Beyonce’s Half Siblings: The Real Reason

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘The Real Reason Beyonce Abandoned Her Half Siblings’ by Culture Spill

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Matthew Knowles had affairs, resulting in children whom Beyonce may not acknowledge.

Key Insights

  • Matthew Knowles, Beyonce's father, had affairs with multiple women while married to Tina.
  • Alexandra Wright, one of the women, had a child with Matthew named Nixon.
  • Alexandra faced financial difficulties, including living in a homeless shelter, due to Matthew's refusal to pay child support.
  • Takoya Branscombe is another woman Matthew had a child with named Koi.
  • Both Takoya and Alexandra expressed regret for their affairs with Matthew and acknowledged the pain they caused Beyonce and her family.
  • There are rumors of Matthew having other children from his infidelity.
  • Beyonce hasn't acknowledged her half-siblings, and Nixon has expressed confusion and sadness about why Beyonce doesn't love him.
  • Some people blame Alexandra for publicizing her son and suggest she is seeking attention.
  • There are mixed opinions on whether Beyonce should acknowledge her half-siblings, with some believing she is not obligated to do so while others feel she should help them.

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And Jacoya was pregnant at the same time as Alexandra Wright. And this is all on the, it’s a blurred line as to whether he was actually divorced from Tina or going through divorce. Honestly, if embarrassment and humiliation were a person, it would probably be Matthew Knowles.

And I have a feeling he is the reason why Beyonce doesn’t want anything to do with her half-siblings. But could it finally be time for Beyonce to acknowledge that her half-siblings exist and how they are suffering without her? And that they are not to blame for their father’s infidelity?

Allegedly, Beyonce’s half-sibling Nixon has been asking why Beyonce doesn’t love him. Or is this just about the mother trying to chase clout? Let’s get into it.

So, for a bit of backstory, Matthew Knowles and the mother to Beyonce’s half-brother, Alexandra Wright, first crossed paths in 2007 in Seattle, Washington, while managing a business for Beyonce. Soon after, they began their affair while Matthew was still married to Tina. But Alexandra said that she did not feel guilty about having an affair with Matthew because the marriage was already dysfunctional. Then she got pregnant, and by the time people were learning about the child, Alexandra was spilling about how Matthew was refusing to pay child support. It actually reached a point where Alexandra and her son Nixon had to live in a homeless shelter because she literally couldn’t afford anything.

There was also a time when Alexandra was getting a ton of backlash because people said she blamed Beyonce for her miserable life. But she made it very clear that she has never blamed Beyonce. In addition, Alexandra also wrote an open letter detailing how Matthew refused to take responsibility, saying, “It is with a heavy heart we must head back to Superior Court to continue the fight for the rights of my son Nixon Knowles, who has proven to be Matthew Knowles’ biological son. My family and I have exhausted every non-legal avenue to urge Matthew to be a responsible father and to follow the stipulated judgment we reached together, which was approved by California’s Superior Court.”

Well, she also admitted her role in destroying the Knowles family and hurting Tina, Beyonce, and Solange in the process of having an affair with Matthew. In the letter, she talked about how in the beginning, she and Matthew had a working relationship that encompassed mutual respect and professional admiration, and that when she met him, she had already had a very successful and financially viable professional career. And he positioned himself as a mentor to her and someone that she could turn to for business advice. However, as time passed, their relationship turned into a very close and personal one, but she never meant to hurt anyone.

Then she mentioned Beyonce’s family directly, saying, “I regret the pain that I have contributed to his family and to my own family. I have the utmost respect and admiration for both of his daughters. They are both lovely women. I also regret the pain that this situation has caused his ex-wife Tina and very much wish one day I will get the opportunity to tell her personally.” Good luck with that.

Even with that open letter, Beyonce just didn’t want anything to do with Nixon. And, you know, Beyonce probably doesn’t even want to get involved because we all know Matthew has always been a serial cheater and there could be so many kids out there courtesy of his infidelity. I mean, there’s already a pretty long list of people he slept with and tried to sleep with, including those who were close to his daughters, like Farrah Allegedly.

