Best Tradingview Indicators 2024

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ’10 Most Accurate Buy Sell TradingView Indicators For 2024′ by TradeIQ

Written by: Recapz Bot

Written by: Recapz Bot

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The video showcases 10 profitable buy and sell indicators for trading.

Key Insights

  • The video discusses the top 10 profitable buy and sell indicators on TradingView for trading in 2024 and beyond.
  • All indicators mentioned in the video are free to use.
  • The first indicator discussed is the Amazing Oscillator Indicator by AlgoAlpha, which combines the Awesome Oscillator and Relative Strength Index (RSI) to identify trend shifts and potential trade opportunities.
  • The Tristate Supertrend Indicator is mentioned as an enhanced version of the traditional Supertrend algorithm, designed to provide more accurate representation of market states and avoid false signals.
  • The OKEx Signal Bot Indicator Script Setup Template, called Turtle Trade Channels Indicator or TootSI, is introduced as a tool that identifies 20-day breakouts and uses profit-taking strategies based on breaching 10-day highs or lows.
  • The Trend Channels with Liquidity Breaks indicator visualizes support and resistance channels using pivot highs and lows, helping identify potential trend reversals or continuations.
  • Ranges with Targets indicator helps identify trading opportunities derived from breakout trading, with customizable risk-reward settings for take-profit and stop-loss levels.
  • The Volume Supertrend AI indicator utilizes volume data and artificial intelligence technology to provide trend predictions, offering mild and strong buy and sell signals.
  • The Ultimate Buy and Sell Indicator is designed with moving averages, Bollinger Bands, RSI colored candles, and buy/sell signals, working well in trending markets and consolidations.
  • Trendline Breakouts with Targets indicator pinpoints trendline breakouts and breakdowns through pivot point analysis, with a filter to reduce false signals and displaying target levels.
  • The DIY Custom Strategy Builder indicator consolidates various powerful indicators, allowing users to select combinations and generate automated buy and sell signals.
  • The Imbalance Algo indicator, based on Fibonacci levels, determines trend changes when candles close above or below certain levels and offers backtesting capabilities.

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In this video, I’m going to break down my top 10 profitable buy and sell indicators on TradingView that I believe are the best for trading in 2024 and beyond. They’re suitable for beginners as well as for advanced traders. You do not have to pay for any of these tools. They’re 100% free.

Without wasting your valuable time, let’s jump right in and uncover the 10th essential indicator on my list. Introducing the Amazing Oscillator Indicator by AlgoAlpha, a versatile tool designed to help traders identify potential trend shifts and market turning points. This indicator combines the power of the Awesome Oscillator and the Relative Strength Index to create a new indicator that provides valuable insights into market momentum and potential trade opportunities.

The RSI is applied to the AO, which results in a standardized as well as a less noisy version of the Awesome Oscillator. This makes the indicator capable of pointing out overbought or oversold conditions as well as giving fewer false signals. The indicator plots key levels on the chart, including the RSI threshold at 30 and minus 30. Traders often use these levels to identify potential trend reversal points. For added convenience, the indicator includes markers to signal potential buy, green X, and sell, red X opportunities. The indicator works great in trending markets and can be combined with supply and demand zones, order blocks, trend lines, etc. With this tool, you simply buy the dip in the uptrend and exit a profitable trade at the red cross, ensuring you catch a really good price move. Save this indicator to your collection and let’s move on to our next pick.

I’m sure you all know the Supertrend Indicator. But what if I told you I’d found something more accurate? Introducing the Tristate Supertrend. The Tristate Supertrend Indicator, created by Stefan Reich, is an enhanced version of the traditional Supertrend algorithm. It incorporates a range filter into the script, adding a range state to the usual buy and sell signals. This modification addresses the issue of false signals that occur during market ranges with standard Supertrend indicators. The Tristate Supertrend is designed to provide a more accurate representation of market states by identifying and staying in range mode until a new trend begins. This feature allows you to avoid consolidation and low interest zones in the market and trade only during strong trends. This indicator can be used as a first confirmation tool. It works great with oscillators like RSI and MACED. Traders, stay tuned, because you’re about to see a truly wonderful indicator in just a moment.

