Cutting Steroids: IFBB Pro’s Favorite Compounds

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Top Steroids For Cutting And Getting Shredded | IFBB Pro Favorite Compounds For Cutting’ by Braden Wuerch

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The speaker recommends a moderate level of testosterone, Masteron, and sparing use of Trenbolone for cutting, while also suggesting Anavar, Winstrol, and Clenbuterol as oral options for shredding, emphasizing the importance of health management and consultation with a doctor.

Key Insights

  • The speaker is discussing his favorite performance-enhancing drugs (PDs) for cutting and getting shredded.
  • He emphasizes that following a proper diet and doing cardio are essential regardless of the PDs used.
  • For injectables, he recommends using testosterone at a moderate level (around 180-350mg per week) to maintain muscle tissue and gym performance while minimizing water retention.
  • Masteron is mentioned as another injectable compound that provides a hardening effect and is commonly used for cutting.
  • Trenbolone is a powerful steroid that the speaker advises using sparingly, mainly deep into a contest prep for its anti-catabolic properties.
  • For oral PDs, Anavar is suggested as a milder option, while Winstrol is favored for its hardening effect and strength boost during cutting.
  • Clenbuterol is mentioned as a fat burner that targets fat cells and is commonly used alongside testosterone to enhance cutting results.
  • Proper health management, including regular blood work and consultation with a doctor, is emphasized throughout the video.
  • The speaker states that these are his favorite compounds but acknowledges that there are many other options available.

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Alright, what’s going on y’all? So a while back I dropped my favorite bulking cycle and mass building PD. So today, I may be laying out my favorite PDs for cutting and getting shredded. So if you guys may follow my journey, you know that right now, I’m currently eight weeks out from the Texas Pro. I’m a classic physique IPB pro, and these are the PDs that I use to get shredded myself. And then what most pros I know use themselves either. These are kind of the bread-and-butter cutting compounds out there.

With that being said, you frankly can use pretty much any compound, any steroid out there, as long as you’re following the diet and doing the cardio and all that, you’re going to get shredded. But some compounds are going to make fat loss be easier, hold on to muscle tissue better, and then you’re going to have a better cosmetic look because of it. So today, I’m going to be laying out my favorite injectables, orals, and fat burners for cutting and getting shredded.

So first off, let’s go ahead and start getting into the injectables. So right off the bat, my favorite injectable, you guys already know what I’m going to say. It’s the base. It’s test. So with testosterone, you know that with a bulking cycle, you know, typically guys run that anywhere from say 400 milligrams all the way up. You know, they can run it all the way up to, you know, I see some pros. They run it over a gram a week. I personally have never run it that high, and I don’t think anybody really needs the need to run it that high, you know, frankly unless you’re trying to maybe go up to open bodybuilding. But even then, there’s the argument. I don’t believe you need that much test for that. But with that being said, when you’re cutting, you will see a lot of guys still using moderate to high test levels.

I personally recommend using lower test level. So essentially, you want enough testosterone in place that you maintain your tissue, you still have the gym performance and you have recovery. But you don’t need much more than if you have much more test, you’re essentially going to be holding a lot more water and it’s going to ruin your look when cutting. So with that being said, I recommend setting your test levels at TRT dose. So say around 180 to 200 up to about say 350 when cutting, and this is personally what I do. So I’ve done cuts in the past where I’ve had tests higher, you know, I’ve had test around 500. I did one prep where I had test at 500 throughout the entire prep. Compared to now, even with a lot more tissue, I’m running test a lot lower and it’s having, you know, a lot better look. You can go back through. Look at my old prep series videos, see the look then compared to the look now. The look now, it’s just so much drier, crispier. And I attribute a lot of that to the lower test.

So first off, my favorite injectable that you need for cutting or that you should be having in your cycle for cutting is testosterone. But with that being said, I would recommend having it on the lower dose than on the higher dose. So then my second injectable, this is Masteron. So Masteron is another DHT derivative. If you guys saw my bulking cycle video, you know that my favorite steroid out there is Primobolan. Masteron is very, very similar to Primobolan, but it’s got a bit more of a hardening effect. So typically, you’ll see guys run Primobolan in the offseason, and then you’ll see guys run Masteron when in prep or trying to cut. With that being said, they both can be used for both purposes. You know, I personally use Masteron in the offseason, and I’ve also personally tested Primobolan when cutting. Both work great. With that being said, Masteron typically provides a little bit better of a cosmetic look when you get to a very lean, low body fat percentage. So as you start your cut and you start with Masteron, as you get deeper and deeper and deeper into your cut, you’re going to see the effects of this come out even more and more and more, and this is where you can get really, really that hard, dense look when you get really, really shredded.

Keep in mind guys that a lot of what I’m talking about, you know, these steroids are going to help you maintain the muscle mass. There’s going to be a very, very slight fat burning effect with it. But mainly, you’re using these two to, you know, hold the muscle tissue long enough that when you get to a very, very shredded point, you now can see the cosmetic effects of these different compounds because the different compounds do come with slightly different cosmetic features. And so Masteron has a very, very hardening effect. You don’t need very much of this. So this is where you’ll see doses anywhere from say about 200 milligrams a week all the way to, you know, say 700-800 milligrams a week. With that being said, most of even a prep, so an IFBB pro prep, I run in about the 350 milligram range. A lot of big-name pros I know, 350 milligrams is kind of the sweet spot for them. As you get deeper into prep, you might need to bump the dose a little bit more depending on what division you’re in, the level of mass you’ve got, all of that. But for the most part, most people out there are not going to need more than 350 milligrams of Masteron a week.

So now we’ve got say testosterone or a test testosterone at say 200 milligrams a week. We’ve got Masteron at 350

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Top Steroids For Cutting And Getting Shredded | IFBB Pro Favorite Compounds For Cutting’ by Braden Wuerch