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The video introduces squat variations, protein options, and popular SARMs.

Key Insights

  • The video is an episode of Be Built by Brozer.
  • The host introduces four different variations of squats: Jefferson squat, barbell hack squat, dumbbell plie squat, and dumbbell/front squat or plate front squat.
  • Each squat variation targets different muscles in the legs and glutes.
  • These squats are not meant for heavy weights, but rather for high repetitions, slow tempos, or to be superset with other exercises like leg extensions.
  • The host answers questions in the Ask Merlin segment, discussing preferred protein options for competition preparation.
  • Mixing up different protein sources is recommended to maximize amino acid profiles.
  • The host also addresses the growing popularity of SARMs (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators).
  • He suggests LG4033 and Rad140 for gaining mass, S4 and SR23 for hardness and drying effects, and Carterine SR9009 and MK677 for fat burning.
  • He mentions potential benefits and stacking options for these SARMs.
  • The video provides basic information on squat variations and protein choices, as well as a brief overview of popular SARMs and their usage.

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Thanks for watching.

Hey everybody, welcome to another episode of Be Built by Brozer. We’re here out in the backyard of Mecca, which we don’t do a lot, but it’s a really nice day, so I figured we’d show you out here.

What we have for you on today’s show is actually sort of a back to basics that we’ve been doing, but this is going to be back to basics within the gym.

Now everybody obviously does, or most people do squats as part of their leg routine, but I want to show you four different variations of squats that are kind of a little bit different than the basic barbell squat, or hack squat machine, or smith squat, the types of exercises that hit the muscles a little bit differently.

These are not the type of squats where you’re going to go very, very heavy on, so they’re either going to be for high repetitions, they will be for very, very slow positives or negatives, or something that’s really, really good to superset, like with a leg extension.

So we’ll show you those, and then of course at the end of the show we’ll have a couple of good Ask Merlin questions, and hopefully you’ll learn something and enjoy the show.

Okay, so the first squat that we’re doing here is known as a Jefferson squat. These are still done by such bodybuilders as Kai Green, he loves these.

As you can see, he’s got a wide stance, his toes are pointed out, he’s got a grip on the bar kind of like you would with a deadlift, and he’s squatting straight down as deep as he can.

And what we’re working here in this stance is mostly the inner portion of the thighs, so we’re getting a lot of vastus medialis, or teardrop, and the adductor muscles in the inner portion of the thighs, so it helps to fill in the inner portion of the thigh, and it also works the glutes, the outer glutes really well.

So you want to get a full range of motion, you only put smaller plates on the bar, like the 25s, otherwise the bigger plates will hit the ground.

You sink down to as deep as you can, back up, and that right there is the Jefferson squat.

Okay, so the second squat we’re showing you today is a barbell hack squat. This strongly engages the quads, just like a regular hack squat.

As you can see, he’s holding the bar behind his back, he’s letting the bar pretty much go straight down behind his legs until it reaches about the height of his Achilles tendon, and he’s pushing back up, trying to use just the quads.

It’s almost similar to like doing a deadlift with the bar behind you. His stance is about shoulder width apart, he’s getting as deep as he can, keeping his back, letting it lean forward just a little bit on the way down, and then straightening as he comes to the top.

Great movement, especially to superset with leg extensions, the barbell hack squat.

Okay guys, here is the third squat. This is known as a dumbbell plie squat.

You see a lot of the girls do this exercise, but let me tell you something, this is a great exercise for the guys too, especially when, again, looking to work the inner portion of the thigh, the vastus medialis and the adductors to fill in that inner portion of the thigh.

So he’s holding the dumbbell at the top, as you can see, his legs are out wide, his toes are pointed out, and this wide stance really affects the inner thigh and the adductors.

He’s squatting to just before the dumbbell hits the ground, he’s keeping his back as straight as he can, looking straight forward, and he’s just using the power of the thighs, and when he gets to the top, he’s squeezing the glutes to get them in there as well.

This is a higher rep exercise because obviously you can’t hold a dumbbell that’s too heavy, or a movement that you can actually go very, very slow on the way down or the way up, hold the bottom position, or superset with leg extensions. That’s the dumbbell plie squat.

Okay, this last squat exercise is a dumbbell front squat. I want you to see how he’s holding the dumbbell on the top of his body there, he’s keeping his back as straight as he can, and he’s dropping down to about parallel, great movement for the quads, and it could also be done with a plate, which I’m going to have him show you here.

So it’s a plate front squat, if that’s more comfortable for you, so you’re holding it against your chest, again, he’ll do a few more reps.

Squatting down nice and deep, and this position, because he’s keeping his back very, very straight, keeps a little bit of the glutes out of the movement and isolates the quads a little bit more.

Again, another movement, you can’t go too heavy, so you want to go high reps, slow tempos, or superset it with something like leg extensions, or even like a leg press, could be a compound superset.

So that’s a dumbbell and a plate front squat. Give those a shot.

Hey guys, welcome to the Ask Merlin portion of the show, I just want to quickly address something.

I think on the last episode of Be Built by Brozer, Dave wanted me to drive my new car in here, the new Merlin wheel, into Gold’s parking lot, a lot of people were commenting about, they were upset that I parked in a handicapped spot, I was just being clear that I was not parking in a handicapped spot, I was merely pulling in there for the first two minutes of the show, I was pulling right out, I would never park in someone’s handicapped spot, it would never happen, so I was being clear.

Now, on to the questions. First question is from our good buddy, Francis Bainley, and he wanted to know, do I have any favorite proteins, my go-to proteins, when preparing somebody for a competition?

And you may be surprised to hear my answer, which is no, I really don’t. My preferred idea when it comes to protein, at any time of the year, but especially before a show, is to mix them up.

Obviously, if you’re the kind of person who only likes chicken and egg whites and that’s it, then obviously that’s what you need to use, but if you’re somebody who likes low-fat beef protein, bison, other game meats, egg whites, chicken, turkey, use all the options.

There’s nothing wrong with mixing them up because even though they’re all complete proteins, they do each contain their own individual amino acid profile, meaning that they’re all a little bit higher or lower in certain amino acids, so the more you combine different proteins, the more overall you maximize the amino