Deepsight Harmonizer: Optimal Uses Revealed

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘What should you use your Deepsight Harmonizer on?’ by Fallout Plays

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Written by: Recapz Bot

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Video discusses rare DeepSight Harmonizers in Destiny 2, obtained from season pass, used to convert weapons for PvP and PvE gameplay; recommends specific weapons for each mode and explains acquisition methods.

Key Insights

  • The video discusses the DeepSight Harmonizers currency in Destiny 2.
  • DeepSight Harmonizers are rare and can be obtained from the D2 season pass, both free and paid sections.
  • They can be used to convert non-DeepSight weapons into DeepSight weapons, aiding players in completing craftable weapon patterns.
  • The video recommends which weapons to use Harmonizers on for PvP and PvE gameplay.
  • Recommended Harmonizer weapons for PvP include Drang, Round Robin, Phylo Tactics Spiral, Disparity, Ostringer, and Peace of Mind.
  • Recommended Harmonizer weapons for PvE include Ikelos SMG, Hollow Denial, Calus Mini Tool, and Forbearance.
  • The video also mentions how to acquire some of the recommended weapons, either through activities or watching the rotating inventories of Xur and Banshee.
  • Please note that this summary may not include all the details from the video, and it is recommended to watch the video for complete information.

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So we’ve got yet another currency out here in D2. Lord knows we were overdue. But you might be wondering, what the hell do I spend them on? Well, don’t worry, I got you. Uh, sort of. It’s a tricky question, I’ll explain in a minute.

For those of you not in the know, these are DeepSight Harmonizers, an annoyingly rare currency that you can only get an extremely limited supply of. Six are available total per season in the D2 season pass, three on the free side of the pass, and three on the paid side. Basically, if you have a non-DeepSight version of a weapon that is potentially craftable, you apply the Harmonizer to that weapon and shazam, it is now a DeepSight weapon. Basically helping out the folks who need to finish up their craftable weapon patterns out here. I’m definitely irked that these are only available via the season pass, but that is probably a video for another day.

So what do you spend it on? Unfortunately, the answer is going to be different depending on the player. In my original vision of today’s video, I was going to go through and recommend super hot fire craftable weapons like the Tekian Force Fusion Rifle. I’m more of a shotgun guy, but if you ever missed out on the OG Zur Ingredient Fusion Rifle, no joke, this is just as good. It completely melts people in PvP with the right roll. But Tekian is actually one of the many weapons I’m probably going to recommend people don’t spend their Harmonizer on, even though it’s elite. Reason being, it’s actually not wildly difficult to get your own DeepSight Tekian. When Last Wish is the weekly featured raid, you can farm DeepSight raid weapons very easily, provided you have a team to farm with. And even if you’re a solo player, God love ya, you can just hop on LFG and join plenty of other solo folk who are farming too. You can even get a quest from Hawthorne for a guaranteed Last Wish DeepSight. So really, we’re not only looking for high tier craftable weapons, we’re also looking for craftable weapons that you can’t easily get anywhere else.

Final part of the puzzle is what are you personally looking for the most? Are you a PvE player? Are you, God forbid, a PvP player? Do you play on Controller or M&K? And maybe the most important question, how much of a s**t do you really give about all of this in the first place? AKA maybe you’re one pattern away from a complete Tekian and you just want to say, eh, f**k it, and finish it off without farming Last Wish at all. Which, your call, by the way.

Anywho, I’m going to go through what weapons I would recommend you use Harmonizers on the most because they’re both A, very good, and B, difficult to acquire at the moment if you don’t have a crafted version already. PvP weapons up first, then PvE. Notes on where to acquire each gun at the end of the video, by the way. Very important, be sure to not miss that.

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Alright, onto the weapons. PvP up first, and we are starting with Drang. If you’re a PvP player, and especially if you’re on controller, Drang is a very easy to use and very effective close to mid-range weapon. Yeah, even though Bungie tried to nerf sidearms in general, and Drang directly, it’s still top shelf. I kind of hate sidearms when I’m playing on mouse and keyboard, except for the forgiveness, oddly enough. But when I’m on controller, they feel damn good, and Drang goes far harder than most. If you’ve never used a crafted one before, you’ll be shocked at how easy it is to rack up kills at mid-range, even in an SMG dominant meta. My Drang has max range because I feel like it has plenty of stability already, and the kick pattern is really manageable. Moving target because free aim assist, and Zen Moment recently got buffed and is meta AF in PvP right now.

Next, Round Robin. Round Robin may be my favorite 120 RPM hand cannon right now, definitely in the top three at bare minimum. 120s are actually really fun in 3v3, and Round Robin just connects like butter. If you haven’t 120’d in a minute, it might take a little bit of practice, but it’ll pay off big time when you’re getting deep picks with your team. I prefer using Round Robin on mouse and keyboard, but 120s are fine on controller too.

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘What should you use your Deepsight Harmonizer on?’ by Fallout Plays