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This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Best OBS Settings For Recording | The Ultimate Guide | 2023 Edition’ by Hammer Dance

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Written by: Recapz Bot

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This video provides updated OBS recording settings for improved stream quality, including using Own.TV for high-quality graphics and overlays, enabling source alignment snapping, changing output mode to advanced, choosing recording format and location, settings for video and audio encoders, keyframe interval, tuning, and multipass mode, sample rate and channel for audio, resolution, FPS, hotkey, and color settings, and optional automatic remuxing to MP4 for better recovery; these settings can be adjusted based on preferences.

Key Insights

  • This video provides updated OBS recording settings for improved stream quality.
  • The speaker recommends using Own.TV for high-quality graphics and overlays for your stream.
  • In the general tab of OBS settings, enable source alignment snapping for smoother scene layouts.
  • The streaming tab is not relevant to recording settings, so it can be ignored.
  • In the output tab, change the output mode from simple to advanced to access more recording settings.
  • Set the recording format to standard and choose the location where you want your recordings to be saved.
  • The video encoder should be set to NVIDIA NVENC H.264 for NVIDIA GPU or the AMD counterpart for AMD GPU.
  • Audio encoder should be set to FFmpeg AAC with one audio track selected.
  • It is suggested not to check the rescale output option here as downscaling can be done later.
  • The rate control should be set to CQP, and the CQ level can be adjusted between 16 and 20 for video quality.
  • Keyframe interval should be set to 2 seconds, and the preset should be chosen based on your machine's capabilities.
  • Tuning should be set to high quality, and the multipass mode can be set to quarter or full resolution.
  • Under the audio tab, set the sample rate to 48 and channel to stereo. Choose appropriate audio devices.
  • The video tab contains resolution, FPS, and hotkey settings.
  • Accessibility and advanced tabs don't require significant changes for recording settings.
  • Under video settings, choose color space 709, color format NV12, SDR white level 300 nits, and color range limited or partial for better quality.
  • Optional: Enable automatic remuxing to MP4 if you prefer recording in MKV format for better recovery in case of crashes.
  • These settings can be adjusted based on your machine's capabilities and preferences.
  • Use these settings as a starting point and make necessary tweaks for optimal recording experience.
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[00:00:00]What’s up everybody and welcome back to the channel. You guys have been asking me for quite some time to remake my best OBS recording settings video with the new OBS update. It’s been a while since we did this. So if you want your stream to look nice and crispy and clear and smooth, this is the video for you. And I’m going to do it as quick and painless as possible.

But before we jump into it, guys, let’s give a shout out and a thank you to our sponsor for today’s video, Own.TV. Own.TV is the place to go, guys, if you’re looking for some fresh new graphics for your stream. If you’re on Twitch, YouTube, or Facebook Gaming, you’ll find something that’s a perfect fit for your channel. They offer full themed overlay packages, which are great if you’re trying to give your stream a complete makeover. But let’s say you’re just looking to pick up some new alert graphics. Don’t worry, because they’ve got you covered there too. You could find single graphics such as alerts, banners, panels, and logos as well. And one of the best parts about most of these overlays is that they are completely modular. So if you and your friends all pick up the same overlay, such as this Rodan one right here, you can change the colors and tweak it to match your brand and none of you will have the exact same overlay. If you guys are looking to take your stream to the next level, be sure to check out Own.TV using my link below to support the channel.

All right, guys, so without further ado, I’m going to switch to showing you guys my desktop and let’s dive in. Okay, so the first thing that we’re going to do here is head on down to our settings in the bottom right corner of OBS. In the general tab here, there is not really much that’s going to affect your recordings. I suggest using Yami as the theme for your OBS. It just looks really, really nice. And then scrolling down here, we can enable source alignment snapping and what this is going to allow us to do is line up our sources nice and smooth on our scenes. And if you don’t have this enabled, you can kind of free move all your sources around, but I do suggest having it enabled and set your snap sensitivity to 10.0 and snap sources to edge of screen and snap sources to other sources. This will help us to align everything nicely and make sure that everything looks nice and smooth and even throughout all of our scenes.

Heading on over to the next tab, we have the streaming tab. We’re going to kind of ignore this. This is a recording settings video. I do have a streaming settings video if you guys want to check that out where I go more into depth with this kind of stuff. We’re going to head over to the output tab. Now here’s where stuff gets different. So in the output mode up top, change it from simple to advanced if you haven’t yet and then head over to the recording tab. Now in the recording tab here, you want to type, set this to standard and for recording path, choose where you want your recordings to go. I record everything. It gets sent to my E drive, which is a specific SSD that I have in my PC for all my

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Best OBS Settings For Recording | The Ultimate Guide | 2023 Edition’ by Hammer Dance