Controversial Chapter Alert: One Piece 1091 Spoilers

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘EVERYONE HATES THIS CHAPTER?! / One Piece Chapter 1091 Spoilers’ by Zhoniin

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Chapter 1091 spoilers in One Piece upset viewers with battles teased.

Key Insights

  • The video discusses chapter 1091 spoilers of One Piece
  • The chapter upset many viewers
  • The previous chapter showed the Straw Hats taking over York, with Luffy talking to Saturn and giving some information
  • Lucci is revealed to be the main source of information, communicating with Kizaru and Saturn
  • The Navy plans to eradicate everyone on the island, causing the Straw Hats to want to leave
  • The seraphims are contained inside overpowered bubble shields
  • The Straw Hats plan to use Vega Force One to escape, but York has locked down the island with a passcode
  • The Vega Punks attempt to crack the code while some members go to retrieve the robot
  • Kizaru leaves the ship and fights Centimaru, who initially fends him off with the world's greatest defense
  • Luffy senses Kizaru's presence and reacts in the last panel of the chapter
  • The title of the chapter is "Centimaru," and it reveals that Kizaru defeats Centimaru
  • Luchi tries to kill Vega Punk, leading Zoro to intervene in the fight
  • Sanji has imprisoned Kaku in a bubble and is not involved in the current battles
  • Luffy confronts Kizaru, but the fight only lasts for one panel, disappointing fans
  • The battles between Zoro and Lucci and Luffy and Kizaru are teased but not fully shown
  • The video expresses excitement for potential future battles between Luffy and Saturn and Zoro and Kizaru
  • There is speculation about other events happening in the chapter related to these fights
  • The video concludes by urging viewers to share their thoughts and expressing eagerness for the next chapter.

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Alright, so we got the 1091 spoilers, and I’m sorry about being late, guys, but maybe it’s kind of good that I waited a little bit because we were getting a bunch of like bunk information on this chapter, some really fantastical stuff. But now I think we have the truth, and it seems to have upset a lot of people. Like, I’ve been hearing that this is now a disappointing chapter considering what we found out about it, and I’m gonna go over that in this video, of course, but let me quickly give you a recap on what happened in the previous chapter because it directly plays into what we’re going to be talking about here.

So we saw the Straw Hats like immediately take over York. She never had a chance. They just took her over immediately and now she’s essentially captured by them, right? And we saw Luffy talking to Saturn and the Navy, you know, telling him he’s going to be the king of the pirates and everything, but he also gave them some information. Well, just a little bit. The real information giver is actually Lucci, Lucci, who’s just chilling there with everyone, is somehow talking to Kizaru and Saturn. I guess he has like a little den den mushi or something in his ear, you know, one of those CIA earpiece things, because I guess CP0 is supposed to be like the CIA of the One Piece world. Anyway, but Lucci gave Kizaru and Saturn all of the information that they essentially needed about, you know, everyone who’s there, where they are, what’s going on. Because, you know, they kind of, I don’t know, sort of trust CP0 at this point. I mean, they are contained, of course, but we did see Lucci having a soft face turn, or I guess he just became a tweener at this point, but that’s definitely over now. He is back to being a heel, so we can no longer trust CP0 again. The ceasefire is over. It was fun while it lasted. But this naturally causes everyone to want to leave because, you know, the Navy is going to try to eradicate everyone here. I mean, they were trying to kill Vega Punk at the beginning of the arc. Also, let me mention that the Seraphims are currently contained inside of these overpowered bubble shields. I don’t really think they’re mentioned in this chapter, but it’s important to know where they are because they’re such a wild card and huge asset to this arc and I guess the overall story, but mainly because they’re right here and they’re so powerful.

But their plan is to essentially get to Vega Force One and then have that send off the Sunny far enough so as to where it can get to a point of using the Kude burst and then getting away from the island because the Vega Force One robot is like reliant on Egghead Island. It can’t stray too far away from there or else it’ll just lose power. But of course, we found out it’s not that easy because York has like locked down the island. She’d put this passcode on it so that you just can’t leave it. So then that triggers the other Vega Punks to try to crack the code. So that’s kind of what they’re doing in the meantime. That’s their task, is to hack or crack York’s code. And while they’re doing that, they have Lilith and Luffy go to where the Vega Force One robot is, you know, because they have to get that, like I said, to get the Sunny off of the island. And it also splits up some groups so that, I guess, Luffy isn’t there with everyone. And Bonnie and Frankie’s there too.

So then Kizaru decides to leave the ship using the Sacred Yata Mirror and, like, bounces onto Egghead. But then runs into Centimaru. And Centimaru is able to fend off Kizaru at first, and he says that he has the world’s greatest defense. This was obviously, like, a super impressive feat we saw at the time. And we’re gonna find out what happens in this chapter. But in the very last panel, we saw Luffy reacting to, I guess, this sequence. And he’s like, “Someone’s here, someone’s strong.” So I guess he was definitely referring to Kizaru, because, you know, we’re going to be talking about it. But the title of the chapter is “Centimaru.” And Centimaru was defeated by Kizaru. That’s it. That’s what happened. So, I guess we expected that, right? Centimaru is pretty strong. I don’t know if he’s, uh, Yonko Commander level, but he’s definitely not Admiral level. Or Kizaru’s Admiral level, which is, like, a touch above the standard, I guess, at this point in the series. Even though he does say that he has the world’s greatest defense, I don’t know if that’s Oda, like, literally giving us exposition here, or if it’s just Centimaru hyping himself up. But, yeah, regardless, I do think Kizaru is holding back, just like he was in the previous chapter. So, I don’t think Centimaru’s dead, although I don’t know, maybe later. But anyway, Lucci tries to kill Vega Punk, and Zoro steps in to fight him. So, this is awesome, but also, at the same time, it’s kind of like Zoro’s consolation prize. This video is sponsored by Tokyo Treat, but first, let’s talk about the sponsor of this video, Tokyo Treat. Tokyo Treat is a monthly Japanese snack subscription box where you’ll get up to 20 of the latest, most exclusive, limited-edition, and seasonal flavored Japanese snacks that are only available in Japan for a limited time, like Sakura Pepsi, Japanese sake Kit Kats, ramen, and many more. It also comes with this awesome booklet that gives you information on all of the snacks in the box, as well as information about Japan and its culture. This month’s box is Moon Festival Snacking. Tokyo Treat invites you to celebrate Tsukimi together with their special Tsukimi design snack box, filled with delicious Japanese Tsukimi-themed snacks, perfect for enjoying under the moonlight with your friends and family. Taste the festival through the Moon Festival-inspired snacks, like Kit Kat Chestnut. Chestnut is a common treat during the Moon Festival, as well as the Full Moon Rice Cracker and Mint Chocolate Moon Pebbles. First, I tried these black pepper potato chips. You’re not really going to be able to find a flavor of chips like this in America. Really unique

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘EVERYONE HATES THIS CHAPTER?! / One Piece Chapter 1091 Spoilers’ by Zhoniin