Plus, other than Nixon, we already also know about Koi, who Matthew had with Takoya Branscombe. Takoya was a dancer at the time she met Matthew, and she said that Matthew treated her like the love of his life during their affair. However, that changed when he learned she was pregnant with Koi, after which he left her. And just like he did with Alexandra, Matthew denied that the kid was his son. He said that the kid was not his son, like the song. Get it? Very much. Well, you can’t get pregnant by me. You know, it can’t be my child.

And just like Alexandra, Takoya admitted that she hurt Beyonce and her family and expressed regret about the affair, telling Inside Edition, quote, “Yes, I slept with a married man, and it was the wrong thing to do. But I have a beautiful daughter that came out of the situation.” End quote. Even with the legal battle with Matthew, Takoya was also hopeful that her daughter may one day meet Beyonce, as she said, quote, “Hey, they are half sisters. So maybe one day down the line, that will be possible.” End quote. Good luck with that.

There were also rumors that Matthew has another son. So you can see why Beyonce would possibly not want to get involved, right? There could be more half siblings out there just waiting for her to acknowledge them. And once she acknowledges one of them, then the floodgates will open.

Let’s just say that Beyonce’s lack of acknowledgement hasn’t stopped her half brother Nixon from asking why Beyonce doesn’t love him. And his mom spilled the deets in an interview with The Sun. First of all, she started by saying that she has broken down and cried while listening to one of Beyonce songs, which she believes relates to Matthew leaving Bey’s mom, Tina, and dating her. She said, “If you listen to Ring Off, it’s the story. It’s not for me, but I know the timing. I was inside, and when I listened to it, I have goosebumps and tears. It makes me cry for them because everyone is in pain, and there has been so much sadness.”

Alexandra also noted that Beyonce bought a house just 10 miles from their trailer and that her main concern has been dealing with Nixon, who asks, “why doesn’t that person love me?” She also added that she just doesn’t know how to help Nixon be his own person, but she believes their children and grandchildren will be much better human beings, and they will find a way to open up and have that conversation.

And something else that bothers Alexandra is that people always ask Nixon straight up at school if he’s Beyonce’s brother, and the grownups are always taking pictures of him. She said that Nixon has never had the luxury of being a normal child, and it’s even harder for him because Bey wants absolutely nothing to do with him.

Well, as expected, with Alexandra saying that Nixon asks why Beyonce doesn’t love him, there were tons of reactions from followers, with some blaming her for publicizing her son and saying that being related to someone famous makes them lose their identity. Plus, why is Beyonce coming up in any of this? It was her father who slept with her. One person even pointed out, quote, “while he is a child and didn’t ask to be brought into this world with the circumstances regarding his conception, I’m trying to figure out why this is towards B. Does he have a relationship with Matthew? That’s his parents. If I were her, I’d love him regardless, but she’s not obligated,” end quote.

Some people also pointed out that Beyonce’s younger sister Solange was not even mentioned in the statement, suggesting that Alexandra only gave the interview for clout. Because really, if it was about Nixon meeting his other siblings, she would be talking about all of them and not just the queen.

Well, there were also those who said that for someone who can afford to buy her daughter a doll worth $80,000, they expected Beyonce to at least try and help her half-brother when he was homeless, given that she knows he exists. Their reasoning was also that Beyonce probably spends thousands of dollars on charity to help people she doesn’t even know, yet her own innocent half-brother was at one point homeless.

There are also fans who said they possibly get bae, like this one who wrote, “this is tough and I don’t think Beyonce doesn’t love him. She’s a family woman. Maybe it’s tough to get past the dynamics on how he came to be or she simply doesn’t know how to approach the situation. The little boy is innocent in his conception. He did not choose to be brought here.”

Well, the consensus is that Beyonce will not be reaching out anytime soon. I mean, we rarely see Beyonce with her full sister Solange, so the expectation that she would make time for her half-brother is kind of crazy. But that’s just one opinion. What are your thoughts on bae seemingly wanting nothing to do with her half-siblings? Do you think it’s finally time for her to admit that her half-siblings exist? Does she owe them anything because she’s a billionaire? Or is it fine that she totally ignores, at least publicly, that she has half-siblings out there? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below and don’t forget to check out this next video!

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘The Real Reason Beyonce Abandoned Her Half Siblings’ by Culture Spill