Cypionate vs Enanthate: Choosing the Right Ester #RXRants

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘WHICH ESTER IS RIGHT FOR YOU? #RXRants’ by RxMuscle — The Truth in Bodybuilding

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Written by: Recapz Bot

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Testosterone has various forms, release rates, and side effects; finding the right one is subjective.

Key Insights

  • Testosterone is a popular topic in bodybuilding and general health.
  • There are different forms of testosterone with varying release rates.
  • Nebido is a slow-release testosterone used for hormone replacement.
  • Testosterone suspension is fast-acting but has side effects like water retention and shrunk testicles.
  • Testosterone esters like propionate and enanthate are commonly used for bodybuilding.
  • Aromatization is the process where testosterone converts to estrogen.
  • DHT is another compound testosterone can convert into, causing hair loss and acne.
  • Long-acting esters like cypionate and enanthate are preferred for muscle-building.
  • Regular dosing every other day is recommended for steady hormone levels.
  • Sustenon is a blend of four testosterones but still requires frequent dosing.
  • Finding the right testosterone ester is subjective and depends on individual response.
  • Long-acting esters like enanthate tend to have fewer side effects.
  • Keeping hormone levels steady helps avoid side effects like acne and mood swings.

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This is Dave Palumbo with another RX Muscle Rant brought to you by Redcon1. Visit

Today’s topic is testosterone, which seems to be the hottest topic of the day in bodybuilding and in general. Everyone seems to want testosterone. They need TRT, HRT, or whatever name you want to call it. People want to replace their testosterone. They want to take testosterone to get big and huge, to feel better, sleep better, and have better sex. It’s like a rage now, but in the past, it was very secretive. The problem is that no one really knows much about testosterone, including myself when I started in the early nineties.

Back then, I was studying testosterone and trying to figure out the right type to take. There are many different forms, not talking about different brands, but real testosterone that comes from a pharmacy. So assuming your testosterone is real, what version or ester do you take? This refers to how fast the testosterone releases into your system. There are slow-release testosterone options like Nebido, which lasts for weeks, but that’s not ideal for bodybuilding purposes. On the other hand, testosterone suspension is a fast-acting option that hits quickly but doesn’t last long.

Testosterone suspension used to be popular in the eighties and nineties, but it caused discomfort and irritability at the injection site. It would only last around eight hours in the system, which wasn’t ideal. Many people combined it with longer-acting compounds to balance its effects. Generally, suspension isn’t something people use regularly because of the pain and inconvenience.

Most people prefer esters of testosterone for bodybuilding purposes. These include testosterone propionate, which is fast-acting, and testosterone enanthate, which is slow-acting. The general strategy was to use fast-acting esters before a show to reduce estrogen conversion. However, all testosterone can convert into estrogen or DHT. Estrogen can cause gynecomastia and fluid retention, while DHT can cause hair loss and prostate issues.

People used to claim that long-acting esters were good for the off-season because of better growth, while short-acting esters were better for pre-contest. However, testosterone propionate tends to cause pain and allergic reactions in many people, making it impractical. Over time, people have realized that the best pattern of use for esters is every other day. This allows for a more even distribution of the hormone in the body.

While sustain (Sustanon) claims to sustain testosterone levels over two weeks, it still needs to be taken every other day for a steady distribution. Taking esters like cypionate and enanthate every other day produces similar results. It’s important to find what works well for each individual and what they respond to. The enanthate ester is Dave’s preference due to its long-acting nature and minimal side effects.

In summary, all testosterone is the same hormone, and the ester choice determines the release speed. Long-acting esters like cypionate and enanthate are the most popular for bodybuilding purposes. They don’t cause pain upon injection and offer a steady release pattern when taken every other day. This allows for better muscle building and steady hormone levels. Overall, testosterone is testosterone, so find the ester that works well for you and enjoy the muscle-building benefits.

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘WHICH ESTER IS RIGHT FOR YOU? #RXRants’ by RxMuscle — The Truth in Bodybuilding