s probably gonna destroy Burst Beyblade. It’s probably gonna get heavier. It might be a Metal Fight. You never know. Yeah, it depends on how long it goes on. But as of now, it is not. So we are gonna bully it some more. Here we have Bahamut. 3, 2, 1, go! Alright. Aw, I missed my X attack. Cool. Hit him again. Aw. Not enough damage. Okay, but X is so fun to watch, right? Yeah, it’s fun to watch. It’s way more fun than Burst. Yeah, you’re just standing in the middle and I’m just hitting you. I like how before we were like, “Burst, dance! We love Burst!” Oh my god, Burst is the best Beyblade series! It was the best Beyblade series. And the second X comes out, we’re like, “Aw, screw Burst! Burst sucks!” It just makes sense that you get better and learn more as time goes on. Alright, let’s do it against the main protagonist of

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Beyblade X VS The BEST Burst Beyblades!!’ by LeftBurst