Best Cyberpunk 2077 Mods: Top 10 in 2023

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘The Top 10 Cyberpunk 2077 Mods of 2023’ by JuiceHead

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In 2023, Cyberpunk 2077 saw notable modding developments and releases, including CDPR’s official content updates and the top 10 mods: dynamic transmog system, additional cyberware slots, overhauled enemy encounters, survival system, enhanced stealth finishers, organized Quick Hacks, optional stealth objectives, more dangerous city ambiance, customizable crafted weapons, and expanded character interactions and quest options.

Key Insights

  • 2023 was an interesting year for Cyberpunk 2077 modding
  • Many official content releases by CDPR led to mods needing overhauls and integration
  • Top 10 mods of 2023:
  • 1. Equipment EX dynamic transmog system and customizable clothing slots
  • 2. Cyberware EX additional cyberware slots and gameplay possibilities
  • 3. Enemies of Night City overhauls enemy encounters with new abilities and resistances
  • 4. Survival System adds need for eating, sleeping, and drinking with debuffs for neglect
  • 5. Stealth finishers enhances finisher animations for stealth takedowns
  • 6. Quick Hacks sort by slot organizes Quick Hacks menu for easier use
  • 7. Stealth Runner adds optional stealth objectives to jobs with new rewards and perk tree
  • 8. Night City Alive adds gang patrols and fights for a more dangerous city feel
  • 9. Preem Weaponsmith 2.0 allows customizability for crafted weapons with fun and unique combinations
  • 10. Deceptious Quest Core a framework mod enabling deeper character interactions, new romances, and quest options
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2023 was one of the strangest years yet when it came to Cyberpunk 2077 modding. Over the past couple of years, the modding scene had started to get quite mature. Some epic new features were being added into the game, but 2023 became weird as CDPR also released a bunch of official content as well, leading to many mods having to go through their own sets of overhauls and some mods just got integrated into the game naturally.

But even with all of that in mind, 2023 was still an incredible year for Cyberpunk 2077 modding, and in this video I’ll share with you what I view as the top 10 mods to come out over the course of 2023, starting with a mod that many of you already have with Equipment EX.

Equipment EX was not only one of the most popular mods to release this year, but also one of the most popular mods to ever release for this game. It hooks into the more recently added Outfit system to create a truly dynamic transmog system in Cyberpunk. So now you can not only create tons of named outfit combinations, which you are able to easily switch to on the fly, but it also implements more customizable clothing slots. You can have different armor pieces on your head, mouth, and eyes for some truly unique looks, and these are things that simply aren’t possible without this mod. And to me, this is really the best kind of mod, expanding on an existing system in Cyberpunk 2077 in both a meaningful and useful way.

But in a very similar vein, we also have Cyberware EX, which implements a variety of additional cyberware slots for you to take advantage of. The main version of this mod adds in a secondary operating system slot, so it will enable you to use quick hacks with either Sandivistan or Berserk, and this creates some incredibly unique moments in gameplay, using quick hacks while time is slowed or just neutering enemies before you go in for the kill. But this mod also comes with a secondary option, where you’ll have a bunch of added slots in each of the major categories of cyberware. And ever since patch 2.0 and the cyberware rework, this mod has become far more balanced even though at first glance it may seem just overpowered. Now since there’s a hard limit on cyberware capacity, those extra slots are only sort of useful. And even further, nearly all of the new slots are locked behind specific perks, several being higher tier perks so you won’t be able to just unlock them until you’re later into the game. So as a result, you’re left with a surprisingly balanced mod here, but it does add in a ton of really fun new gameplay possibilities. Because being able to use more cyberware and having more choice in how you use your cyberware is just really fun in Night City. Out of all of the mods you find on this list, you may have the most fun with this one, just as a result of some of the wacky combos that previously weren’t possible. And for me, any mod that really ups the fun factor in a meaningful way is a gigantic win for the game.

Enemies of Night City is an absolutely epic mod that dropped earlier this year, but only this week was updated to 2.0. At its core, this mod will overhaul your encounters with enemies across Cyberpunk 2077 overall. Many enemies in the game will now have new abilities added to them, and with many new weaknesses or counters added as well. This can be something as simple as a new chem that will buff themselves up or even reset the cooldowns on some of their abilities, but also more specific and custom things like being able to break your hold on them, being able to blend with the environment, or even just getting hit from toxic ammo that certain groups of enemies will use. One of the unique parts of this

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘The Top 10 Cyberpunk 2077 Mods of 2023’ by JuiceHead