Decoding Aliens: David Grusch Interviews on Joe Rogan

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Aliens CREATED Humans?! David Grusch on Joe Rogan’ by Dr Brian Keating

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Written by: Recapz Bot

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The speaker suggests advanced beings are a natural progression of life, contemplates communication evolution, considers instant travel, mentions theoretical frameworks, believes the universe creates gods, speculates on universe strangeness, discusses AI simulations, acknowledges limited understanding, and cites unresolved mysteries.

Key Insights

  • The speaker suggests that the current experiences and sightings of advanced beings may be a natural progression of accelerated biological life or genetic intervention.
  • There may be different stages of advanced beings, with the ones visiting us being a less advanced form and a million years more advanced form existing in an undetectable realm.
  • The crashes or bodies observed may not represent the most technologically advanced beings; there could be factors like planets with volatile environments or mission failure to consider.
  • The speaker contemplates the evolution of communication from physical interaction to instantaneous long-distance communication.
  • The possibility of physically being able to travel to other places instantaneously is considered, predicting its eventual realization.
  • Theoretical frameworks, such as Eric Weinstein's geometric unity theory, are mentioned as necessary for a better understanding of these phenomena.
  • The speaker believes that the universe itself is God and that it creates beings or things that continually push the boundaries and may become gods themselves.
  • AI and its potential for continued advancement play a role in creating simulated environments indiscernible from regular life, potentially supporting the simulation theory.
  • The speaker speculates on the strangeness of the universe's perfection, the nature of the Big Bang, and the expansion and contraction cycles of the universe.
  • Our limited understanding and biological constraints hinder our ability to comprehend the vastness and age of the universe.
  • Examples of unresolved mysteries are the origin of the moon, potential past life on Mars, and our limited perspective within our small neighborhood of the universe.

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If these things that we’re experiencing are the natural progression of what happens when you do seed life on a planet or you do accelerate biological life, you do have some sort of a genetic intervention where you take this thing that has emerging intelligence and you accelerate it. And that thing will in turn, with all of its desire for innovation and creativity and also all of its desire to control resources and have power and have influence, it will eventually lead to the creation of what we’re seeing. That these things are the next stage of this process. And maybe we’re dealing with one form of that next stage, but there’s another stage that’s a million years more advanced than that, that’s far superior, that doesn’t even have a biological limitation in terms of physical space. That it exists completely in some other undetectable realm that no longer thinks about biological limitations of life and death and communication. It exists completely in some other space. That’s what these things are. And that’s what these things are.

And I always wonder when there’s a crash or when there’s a body or when there’s this and that and people say, well, if they’re so advanced, why are they crashing? Well, hold on, which version are we looking at? We’re not saying there’s one thing that’s visiting us. If there’s one thing that’s visiting us and we know where this one thing is, we could say, oh, well, that thing deals with a completely different solar system. It’s not as vulnerable. It doesn’t have asteroid clouds. It doesn’t have all these different things where it’s like it doesn’t have a planet that has super volcanoes. Maybe life evolved in a more stable environment, and it allowed it to get to a far greater technological level, but not the ultimate. We might be testing the extent of their adaptability. And like I said, are they crashing by accident? Mission failure or on purpose? We’ll just think about communication. Communication used to be you had to get in front of someone and you had to talk to them. So you had to know their language. You had to either nonverbal or verbal communication. You had to figure out a way to say things to them. That’s no longer the case. Obviously, with this new Android operating system, it translates. But also, the fact that you could have a fucking FaceTime call with someone in Japan right now and you instantaneously can communicate back and forth, which is insane. That’s a vast distance, but for us, it’s like stupid. It’s like easy. Vast distance and instantaneous. That’s like Pong. That’s Morse code. It’s very primitive in terms of what if you physically can be in these places instantaneously, and why would we assume that that’s not eventually going to be on the menu? Yeah, and of course, friend of mine, Eric Weinstein, certainly espouses. We don’t even have the right theoretical frameworks right now. He has his own geometric unity theory. He’s way smarter than I am. He’s too smart. He’s got some unique theories himself about where all this stuff is coming from. And it’s all very, very, very interesting and intriguing. But also makes sense. All of it makes sense, including being visited.

You know, I had this conversation with Neil deGrasse Tyson. Like, why would they be interested in us? I’m like, what the fuck are you talking about? We were super interested. Yeah, Neil, I mean, obviously, he’s a fine science communicator, kind of the successor of kind of the Carl Sagan kind of thing. I think Carl Sagan was a little bit more open-minded. Yeah, I like Carl better. I’m more of a fan. Wish he was still alive. I’d love to smoke weed with that guy. He was really into weed. Oh really? Yeah, really, really into it.

I have a theory that the universe itself is God. Hmm, I think that’s like what I was talking about with the, you know, multidimensional creator creating universes. I think we have a very limited idea of when we say God when God created the heavens and they’re like, right, right. But what are we saying? I think it’s the universe itself. I think it’s one thing and that this one thing, it seeks to create these things that continually push the envelope and may be gods themselves, eventually. I think if you extrapolate from our ability versus the ability of an amoeba and you continue to move that along, what does that do? Well, it’s going to be able to create universes. There’s already been theoretical papers that have been written about the creation of other things like black holes, other things like a universe. What is involved in the creation of a universe? What is involved in the Big Bang? Can that be replicated? Well, not now, but if AI becomes sentient and AI eventually makes far greater versions of itself, if it keeps doing that, what are the limits of its potential? It literally creates a simulated environment. It’s indiscernible. You can’t tell the difference between that and regular life. Well, maybe because there is no difference. Maybe that’s the theory of simulation theater, simulation theory, yeah.

Familiar? That is a possibility because the universe seems a little too perfect. It’s a little strange, very created to me. So just like we’re in the Goldilocks zone, perfect temperature. How about the Big Bang itself? What happened? Something smaller than the head of a pin for no known reason becomes everything? Yeah. And what’s the universe expanding into? It’s like quantum foam or whatever the latest theory is. That’s beyond me. And then it perhaps just retracts back down to that infinitely small thing and then expands again. And that this is an endless cycle. And that we’re just so limited because of our biological limitations. Our life and death is such a small little tiny blip. It’s so minuscule in terms of just the overall known life of the universe. And then you have the James Webb telescope. There’s people that question the actual length of time that occurred between the Big Bang and now. That maybe it might be far longer. And there’s people like Brian Keating that say that’s not correct. It’s just a lack of understanding of what we understand currently about the creation of galaxies. Yeah, because obviously the age of the universe keeps on getting older and older. And a lot of that’s because of the Doppler shift, right? The redshift as the galaxies are accelerating away, we can calculate what their origin point probably was and how long it took for them to speed up like that, right? And only based on our current understanding, which is obviously at least fairly limited in terms of what its potential is.

Well yeah, like we still don’t quite understand the origin of the Moon. The Moon is at the right location that causes solar and lunar eclipses. It’s like the right apparent size to block out the Sun. It’s like super weird. Same thing with like Mars, we’re not sure like what happened there. Where Mars had some probable life on it, either a protoplanet hit it or there was some kind of impact that vaporized stuff and like who knows? Yeah, who knows? And this is just this little tiny neighborhood that we’re looking at. It’s like we are in our backyard looking for evidence of like life in Africa. You know, you’re not going to figure it out here. We’re just looking at such a small scale in terms of what we could potentially discover or potentially observe.

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Aliens CREATED Humans?! David Grusch on Joe Rogan’ by Dr Brian Keating