Bg3 Morninglords Radiance: Ultimate Guide to Immortality in Baldur’s Gate 3

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“Blood of Lothander” is a legendary weapon in Baldur’s Gate 3 that resurrects the wielder, provides blind effects and radiant damage, restores hit points, prevents shadows, blinds enemies, and deals high bursts of damage, obtained by following Lae’zel’s story, solving a puzzle, and obtaining the Dawnmaster crest.

Key Insights

  • "Blood of Lothander" is a powerful early-game legendary weapon in Baldur's Gate 3.
  • It can completely resurrect the wielder when they fall in battle.
  • It provides blind effects to nearby monsters and has a powerful beam attack.
  • The weapon applies radiant damage to attack rolls.
  • "Lothander's Blessing" ability restores hit points to the wielder and nearby allies when their hit points are reduced to 0.
  • "Lothander's Light" ability sheds a holy light on party members within a 6-meter radius, preventing them from being consumed by shadows and blinding fiends and undead enemies.
  • Shadowheart, being a cleric, can be specced to be tanky and combined with the weapon's effects, she becomes a great asset against large groups of enemies.
  • The weapon also has a "Sunbeam" ability that deals high bursts of damage and blinds enemies for 10 turns.
  • To obtain the Blood of Lothander, players need to follow Lae'zel's part of the main story to reach the Gintriyaki crash in the mountain pass.
  • At the Rosymourne Monastery, players need to complete a puzzle by finding and placing three ritual weapons (mace, warhammer, battle axe) in the correct locations.
  • The final weapon, a mace, is found by digging up a coffin near a lone grave.
  • Once all the weapons are placed correctly, a hidden door containing the weapon is revealed.
  • Players then need to progress through the monastery, interact with a statue, and continue towards the secret room on the left side of the top area.
  • In the secret room, two statues must be rotated to point towards the sunrise and sunset, opening access to the final room.
  • The final puzzle involves destroying crystals to disable barriers leading to the main temple room.
  • Inserting the Dawnmaster crest into the slot in the main temple room grants the player the Blood of Lothander weapon.

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Title: Blood of Lothander Transcript

So Blood of Lothander is one of the strongest early-on legendaries you can find in Baldur’s Gate 3. It has the power to completely resurrect you when falling in battle, provide amazing blind effects to nearby monsters, and has a really powerful beam that wrecks everything in its path. You get this from the Rosymourne Monastery by completing the puzzle in the area, so stick around till the end of the video as I’m going to explain how this weapon works and how you can get it early.

Weapon Effects:
Now this weapon comes with a few interesting effects. Besides applying a 1d4 radiant damage to your attack rolls, but its biggest use comes from Lothander’s Blessing. Once per long rest when your hit points are reduced to 0, you regain 2-12 hit points instead. Allies within a 9-meter radius also regain 1-6 hit points as well. So this essentially works kinda like a cheated death mechanic or a self-resurrection where if something happens to the wielder, they automatically get resurrected right after. And I’m pretty sure that if you have other partymates downed around you, the bonus heal can resurrect them as well, or at least it should in theory. In my playthrough, this has proven to be of a massive advantage as I could play a lot more reckless and focus more on DPS while keeping it on Shadowheart so she’s also a mass healer with the setup that I’m running with.

But the second component is Lothander’s Light, a very useful passive which actually sheds a holy light on all affected partymates in a 6-meter radius. So this even works at preventing to be consumed by the shadows in the shadow zone when you go to the tower area. But in combat, it also blinds any fiends or undead enemies staying in that 6-meter range unless they succeed a constitution saving throw. So you can quite literally walk in the middle of a large group of imps or undead or some of these shadow enemies and they immediately get blinded. This is going to provide a major advantage as the blind effects don’t just reduce their chance to hit you, but it also increases yours against them. Also, Shadowheart being a cleric can be specced easily to be a lot more tanky and combined with her guardian spirit damage over time which also provides a really good slow can make her a great asset whenever you’re surrounded by big groups of enemies.

Finally, you also get the Sunbeam, essentially a Kamehameha wave which deals really high bursts of damage in a long line as well as further blinding anything in its path for 10 whole turns. Of course, these being so powerful will require a long rest before using them again, but the blind passive will continue to be on no matter what.

