David Goggins’ Children: An Unfortunate Situation?

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘David Goggins Abandoned His Daughter?’ by durianrider

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Dave Goggins criticized for false combat service, chin-up emphasis, and parenting.

Key Insights

  • Dave Goggins is praised for his quotes about teaching kids to be soft in a hard world.
  • The speaker challenges Dave Goggins to a marathon, but he ignores it and his lawyer attempts to harass and intimidate the speaker.
  • Critiques of Dave Goggins include him using PR photos that make it seem like he has served in combat when he actually hasn't, and his heavy emphasis on chin-ups.
  • The speaker criticizes Goggins for promoting a low-carb diet while consuming carbs during races and relying on painkillers for running.
  • The most significant criticism is Goggins' failure as a father. He reportedly abandoned his daughter, and the speaker believes this is a failure of leadership, especially for someone who claims to be a motivator.
  • The speaker acknowledges that Goggins might not have wanted to be a father but believes that he should have taken precautions or handled the situation better since he ultimately became a dad.

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Goggins, again no hate to Dave Goggins, I think he’s got some fantastic quotes. He’s ripped off Tony Robbins and one of the good quotes he says is, “We’re teaching kids to be soft in an increasingly hard world. A world that’s getting harder, we’re teaching kids to be softer.” I think that’s a great quote David got there. So no hate to David, I did challenge David to a marathon, he blocked me and then he got his lawyer to try and harass and intimidate me on email, so whatevs, but again no hate to Dave Goggins, I’m glad he’s out there, I’m glad he’s out there representing and just some critiques here, some people say he’s the only Navy SEAL that’s never served combat, I get that, he uses all his PR photos of him like he’s actually in a war or something but he’s just still in training and hey, the SEAL training, that’s pretty full-on.

I’m fast and I’m fitter than Dave Goggins, Dave Goggins could beat me in chin-ups, no doubt about that, he could definitely beat me in deadlift, but if it comes to running or cycling, Dave Goggins, he’ll be hours back and that’s okay, some people are better at some things and some people are better at other things and that’s okay. So yeah, definitely Dave is a chin-up man.

A big critique though of David is he promotes a low-carb diet, yet he smashes the carbs in. If you see videos of him in races, his pancakes and syrup and sugar drinks, then he’s so tired he tells people he doesn’t need any carbohydrates, it’s like, and he’s popping heaps of painkillers to run and he’s getting horrific injuries. Dave bro, David man, Goggins, look after yourself man, running’s good but don’t run so much that you’re giving yourself abuse of your body, you know what I mean?

Anyway, a big critique of David is his fail at being a dad. He has a daughter, I didn’t know this, but David has a daughter he’s just abandoned and his excuse for abandonment is like, well, I’m going this way, she don’t want to come so fuck her and it’s like, come on bro, it’s your daughter man, girls need a leader, if you can’t lead her right, you have failed as a man, this is my opinion. If you have a daughter and you can’t lead her the right way and you claim to be Goggins the Mr. Motivator and you can’t motivate your own flesh and blood, brother, you’ve failed man, failed, that’s my opinion. How can you be a motivator and you can’t motivate a young woman, young women are the easiest to motivate, alright, if you know you know it, as a coach, so if you can’t motivate her, you’ve failed bro, so for me, David Goggins, people critique him, he’s a SEAL, he’s never been to combat, he’s blah, blah, blah, he’s not even a fast marathoner, it doesn’t matter, alright, he’s out there having a crack, but his biggest failure, what he’s judged on as a man, as a father, is his failure with his relationship with his daughter, ask his daughter what she thinks of him, doesn’t matter what the haters think, doesn’t matter what the fans think, what matters is what your daughter thinks, your own flesh and blood, and if they don’t like you as a dad, you’ve failed.

I also want to add, maybe David didn’t want to be a dad, I get that, most men don’t want kids, most men don’t want to be a father, they bang a chick, she gets pregnant, they pull that method or whatever, baby on the way, baby happens, baby’s here, then you’re forced into this life of being a dad, I get that, I get that, I had a vasectomy, I knew I didn’t want kids, I took the action, alright, David didn’t, which means to a woman all, we’ll have the baby and we’ll work it out, and so I understand if David was thrown into the situation of being a dad, he didn’t really want to be because most men don’t want to be dads, I get that, but David, you are a dad and you didn’t take precautions, you didn’t get a vasectomy, the woman controlled the contraception, or maybe you said let’s have a baby and then you realize how fucking hard it was, you’re like fuck this, I’m out, I don’t know, either way Dave, the kid’s here, the kid’s here, look after her.

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘David Goggins Abandoned His Daughter?’ by durianrider