Crazy To Hot Scale: A Man’s Guide to Women

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Hot Crazy Matrix A Man’s Guide to Women – ORIGINAL’ by James Yeager

Written by: Recapz Bot

Written by: Recapz Bot

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How does it work?
The video explores the “Hot Crazy Matrix,” a guide for men navigating relationships with women based on attractiveness and craziness levels, cautioning against certain zones and highlighting the importance of being ready to date attractive women.

Key Insights

  • The video discusses the "Hot Crazy Matrix," a concept for men to understand and navigate relationships with women.
  • The matrix consists of a graph with hotness measured from 0 to 10 and craziness measured from 4 to 10.
  • The "no-go zone" is below a 5 hotness rating.
  • The "fun zone" is between a 5 and 8 hotness rating and below the crazy line.
  • The "danger zone" is above the crazy line and includes redheads, strippers, etc.
  • The "date zone" is below the crazy line, above an 8 hotness, and about a 7 crazy.
  • The "wife zone" is above an 8 hotness and between a 7 and 5 crazy.
  • The "unicorn zone" is below a 5 crazy and above an 8 hotness but is considered nonexistent.
  • A caution is given not to mistake a tranny being in the hot and low crazy zone.
  • A male version of the matrix is briefly mentioned, measuring cuteness and money.
  • The video ends with a reminder to be ready to date attractive women.

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Hey everybody, James Yeager here with Tactical Response, and I’ve got the terrorist mouthpiece with me. Mouthpiece? This is a… Go introduce yourself.
I’m Dana McClendon. I am the consulary to the Camden Mafia and the terrorist mouthpiece. But what are we going to talk about? What are you going to talk about today?
Today’s lesson is, it’s a little off the beaten path of tactical response, but it’s still something that you can use every day. This is the Hot Crazy Matrix. It’s what you need to know about how to deal with women and how to analyze the situation that you may be in or want to be in. Okay? Let’s take a look at that right now.

Okay, so this is the universal Hot Crazy Matrix. It’s everything a young man needs to know about women. I’ve developed this on my own over 46 years of living on the earth. So this is how it works. You have your crazy axis and your hot axis. Hot is, as usual, measured from 0 to 10. We’re all familiar with that. Crazy is measured from 4 to 10 because, of course, there’s no such thing as a woman who’s not at least 4 crazy. So you’ve got 4 to 10. This is your hot crazy line right here. Very important that you keep in mind where the hot crazy line is. As a rule, this is your no-go zone. We do not hang around and date and marry women who are not at least, in our mind, a 5. So this is your no-go zone. You don’t go here. We just rule this out. Life is better this way. That’s the way it is.

Above a 5 and to about an 8 and below the crazy line, this is your fun zone. You can hang out here and meet these girls and spend time with them. That’s your fun zone. But keep in mind, when you’re in the fun zone, you want to move out of the fun zone to a more permanent location. That’s the fun zone above a 5 hot, below an 8 hot, and below the crazy line. This means these are, most of the time, not crazy.

Above the danger zone, above the crazy line, we have the danger zone. This is your redheads, your strippers, anyone named Tiffany, hairdressers. This is where your car gets keyed. You get a bunny in the pot, your tires get slashed, and you wind up in jail.

Now that we have some of the chart filled out, we’ve got a couple more pieces to put in. But at this point, understand something. This is not a static environment. This is a situation where you have got to use this matrix over time to develop some reliable data. It’s like a dope chart. Because at any moment in time, any woman that you have previously located on this chart can vanish from that location and appear anywhere else on the chart. So what you have to do is, over time, collect some data. And once you have a cluster of data points, you can begin to consider that reliable.

Now, moving on, you have this zone here. This is below the crazy line, above an eight hot, but still about a seven crazy. This is your date zone. You can stay in the date zone indefinitely. These are women that you introduce to your friends and your family. They’re good looking, and they’re reasonably not crazy most of the time. So you can stay here indefinitely.

Now, above an eight hot and between about a seven and a five crazy, this is your wife zone. When you meet this girl, you should consider a long-term relationship. This zone is not scaled to size. This is a representation and not an actual… This is not a pie chart showing you how many of these people are out there. This is simply a representation of what you’re after. You want to be five to seven crazy, above an eight hot. That’s your wife zone.

Now, below a five crazy and above an eight hot, this is your unicorn zone. These things don’t exist. If you find a unicorn, please capture it safely, keep it alive. We’d like to study it and maybe look at how to replicate that.

So I was explaining this to a guy one time, and he said, wait a minute. I’ve met this girl, and she’s smoking hot. She’s at least a nine, and she’s chill. She’s totally cool. She’s not even a three crazy. I said, you’re telling me you’ve met a girl, she’s a nine hot, and she’s a two or a three crazy. He said, yeah, man. I like her a lot. I said, you should be careful. As a dude, you’re talking to a tranny. So you got to be careful, because down here, below a four crazy and above an eight hot, you’re probably talking to a dude. That is the universal hot crazy matrix.

All right, Dana. That was pretty good. Now, let me ask you, for the women watching, is there a male version of that?
Oh, yeah. Would it also be-
Oh, yeah. It’s a little simpler. If a dude is super hot, okay. It’s a little simpler, but we can do it real quick. It doesn’t take very long at all.

For women, this is your matrix. You got your cute axis, and you got your money axis, okay? If you have … There’s only three sections. Women have a very large no-go zone. This is for dudes who are neither hot nor have a lot of money. You’ll notice over here, this is the husband section. Once you cross a line and have sufficient amounts of money, it is no longer relevant how hot you are. Then, women have a fun zone here, where a dude is broke, but hot. That is the cute versus rich matrix for women.

There you go. Remember, your responsibility to be ready to date hot bitches never ends. Here endeth the lesson.

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Hot Crazy Matrix A Man’s Guide to Women – ORIGINAL’ by James Yeager