How to Obtain:
So let’s go over how you can find this and basically you have to follow Lae’zel’s part of the main story through the mountain pass to eventually reach the Gintriyaki crash. So if you already finished that side of the story, it’s not a problem, you can still come back, but don’t wait too long otherwise certain story decisions can prevent you from reaching back this destination. Now you’re going to reach this monastery soon in the new map and you’ll want to make your way through the broken window all the way up the balcony upstairs using the nearby cliffs. Once you’re here, simply go past the breakable barricade until you reach the main section with these 4 Dawnmaster monuments. Your goal here is to find and place 3 of the remaining 4 ritual weapons, including a mace, a warhammer as well as a battle axe, all scattered around the nearby ruins so you can open the remaining part of the puzzle. The longsword is already there and glowing, but you will have to follow the clues and bring back all the missing weapons belonging to the other Dawnmasters. But you can already reach the battle axe super easy in the room just next to this one and the easiest route is to just climb up this broken window onto the right side of the room. Simply jump across to the other balcony and you can then just enter into this next room via the next open window. Now the battle axe is on the ground protected by a holy guardian which can deal quite a lot of damage, so you can of course just use something like invisibility instead of going with the painful route and getting absolutely smashed by him, but it also damages itself so it should be dead at the same time with one of your characters. Once done, grab it and move along.

Now from here you can open the room if you have a lockpick, however keep in mind that the barrier will make it impossible to break it, so if you don’t have that, just circle around back to the main room and make your way to the front of the door of this room. Once here, pay close attention to the descending vines by the wall just in front of you, as these are climbable and these will lead you to the next item. Once at the top, again I cannot stress enough how stealth is totally an option when it comes to stealing these, so you can just do it a lot more easier. But no matter how you choose to proceed, just grab the warhammer from the eagle nest and then make your way back down the vines to the floor below. The only thing remaining now is the mace which you can access by just following this path further down the ruins and then all the way up at the top of this hill across it. So we’re just following this set of stairs down until we reach this kinda like area and then go back up to the lone grave of the final Dawnmaster. Now for the next part you’re going to require a shovel as you will need to dig up the coffin that contains the final rusty weapon as well as a note for the next clues. Luckily you should have had enough from all the enemies that you defeated up until now, but otherwise you can also buy one from almost any vendor. Now once you have this weapon, you’re ready to go back to the main room once more and then place each weapon to their corresponding Dawnmaster monument. So the rusty mace is going to be right to the broken window on the right side of the room, followed by the warhammer just in front of it facing north and finally the great axe on the remaining pedestal. If you place them correctly they will all light up revealing a hidden door containing a pouch as well as the Dawnmaster crest and the final set of clues inside of it.

Now from here we’ll have to make our way to the monastery downstairs and if you haven’t, already the fastest way can be through the same window as before. You can just jump down, use Misty Step or even better have Feather Fall as a wizard and cast it on your entire party to descend quicker, but once down you will have to interact with this statue which is going to further progress this puzzle and provide one more set of clues. Also, you can open up the closed door from the other side and now you can freely travel inside of this location at any point.

And now it is time to descend in the monastery below so just make your way down, however do keep in mind that the next section is going to be story related and there’s going to be some stuff to do here so you can do both of these at the same time but the area you’re looking for with the secret room is going to be right at the top of the map on to the left side of it. So what you have to do is to just follow this path and you will know you’re on the right track as you will see a lot of these Dawnmaster statues holding the crest on the path leading over here, but once you reach this larger area at the end and the place you’re looking for is going to be the left side from the entrance right in this kind of like smaller section of the room.

In here you will spot two statues and what you have to do is to rotate them so that they will point towards the sunrise and the sunset. So the left one towards the wall ahead and the right one towards from where you just came from. Now this is going to open up a secret access to the final room and you’re almost done here.

For the remaining puzzle, all you have to do is to destroy these crystals so that you can turn off the barriers that prevent your access to the next room. Once past the first barrier simply go through the gap in the wall, circle behind the room using these cliffs and reach on to the final side but also make sure to destroy any remaining crystals. Be mindful however that the machines here will aoe push everything that gets in front of them in the cliffs below, so try to disarm them or avoid them otherwise. But the final crystal that opens the final room will be at the side of the cliff which you can easily target from the opposite side. But once you’re done just head over inside of the main temple room, insert the crest in the slot available, and this will give you the legendary weapon. It’s going to look really awesome, you also get some inspiration points I believe, and it’s probably going to be one of the best legendaries you can get at this stage.

Let me know down below of course if you got it or if you’re planning to get it because this is a pretty awesome item or otherwise if you found any other clues for other legendary items. In the meantime, I totally suggest checking out this guide for some of the best early armors you can get which will make all of these parts a lot easier or maybe some of the best weapons guide that you can also get relatively early in Baldur’s Gate 3. Thanks so much for watching, and until next time!

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Amazing Early Legendary Makes You “Almost” Immortal! Baldur’s Gate 3 Blood of Lathander Guide’ by KhrazeGaming