Deskhaus Apex Pro Review: The Ultimate Standing Desk

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘I Own 6 Standing Desks. This One is BY FAR THE BEST – Deskhaus Apex Pro Review’ by Ahnestly

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Written by: Recapz Bot

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Standing desks have stability issues, especially for taller individuals, but the Desk House Apex Pro desk is highly recommended for stability, made in America, with good customer support and a 20-year warranty.

Key Insights

  • Standing desks are not stable for people over 5'8" to 5'9".
  • The more weight you put on a desk, the less stable it becomes.
  • Cheaper standing desks are not great for people shorter than 5'5" as they don't go low enough to be used as a sitting desk.
  • Standing desks in the 400 to $700 price range all suffer from instability when pushed forward and backward.
  • The Secretlab standing desk is considered one of the most unstable.
  • The Desk House Apex Pro standing desk is highly recommended for stability, especially for taller individuals or those planning to put a lot of weight on the desk.
  • Desk House offers a 20-year warranty on their products, which is better than competitors.
  • The owner of Desk House is actively involved in customer service and online forums, ensuring good customer support.
  • Desk House standing desks are made in America.
  • There are discount codes available for Desk House standing desks.
  • Stability is the most important factor in choosing a standing desk, while other features like cable management and built-in touch controls are secondary.

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I now own six standing desks. I don’t even know how or why I have this many, but one thing that I’ve learned that is true for all standing desks is that they all have the same issue.

They are not stable for people over five foot eight to five foot nine. If you put your desk at that height and you begin to push it forward and back, you’re gonna notice that there’s quite a bit of rocking. And contrary to common sense, I’ve realized that the more weight you put on a desk, the less stable it becomes. It’s kind of weird. I thought that the more weight you have, the more sturdy it would be. It’s not the case. When I go to actually move the desk, I think it’s a lot more unstable because once this 90 additional pounds gets moving, it takes a lot of effort to get it to stop.

Side to side wobble on every standing desk is even worse at those heights. Now, this isn’t true for all standing desks, but for many of the cheaper standing desks, especially, they’re also not great for people that are shorter than five foot five.

Because many of them don’t go low enough to even be able to use as a sitting desk. Because if you’re short and you want your feet to be on the ground, then your chair needs to be low. But the standing desk will not be able to get that low, and so you’ll find yourself either going like this or having to raise the chair up, bringing your feet off of the floor.

Now, this gets even more confusing because you would think that many of the popular standing desks out there range in that 400 to $700 price range, right? Like Autonomous, Uplift, Fully Jarvis, like all those things, and you think like for that price, I’m getting a solid standing desk. But that’s not the case because they all suffer from the same thing. At that five foot eight, five foot nine range, they begin to rock back and forth this way. Sideways, it doesn’t really matter. Like who’s gonna be using their desk like this, right? Who’s gonna be rocking this way? Nobody, but I imagine if you’re working at your desk, you are gonna be pushing against it like this, and you’re gonna be pushing forward, and it’s gonna be rocking quite a bit.

Your monitor, if it’s got on stand especially, it’ll wobble even more. If you’ve got cups of water, it’ll spill. If you’ve got kids running around, they hit it. All those kinds of things, right? The forward and back matters to me infinitely more than the side to side, but again, all those in that 400 or $700 price range, they all suffer from really unstable back and forth.

If you don’t believe me, later on in this video, I’m gonna show you, I’m gonna level out all these desks that I have in the studio. I only have three here, but I leveled all of them out, and you’re gonna see exactly what I’m talking about, okay? But that’s a little later. You can use the timestamps if you wanna skip to that.

You would think that, okay, there are standing desks that are much more expensive, and you would think that, okay, if I spend more money, then I should be getting a more stable desk, right?

And that unfortunately is not the case because case in point, the Secretlab desk. And by the way, I have nothing against Secretlab, but unfortunately, their standing desk is one of the most unstable standing desks out there. That thing at five foot eight, five foot nine, is really bad, and then the higher you get, especially at max height, it is really pretty bad when it comes to stability.

This is why I love these standing desks so much. This is called the Apex Pro, Apex Pro from a company called Desk House.

Now, I’m gonna keep it honest. This is what we do, we keep it honest here, okay?
I’m an affiliate with every single one of these brands. I’m an affiliate of Fuli, now I’m a little old. I’m an affiliate with Desk House. I’m an affiliate with Secretlab. I’m an affiliate with Autonomous. I’m an affiliate with all these guys, okay?

And I stand to make a lot more money by promoting their desks. And I stand to make a lot less here, both because the range of products in which I earn commission is small, and because if you purchase, like, a combo or something, I don’t earn any commission whatsoever, okay?

So yeah, I’m making this video because I believe in these desks. Not because I stand to make a lot of money, okay? Please, like, keep it honest here. Please don’t accuse me of stuff like that. That’s not, you know, that doesn’t fly here.

Anyways, the reason why I love these standing desks so much is because instantly you’ll recognize that this has two double legs, right? All these other standing desks have a single leg. And I think a lot of the forward and back stability issue comes from that because the Apex Pro is by far the most stable desk I’ve ever used.

And when it comes to forward and back, it’s rock solid, like absolutely solid. The monitor may wiggle, as you’re seeing on camera, and that’s because it’s on a monitor arm. Any monitor, if you’ve got some wiggle, is going to wobble a little bit. But when it comes to back and forth, insanely rock solid.

So if you’re five foot eight or taller, you’re looking for a really, really rock solid desk, or you plan on putting a lot of weight on your desk, I highly recommend these legs. It also goes incredibly, incredibly low. The max height here is 50 inches, by the way. And then if I go ahead and lower it, you’re gonna see, by the way, I’m five foot six. I’m gonna go ahead and lower it all the way down, and you’re going to see just how low this thing goes.

In case you want to hear what it sounds like. This is the minimum height. It’s 24.5, 24.4 inches. And as you can see, it comes, here’s my kneecap, it comes about two inches above my kneecap. This is so short that my six-year-old could probably use this as his desk if he wanted. He’s not getting this desk, but if he really wanted to, he could.

And so if you really wanted a desk that’s gonna last the entire life of a person, this is the one to go with. And then you gotta ask yourself this question. How many standing desks do you plan to purchase in your life? The answer to that is probably one. And these standing desk legs are not cheap.

And you can get the expensive legs and then get a cheap tabletop from Ikea or something, and then as you grow, as you switch houses, as you grow in financial stability and all that stuff, you can change it with a nicer desktop when you’re ready. That way you have legs that are gonna last you forever, and then

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘I Own 6 Standing Desks. This One is BY FAR THE BEST – Deskhaus Apex Pro Review’ by Ahnestly