Betz Sphere: Ancient Aliens Unveiled | History Exclusive

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Ancient Aliens: Mystery of the Betz Sphere (Season 12) | Exclusive | History’ by HISTORY

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In 1974, Terry Betts found a mysterious metal sphere that exhibited strange behavior, puzzled experts, and remains a mystery today.

Key Insights

  • In May of 1974, Terry Betts discovered a mysterious metal sphere on his island property in Florida.
  • Initially, they thought it resembled a downed NASA or Soviet satellite and kept it on a windowsill.
  • The sphere exhibited strange behavior, making humming sounds and responding to guitar notes played by Terry's friend.
  • When placed on the ground, it would roll away and then return to the person who initially rolled it. On a tabletop, it would roll around but not fall off.
  • Doors in their house started slamming, and they could hear organ music at night, causing concern.
  • The military and NASA examined the sphere, but couldn't determine its nature or purpose.
  • Further testing at a Naval Station revealed that the sphere contained two smaller spheres, had magnetic poles that shifted on their own, and emitted radio waves.
  • Despite efforts, nobody could explain the sphere's properties, so it remained with the Betz family.
  • The current whereabouts of the Betz sphere are unknown.
  • Questions arise regarding its composition, abilities, and potential communication with its creator or other intelligences.
  • Speculation suggests that the government might have gained knowledge from the sphere, including its self-activating software and possible communication with other intelligences.

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A very strange thing happened in May of 1974 when a Florida man named Terry Betts found on his island property this curious metal sphere, now known as the Betts sphere. They took it home. They didn’t know what it was. They thought it looked like a downed NASA satellite or maybe a Soviet satellite.

So Terry just puts it in a windowsill for a couple of weeks. Then one day he has a friend over and as he’s playing the guitar, the sphere suddenly starts to come alive. It starts making humming sounds and it seems to be responding to particular notes played by the guitar.

Then another thing he noticed is that if you put the sphere on the ground, it’ll roll away from you and then roll back to the person who rolled the sphere initially. If you put it on a tabletop, it’ll roll around the tabletop, but never off the edge of the tabletop.

Then strange things started happening. Doors in their houses started slamming on their own and they began hearing organ music in the house at night. This started to really concern them. They had the military and NASA come and look at this sphere to see if it was some kind of military device or some piece of a spaceship or something like that. Both of them said, no, we don’t know what this is.

Well, the Betz family decided to consent to further testing at the nearby Naval Station. And after X-raying the sphere, they found out that it wasn’t hollow, that there, in fact, were two spheres within that sphere. It had magnetic poles and these poles would shift and move around on their own accord. It would defy logic, how are these spheres moving? And they also noted that it was sending out radio waves. In the end, no one could ever explain it.

So it was kept with the Betz family. And today we don’t know where this sphere is, in fact. But you have to ask yourself, what was this strange metallic sphere? What was it made of? How could it do all of the strange things that it was doing? Where is the Betz sphere today and what information is it gathering and communicating back to whoever made this strange thing in the first place?

That’s what I want to know. Our government has probably learned a great deal about a sphere that has self-activating software and maybe has been sending and receiving to other intelligences the whole time.

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Ancient Aliens: Mystery of the Betz Sphere (Season 12) | Exclusive | History’ by HISTORY