Delicate Tomb Catalyst: Fast & Easy Masterwork Guide [Destiny 2]

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘HOW TO GET DELICATE TOMB EXOTIC CATALYST! – FAST & EASY MASTERWORK GUIDE!!! [DESTINY 2]’ by Profane Gaming

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Written by: Recapz Bot

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The video explains how to acquire the Delicate Tomb exotic fusion rifle in Season of the Plunder, through the Season Pass or the tower kiosk, with perks like Traitor’s Vessel and Tempest Cascade, and obtaining and masterworking its catalyst, while promoting the channel and Discord community.

Key Insights

  • The video discusses how to obtain the Delicate Tomb exotic fusion rifle in Season of the Plunder.
  • There are two ways to access the Delicate Tomb: through the kiosk at the tower for non-seasonal access or by reaching Level 35 of the Season Pass for current season access.
  • Season Pass holders receive the Delicate Tomb immediately at Season Level 1, while free players need to grind to Level 35 to obtain it.
  • The Delicate Tomb has a perk called Traitor's Vessel, allowing for a wide horizontal spread when shot from the hip. Final blows with this weapon have a chance to generate Ionic Traces. Tempest Cascade, another perk, charges Traitor's Vessel and jolts targets on hit.
  • To obtain the Delicate Tomb Catalyst, players need to speak with Banshee after acquiring the weapon. The catalyst quest, "The Form of the Danger," has three parts, including defeating challenging combatants and calibrating data by defeating targets with energy slot weapons.
  • The progress towards the catalyst can be gained faster by completing Nightfalls and defeating mini-bosses, bosses, and champions.
  • After completing the quest steps, players receive the catalyst but need to masterwork it by getting kills with the Delicate Tomb.
  • Details about the number of kills required and the benefits provided by the catalyst are not mentioned in the video.
  • The Delicate Tomb is expected to be a highly-rated gun throughout the season, and the video creator plans to provide gameplay and updates on it.
  • The video ends with a call-to-action to support the channel by liking, subscribing, and joining the Destiny-focused Discord community.

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What’s up Guardians, Profane here. Thanks for checking out the video. Today I’m going to be going over everything you need to know about getting the Delicate Tomb exotic fusion rifle.

This new fusion rifle is available in Season of the Plunder and currently is available in two different ways. We’ll be going over how to get the Delicate Tomb and we’ll be going over how to get its catalyst. We’ll go over all the tips and tricks you need along the way to get it done quickly and easily.

Now the Delicate Tomb is available through two different routes, during Season of the Plunder. If you’re trying to access the Delicate Tomb after Season of the Plunder, it’s going to be through the kiosk at the tower where all seasonal exotics end up going.

Otherwise, if you’re trying to access the Delicate Tomb this season during Season of the Plunder, there are two ways to do so. The first is for Season Pass holders, paid Season Pass holders that is. These users get the Delicate Tomb right away at Season Level 1, but free members still get to have access to the Delicate Tomb. However, you’re going to have to grind to Level 35 of the Season Pass.

Now, free players have a bit harder of a trail to go through. Honestly, it’s just a lot more difficult for free to play players to get the same level of XP gains because you’re not getting the bonuses. So, it really is worth it to get the Season Pass if you feel like all of the items within the Season Pass are worth it. And so far, from what I can tell out of the Delicate Tomb, it is definitely worth it.

Now, this exotic fusion rifle comes with a really interesting perk called Traitor’s Vessel. Fires a wide horizontal spread when shot from the hip. Final blows with this weapon have a chance to generate Ionic Traces. Powerful foes and opposing guardians always generate Ionic Traces. It also comes with Tempest Cascade. Collecting an Ionic Trace overcharges this weapon’s next shot, jolting targets on hit. So, Traitor’s Vessel gets charged by Tempest Cascade. Traitor’s Vessel allows you to shoot a wide spray from the hip. Kind of similar to what we’ve seen out of Acolytes.

So, I’m really excited about this fusion rifle. It’s new, it’s interesting, and it’s beautiful. I love the design of this fusion rifle. It’s absolutely gorgeous.

Now, as far as getting the Catalyst, once you’ve gotten the Delicate Tomb, you just need to head to Banshee. This is where he’s going to give you the exotic quest for the Delicate Tomb Catalyst.

This new quest is called The Form of the Danger. It is a three-part quest, with the first part requiring you to defeat 50 challenging combatants. You also have to defeat 50 enemies with special ammo. So, this does not have to be done with the Delicate Tomb. It can be done with any energy slot weapon.

Now, for the challenging enemies, mini-bosses, bosses, and champions of any type provide additional progress. You’re going to get the most benefit by completing Nightfalls.

The second part of the quest will be a little more challenging. You have to calibrate data and defeat targets. So, you have to design the Delicate Tomb’s Catalyst by defeating targets with energy slot weapons. Meaning, again, you don’t have to use the Delicate Tomb. And, you have to, again, defeat challenging combatants.

Now, this is going to boil out to be 450, but you do get additional progress for defeating mini-bosses, bosses, and champions. Again, these points can be staggered based on what type of enemy you’re defeating. The higher ranking activity that you’re in, and the higher ranking opponent you’re defeating, the more ultimate points you’re going to get.

It is going to take some time. This isn’t designed to just be done in an hour. Bungie specifically designs these Catalysts to require several, several hours of grind. Still yet, you can save yourself plenty of heartache by just hitting up as high of a ranking Nightfall as you can, and just grind that out until you’re done. You’ll end up completing the calibration data long before you complete the targets defeated here. One will get completed as you do the other.

Now, once you’ve completed that step, the next and final part of this quest requires you to go to Banshee. And, once you’ve done this, he’ll provide you with the Catalyst. But, you’re not done there. You’re still going to have to masterwork that Catalyst, which is going to require you to get plenty of kills with the Delicate Tomb.

This is going to be the only step throughout this process that actually requires you to get kills with the Delicate Tomb itself. At the time of this video, we don’t have details as to how many kills you have to get with the Delicate Tomb. But, based on previous exotics, you’re probably looking between 400 and 700 kills. Typically, Guardians count as more progress.

We also don’t have details as far as what the Catalyst provides. But, it’s presumed that it’s going to be a trait that benefits Trader’s Vessel or Tempest Cascade. Possibly providing more ionic traces, or a larger jolt to your enemies. Possibly something ammo reserve wise. But, once we find that information out, I’ll keep you guys informed. And, we’ll be providing as much gameplay on the Delicate Tomb throughout this season. Because, I have a feeling it’s going to be a really top rating gun throughout this season.

As always, I’d love to hear what your thoughts on the Delicate Tomb are. If it’s something you’ll be grinding out for, or if it’s a weapon you’ll be passing up on. Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you for checking out today’s video. I hope you’ve enjoyed and found it helpful. If so, then please be sure to help support the channel below by hitting that like button, along with the subscribe button if you’re new. Both are greatly appreciated and really do help support the channel.

If you find yourself in need of help this season, or just looking for a new home for your Guardian, be sure to check out the discord link in the description below, where you can find one of the greatest communities in all of Destiny.

And, until next time Guardians, this has been Profane, wishing you all some happy hunting.

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘HOW TO GET DELICATE TOMB EXOTIC CATALYST! – FAST & EASY MASTERWORK GUIDE!!! [DESTINY 2]’ by Profane Gaming