Darnell Woods: Season Preview Interview

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Darnell Woods season preview interview’ by ConcordiaBulldogs

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The team is determined to improve, with returning players increasing chemistry, transition to safety went smoothly, and the defense is expected to be strong with dominant leaders.

Key Insights

  • The team has an attitude of having unfinished business from last season and is focused on improving themselves during the summer.
  • The secondary group has a lot of returning players, which builds chemistry and confidence within the unit.
  • The transition from cornerback to safety for Darnell Woods was smooth because he had previous experience playing safety.
  • The main difference between playing cornerback and safety is that as a safety, you have a broader view of the field.
  • The team is expected to have a strong defense due to the number of returning players and dominant leaders who can pass on their knowledge to the younger players.
  • The team's expectations for this coming season include focusing on the little details and improving offensively with the addition of new recruits.

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Here is the formatted transcript:

Interviewer: Here with senior safety Darnell Woods, who was first team all-conference selection last season, we’re previewing the 2013 season, and Darnell, first off, what’s the attitude of the team like coming off last season and kind of the approach that’s been taken this summer?

Darnell: The attitude, we pretty much have unfinished business, you know, pretty much, and we’re just looking to improve ourselves during the summer with, you know, summer workouts and lifting and all, and just getting in the right condition for this 2013 season, just coming off strong and hopefully, you know, finishing strong too.

Interviewer: You’re part of a secondary that returns a lot of players. What’s the confidence level like among yourself and the rest of that unit that maybe it can be one of the stronger position groups on the team?

Darnell: Yeah, we got a lot of guys returning back, and I think with that, you know, as many core guys, you know, as we got, you know, coming back next year, we feel very connected in a way, and so that builds our chemistry, and I think we can just, you know, be good, be very solid.

Interviewer: You moved from cornerback to safety early last season. How were you able to make that transition so smoothly?

Darnell: Oh, I played safety before, yeah, but transition, it was easy, it was, you know, like cake.

Interviewer: What’s the biggest difference between playing those two positions?

Darnell: Well, the difference is from corner, you know, you’re pretty much just focusing on, you know, your side of the field, just that third or half of the field, but safety, you get the whole picture, which I like.

Interviewer: Coach Winter thinks this is going to be a pretty strong defensive team. What do you think would be the reasons why?

Darnell: I feel like, yeah, just with a lot of returners that we have in our, you know, the couple guys, a couple guys in our, you know, skilled positions that we have, we got pretty dominant leaders and we know what to do, and so we can just, you know, pass it down to the young guys and hopefully we all can get on the same page together.

Interviewer: This season, there were a lot of close games and team, you know, team seemed to take another step up compared to the season before that. Coming off of that, what sort of expectations now do you have going into this coming season?

Darnell: We’re just focusing on, you know, just getting down to the little things, really just paying attention to details, and from last season, you know, offensively, you know, we’re just, we got some recruits coming up for that, so hopefully we can move the ball around.

Interviewer: Compared to the competition, kind of where do you think you sit, GPAC-wise, it was kind of closely bunched between kind of the teams three through eight, where do you see Concordia fitting in there?

Darnell: Got to shoot for the top, or at least top two, top three contenders right there, with Northwestern, Morningside, and you know, Doan, and all that, so it’s going to be a battle, it’s going to be a battle to the top, we’re ready for it, I think we have, we’re going to have, we are going to have the guys ready for this season.

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Darnell Woods season preview interview’ by ConcordiaBulldogs