Boost Your High: A Guide to Amplify Your Experience

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Boosting Your High’ by Ninye

Written by: Recapz Bot

Written by: Recapz Bot

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How does it work?
Boosting high with videos through immersion and visually appealing games.

Key Insights

  • The concept of boosting your high is popular, but it's not clear how it works without any additional substances.
  • Immersion is a common factor in videos that claim to boost your high. The combination of entrancing music and visuals can trick the viewer into feeling higher.
  • Video games are considered to be much better at providing an immersive experience compared to videos.
  • The video highlights five visually appealing video games that claim to enhance the high experience.
  • The first game discussed is Astroneer, but it was not enjoyable or suitable for the high experience.
  • The second game is described as strange and similar to sensory content for babies. It involves turning characters into fruits and takes a dark turn.
  • The third game involves controlling dogs and barking through obstacles. It was considered a peaceful and successful high experience.
  • The fourth game involves shooting slimes off the edge and eventually takes a dark turn with killing and losing interest.
  • The final game mentioned is Wobbledogs, where the players became very high and didn't actively play the game. It received a high rating due to the entertainment factor of abusing animals in the game.

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The idea of boosting your high is clearly a popular one, but what even is it? It’s not like you’re taking in any more substances, so what’s up with all of this? Well, I’ve found that the consistency between all of these videos is immersion. Some entrancing music and visuals combined make for an experience that almost tricks the viewer into believing they’ve gotten higher. But those are just videos. And if I know a thing about immersion, I know video games do that job ten hundred billion times better.

So I’ve collected five of the most colourful and visually appealing video games ever made to see which is truly the best experience for boosting your high. Starting with… I’m coming in! Coming in hot! Alright bro, we gotta survive on this planet. This ain’t no joke. We gotta survive.

So surviving was a little harder than we thought because as soon as we discovered the gun, we lost sight of the objective. No! No! Leave me alone! Then proceeded to dig large holes. How do we make this planet as least habitable as possible? We go to the mountains. But that didn’t take long to turn back into digging large holes again. I’m going down. Why? Why does it always gotta be down? Bro, I just, I’m feeling like I did in the mines.

If it isn’t clear enough at this point, we had no idea what we were doing in this game. Until nature’s beauty gave our lives in space a new purpose. Wow, this game is beautiful. I want to explore the horizon. Wait! Wait! Wait for me! Wait for me! I want to explore the horizons to my heart’s content. I don’t want to destroy this planet anymore. That makes one of us. Okay, I’m trying really hard to make content out of this game, but the truth is when you’re high, Astroneer is just too complicated because I spent 30 minutes chasing a light in the sky and doing nothing else. Astroneer gets a 1 out of 10 from me. That game was a flop, but trust me, the next one is a certified banger.

He’s really thinking about ending it all. This guy is a lot like me. What is this kid? This is so funny. Let’s check out this rock. It’s a baby robot. Oh my god. Oh, he’s crying. Oh, he dropped it. So this game’s a little strange to say the least. And just looking at it, you may make the connection that, hey, this looks like those cocoa melon dancing fruit videos on YouTube for babies. What the heck? And my answer to that is yes, it’s exactly like that. Your tears are fueling the plant. No, no way. No way. Oh, flower friend. But isn’t baby sensory content exactly what you want while high? The nose. Where is this guy coming from? What is going on? What is Nose Man doing? No! I don’t know what it is, but we did not like this Nose Man. He had bad vibes. Nose Guy is riding baby rock. You’re ruining everything, Nose Guy. You’re literally ruining everything. Get a grip on reality. But luckily, the tree man took care of that. I need to sacrifice myself for the greater good. Oh my god, this is getting dark. Let’s go! Finally, he’s gone. Nose Man turned into Meat Man. I’m not gonna lie, the Meat Guy is miles better than Nose Guy. I hate it. I hated the Nose Guy. I know, the lore here is insane. But this game takes a dark turn fast. We suddenly started eating everyone and turning them into fruits. Strawberry! Oh my god, the mayor was a strawberry. Who would have imagined? All right, what’s next? Broccoli! Oh, what do you think that baby rock is gonna turn into? It’s gonna be a blueberry! Oh, let’s see, let’s see, let’s see. An onion! Oh my god, an onion! It didn’t take long for God to smite us for our reign of terror. What? What is going on? Table salt, spoon, fork, and tomato! And these gods were not merciful in the slightest. This is gonna be the fall of Nose Man. I’m gonna eat. With the genocide of the fruit people came an age of poo enlightenment. Oh, there he goes! The toilet, not the toilet. Oh my god. This is taking a turn for the stinky. History once again repeated itself because Toilet Guy went on a complete rampage against the poo people. This game is mayhem! The poos just couldn’t take it anymore and opted for the easy way out and that was the end of that story. I give this game a 9 out of 10. This is a puzzling experience, to say the least.

The next game has dogs in it, so get ready for cute time. This game is so peaceful. Oh my god. I’m gonna kill myself. I’m gonna kill myself. So the gimmick here is that we both control each sides of the dog. So if one person doesn’t cooperate, we’re donezo. We also realized that if we jump at the same time, we can fly. So you’re gonna hear a lot of barking throughout the entirety of this game. Let’s see if we can jump around this and we don’t need the door. No, no, no, no, no, no! Let’s try door skip one more time. I think if we keep barking, we can essentially fly. Oh no! One more time, one more time. Just spam it as fast as you can. Let’s go! Let’s go! We don’t need the door! And after that small victory, it became a thing where we tried to find an unintentional route around every single obstacle. This game is so loud. The constant barking is awesome. I want the corn! I want the corn! Give me that corn! We did it! We waste no time to just start instantly barking again. Oh, we don’t need it. We can probably just jump up here. We’re literally levitating, bro. What? We can stretch? No! No way! We’re so long! So far, we’ve been able to easily progress by barking through everything. Little did we know, our most formidable opponent was just around the corner. No! Okay, I think we have to hold on to these things. No! This is so hard! This is so hard! I hate this! I hate! Go, go, go, go, go! Okay, just run. Don’t even go for it. Just run. Let’s go! That was insane! I’m gonna do it! I’m gonna do it! Oh, monkey! Monkey! Monkey! Monkey! Monkey! Oh my god! My head is being decapitated! Look, I made it! I made it! No! Where are we going? No! What’s happening? What is happening? What is happening? Oh my god! We’re falling forever! Why is it orange? Oh my god! I just wanted monkey, and this is what I get. Infinite purgatory in hell forever! We’re in hell because of you! I give this game a 10 out of 10. This is the best video game you can play if you’re high. This is such a good game! Wow, what a cool game! Time for the next! Shoot the slime off the edge. No! No! I didn’t mean for it to go that far! After feeling what it’s like to kill, I had something snap inside of me. You’re a murderer! You know what? I know what kind of person I am. I can’t go back after what’s been done. Oh, stop! They didn’t ask for this! I’m killing all of them! I’m not gonna let one live! No, dude! Stop this! I want you to look into their eyes. Inside of their miserable eyes. Golden one! Oh, I cannot wait to kill you. No! No! Those ones are so cute! Come on! Yeah! You don’t gotta do this! All right, where’s the ocean? Where’s the ocean

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Boosting Your High’ by Ninye