Best Warframes 2023: Unbeatable Builds!

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘THE BEST WARFRAMES + BUILDS TO BEAT THIS GAME!’ by Grind Hard Squad

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Written by: Recapz Bot

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Video highlights top Warframes for farming, progression, and gameplay ease, including Vauban Prime, Chroma Prime, Limbo Prime, Ivara Prime, Mesa Prime, Banshee Prime, Volt Prime, Revenant Prime, Exaku, Nekros Prime, Korra Prime, Wisp Prime, and Titania Prime, with an invitation to share personal tier lists.

Key Insights

  • The video discusses the top Warframes for the current year.
  • The Warframes included in the list are specifically focused on farming, progression, and making gameplay easier.
  • Vauban Prime is recommended for leveling weapons in the Elite Sanctuary Onslaught.
  • Chroma Prime is mentioned as a powerful Warframe for taking down bosses and farming credits.
  • Limbo Prime is praised for its defensive abilities in missions like Zariman and Archon Hunt.
  • Ivara Prime is suggested as the go-to Warframe for spy missions and animal conservation.
  • Mesa Prime is highlighted for its effectiveness in solo missions and hunting down specific enemies.
  • Banshee Prime is recommended for using Sonar against enemies like Sisters of Parvos and Kuvalish.
  • Volt Prime is mentioned for his versatility and capability to boost operator Amp damage.
  • Revenant Prime is praised for its tankiness and Mesmer skin ability, useful for Archean hunts.
  • Exaku is mentioned as a Warframe capable of stripping defenses and farming resources.
  • Nekros Prime is recommended for farming isolation vaults and obtaining special resources.
  • Korra Prime is suggested as a passive farmer for resource farming.
  • Wisp Prime's Reservoir buff is highlighted for team compositions, especially in Steel Path Voidfisher missions.
  • Titania Prime is celebrated as a complete package Warframe, suitable for farming relics and cracking them open.
  • The creator mentions that these are their personal top Warframes, but encourages viewers to share their own tier lists.

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This is the future.

So I would like to share my top Warframes for this year, but squad leader Dagath is still coming, and I think it’s too early to do a video about the best Warframes this year.

Well, based from what I saw in Dagath, I think the Warframe will be good. Just as fun as Kulevo with all the damage buffs and defense strip. I think many will like her, but I’m not including the Warframe in this list somehow.

Most of the Warframes included in this list are the best when it comes to farming, progression, and just making your life easy in the game. These are the Warframes that I both enjoy and find very helpful in my grind journey this year, and I want you to make this video as a reference on the best Warframes to do a specific job effectively in the game.

Let’s begin with Vauban Prime. This Warframe with a Spectro Siphon build is amazing when it comes to leveling weapons in the Elite Sanctuary Onslaught. I always use this Warframe to level up any guns in two Conduit runs. One Conduit of the first one will be facing Grineer units. This Warframe is special, since you all know, to level up weapons in the Elite Sanctuary Onslaught you will need to either kill enemies, or get experience from the kills of other. A long-range Vauban with Garaz Spectro Siphon will group enemies with his Vortex, then will give those nuker allies such as Volt Garuda, Thermal Thunderframes, or even Sareen the energy to cast their abilities, nuke enemies and gain experience for my weapons fast. Of course, nuking Warframe who are doing Elite Sanctuary runs are farming focus points. The usual players I get from these runs are those players that also are leveling their weapons, so the Vortex is great in grouping targets in one place, so we can kill them faster with our weapons.

Next we have Chroma Prime. I got two words for this Warframe. Vex Armor. Despite the past nerf to Chroma, this Warframe stays to be very useful in taking down bosses such as Eidolons and Orb Mother in the Valis. In fact, Chroma right now is still the best farming Warframe for me if you can afford all the things needed for the Profit Taker fight. You can earn millions of credits in 8 minutes or less with Chroma, given that you drop his fourth ability before the Profit Taker will drop its loot. In addition to this, Chroma is still very powerful when it comes to weapon combos, and I still enjoy the Warframe, sometimes in doing Endurance runs in the Steel Path and beyond levels. His survivability may not be impressive as the shield gating mechanic, but it’s so satisfying to see a couple of enemies hitting Chroma and doing less damage.

Also, I got to include Limbo Prime in this list as the king of defense in my opinion. I usually use this Warframe in Zariman and Archon Hunt defense missions. Limbo’s Cataclysm will time stop all the trash mobs that are rushing the defense objective, and you can subsume Wisp Breach Surge ability to make the Warframe the ultimate defensive Warframe in the game. Well, unless a Nullifier runs into its bubble though, but aside from that, Limbo can crowd control trash mobs, and then when you have Breach Surge, then you can also crowd control Sentience, Acolytes, and even Eximus units that they will not take action at all when Breach Surge is still active. You can also do a Muzzle Flash Limbo build, as it’s still viable since all you need to if a defensive Limbo is maxed out the duration and get high range. Mesa’s Shooting Gallery with the Augment can also crowd control special units, but right now I think Breach Surge Limbo is better, because it also gives damage to enemies. Not to mention that you have full control on Breach Surge, where to cast it if needed, and there is no requirement that you have to kill a specific amount of enemy before it blinds the other enemies surrounding the target. Breach Surge Limbo is legendary in my opinion, but this is not the only synergy you can give this Warframe. You can also have fun with a Surging Blades Limbo since you can damage enemies with Aqua Blades while you are in the Rift. This was a broken synergy in the past, but it got nerfed somehow with Eximus units being able to hit Limbo in the Rift.

Next, we have Ivara Prime, my Queen of Conservation and Spy Missions. Now I know that Wukong or other stealth Warframes are great when it comes to Spy Missions, but Ivara lets you cheese any Spy Missions with the Infiltrate Augment that let her pass through lasers without detection. It’s slower compared to Wukong’s Cloudwalker which is bypassed lasers by the way, but Ivara is a foolproof Warframe when it comes to Spy Missions. Also, her Sleep Arrow is very useful in hunting down animals in the open world areas. With the upcoming Companion rework, I think you will find this Warframe very handy in the Conservation Missions for farming those new Companion mods.

Of course, there would be no Warframe tier list without Mesa in it. Mesa Prime is still the best Warframe for me. When it comes to Missions that requires you to kill enemies while defending a target solo, she is very good in Bounty Missions for farming standings. She is also helpful in Exterminate and Mobile Defense Zariman Missions for farming standings also, which you can use to buy Arcanes and sell them for Platinum or to buy Incarnate Weapons that you don’t own yet. She is also very powerful in Duviri Circuit that every time you have Mesa, expect that you will go for a couple of Duviri Circuits before exiting the mission. Best part is, she got a special combo also with her Ballistic Bullsey

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘THE BEST WARFRAMES + BUILDS TO BEAT THIS GAME!’ by Grind Hard Squad