The eighth on my list is the OKEx Signal Bot Indicator Script Setup Template by OKEx. Discover the power of the Turtle Trade Channels Indicator, TootSI, an innovative tool that integrates the time-tested principles of the legendary Turtle Trade System. This groundbreaking system shattered the belief that successful traders are born, not made, by transforming ordinary individuals into profitable traders. At the heart of the Turtle Trade Channels Indicator lies the concept of Donchian Channels, a powerful technical indicator developed by Richard Donchian. Building upon this foundation, the main rule of TootSI is to identify 20-day breakouts and capitalize on them, while simultaneously utilizing a profit-taking strategy based on breaching 10-day highs or lows. For long trades, the indicator signals a buying opportunity when the price breaks above the 20-day high. Conversely, for short trades, a selling opportunity arises when the price falls below the 20-day low. This systematic approach allows traders to align themselves with the prevailing momentum, capturing significant price movements. To further enhance trading precision, TootSI incorporates two key lines. The red line represents the trading line, indicating the direction of the trend. Price bars above the trend line suggest an uptrend, while those below indicate a downtrend. The dotted blue line serves as the exit line, guiding traders to close their positions when price action breaches the 10-day high or low. This rule safeguards profits and helps traders avoid potential trend reversals. The Turtle Trade Channels Indicator is a versatile tool applicable to various financial markets, including stocks, commodities, and forex. By harnessing the power of breakouts and integrating profit-taking rules, this indicator empowers traders to capitalize on favorable trading opportunities while managing risk effectively. Before we proceed, if you’re looking to make passive income day-to-day, I highly recommend PionX Trading Bots. Thousands of traders copy these bots and achieve significant gains in their accounts. You can be one of them. PionX Bots are smart, tireless, and always looking for the best trading opportunities. They’ve got a bot for every trading style. The platform is extremely user-friendly and secure at the same time. Join PionX today and let’s make your crypto trading experience not just profitable, but a whole lot of fun.

The seventh indicator in our ranking is Trend Channels with Liquidity Breaks. This simple trading indicator is designed to quickly identify and visualize support and resistance channels in any market. The primary purpose of the Trend Channels with Liquidity Breaks indicator is to recognize and visualize the dominant trend in a more intuitive and user-friendly manner. This tool uses a combination of pivot highs and pivot lows to create support and resistance zones, helping you identify potential breakouts, reversals, or continuations of a trend. These support and resistance zones are visualized as upper and lower channel lines, with a dashed center line representing the midpoint of the channel. To make the channels more market-friendly and visually appealing, the Trend Channels indicator also offers customizable colors for upper and lower lines, as well as the possibility to extend the line lengths for further analysis. The indicator displays breaks of key levels in the market with high volume which can be used for potential buy and sell signals.

The sixth indicator on our list is Ranges with Targets by ChartPrime. The Ranges with Targets indicator is a tool designed to help you identify upcoming trading opportunities on a chart derived from breakout trading. It dynamically outlines ranges with boxes in real-time, providing a visual representation of price movements. When a breakout occurs from a range, the indicator will begin coloring the candles. A green candle signals a long breakout, suggesting a potential upward movement, while a red candle indicates a short breakout, suggesting potential downward movement. Gray candles indicate periods with no active trade. Ranges are derived from daily changes in price action. This indicator builds upon the common breakout theory in trading, whereby when price breaks out of a range, it may indicate continuation in a trend. Additionally, users have the ability to customize their risk-reward settings through a multiplier referred to as the target input. This allows traders to set their take-profit and stop-loss levels according to their specific risk tolerance and trading strategy. Furthermore, the indicator offers an optional stop-loss setting that can automatically exit losing trades, providing an additional layer of risk management for users who choose to utilize this feature. A dashboard is provided at the top, right-showing the statistics and performance of the indicator, winning trades, losing trades, gross profit, and loss and P&L.

On the fifth place, there is a very interesting indicator called Volume Supertrend AI by Zyerman. The core feature of the Volume Supertrend AI indicator is its utilization of volume data. Volume, representing the total amount of trading activity, is a critical aspect of market analysis. This indicator combines price movement with volume data to provide a more comprehensive view of market trends. The inclusion of artificial intelligence technology is a standout aspect of this indicator. The AI component analyzes market patterns and historical data to identify potential trend directions. This approach aims to increase the accuracy of trend predictions, offering traders a more in-depth analysis tool. The indicator comes with two types of buy and sell signals, mild and strong. Strong

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ’10 Most Accurate Buy Sell TradingView Indicators For 2024′ by TradeIQ