Creating a Cover Page on Google Docs

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘How to Make a Cover Page on Google Docs | Title Page Google Docs’ by TheGoodocs | How to Use Google Docs and Slides

Written by: Recapz Bot

Written by: Recapz Bot

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How does it work?
Creating a cover page involves inserting an image, adjusting margins, creating a border with workarounds, and formatting text within the border, centering the image, leaving space for author details and finding more resources on

Key Insights

  • Creating a cover or title page in Google Docs involves inserting an image and writing on it.
  • Adjusting page margins can help eliminate empty space around the cover.
  • Creating a border is achieved by using workarounds with tables. Adjusting its width and color can enhance its appearance.
  • To insert an image inside the border and write text on it, go to the drawing workspace.
  • Format the text using the toolbar and move the text box to the desired position.
  • After saving and closing the drawing, the image will be inside the border in the document.
  • Center the image on the page using the toolbar.
  • Leave space to specify the author's name and institution.
  • Additional guides and free Google Docs templates can be found on

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Hey there, it’s Daniel from, where you can get free Google Docs templates and guides. And let’s do a cover page for our Google Docs event.

Creating a cover or title page in Google Docs in a broad sense means inserting an image into the doc and writing something over it. But to make a really good-looking cover page, a few other adjustments need to be made, like setting margin size, creating borders, and a correct text placing on the doc. That’s what we’re about to do here.

First, we’d want to adjust the page margins to get rid of empty space around the cover we’re making. For that, we go to File on the toolbar, and then down to Page Setup. Here in the menu, in this column, the default size of the page margins is 1 inch. And normally, I do it 0.25 to leave some space on the page for our next step. And you do what suits you better. And then we hit OK here to finish it. That was our first step, if you need it, of course. Yet, this is a demonstration of tools you can use to create a cover page, not a step-by-step tutorial since this all is absolutely individual.

Then we create a border. There is no direct way to make a page border in Google Docs, but there are a few easy-to-do workarounds. We are going to the Insert on the toolbar, then dragging the cursor to Table, and doing basic one-by-one cell. Here it is. And now we expand it to the suitable proportions, like press-holding on its bottom margin and dragging it down to near the page end. Just good. Then we’ll make our border a bit thicker to make it look more like a border. Go to this item on the toolbar on top, its border width. Press it. And here I select the last option, the thickest one. Much better. And you can also change its color. Go here to this pen icon and select the color you’d like to use for your border.

Now we insert an image inside of the border and then write a text on it. That is performed from a drawing workspace, so we enter it by going to the Insert on the toolbar and pressing it. Then dragging the pointer to the third line, Drawing, and selecting you on the right. That opens a drawing canvas over a dock, where we do all the stuff.

First, we insert the image by clicking the rightmost icon on the toolbar. You will be offered to get it from these sources. And I’ll do it the fastest way by just dropping it right here from my computer. Here it is in the drawing workspace. And from this point, you can write over the image using a toolbar on top. For that, you create a text box by clicking on the last but one icon on the toolbar and drawing a figure over an image. Here it is. And now you type anything you want in here. Then you may want to format the text just like you normally do in the document with these tools. You can then move the text box to where you want it to be.

Once completed, hit Save and Close at the top right corner. And here is your image inside of the border in the document. Now let’s center it on the page. Select the image and use this item on the toolbar on top. Then you can expand it as much as you want by pulling from either edge of the image. But don’t forget to leave space to specify the author’s name and the author’s institution like school, university, or a company. Then correct the border in accordance with the image size and so on.

Hundreds more guides and a lot of free Google Docs templates on following the link below the video. Like to help share our videos to more people and subscribe to see more guides. I hope I helped you. Thank you for watching.

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘How to Make a Cover Page on Google Docs | Title Page Google Docs’ by TheGoodocs | How to Use Google Docs and Slides