Destiny 2: Red Subclass in Season of the Wish

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘About that Red Subclass.. (Will Final Shape have a NEW SUBCLASS?) | Destiny 2 Season of the Wish’ by Aztecross

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The delay in the final shape expansion may include a new subclass, but the lack of hype and concerns about a pattern of delays are also mentioned, along with the importance of delivering significant content and the potential disappointment of setting high expectations.

Key Insights

  • Speculation that the delay of the final shape expansion is due to the addition of a third subclass.
  • The speaker questions if Bungie would go out of their way to recreate leaked subclass information.
  • The lack of hype for the final shape expansion, possibly indicating it was not due to a new subclass.
  • Layoffs and revenue projections falling short by 45% are mentioned as reasons for the delay.
  • Comparisons are made to previous September launches and concerns raised about delays becoming a pattern.
  • The question is posed to viewers if they believe the final shape was delayed to add a new subclass.
  • Some icons shown are explained as placeholders, and the marketing value of a new subclass is discussed.
  • The potential disappointment of setting high expectations for a new subclass is acknowledged.
  • The time frame for adding a new subclass is questioned, but a Bungie post from November 2019 suggests content updates are planned.
  • The importance of delivering significant content and surpassing previous expansions is emphasized.
  • The desire for engaging and exciting gameplay content, possibly similar to Gambit or Trials of Osiris, is expressed.
  • Speculation about a new subclass being added after the final shape expansion is mentioned.
  • The hope that the final shape expansion will be a defining moment and legacy for Destiny is discussed.

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Why else would they delay the final shape? The delay was a million percent to add a third subclass. Okay, I’m at the- I’m derailing the stream right now. I’m derailing- We made this video right here, guys. The final elite subclass. We have been baited before in the past, but this looked so legit to us. I mean, it would have- someone would have to have really gone out of their way to- to have recreated all of this, right? And it’s just the little things. Here, let me actually pull up.

We were going to get a red subclass, or at least this was what was rumored. The final shape then was revealed to us, and I think we all know that the hype was really not there. And- and I don’t think it really had too much to do with a subclass.

We were just wondering, was Bungie just going to give us- was it going to- was Destiny 2 going to be business as usual? Were they going to acknowledge where they fell short? Nothing was said about a new subclass.

However, since that has happened, a ton of layoffs occurred, and then things came out that revenue projections fell short by 45%. But the big thing is that final shape would be delayed until June. And this is a massive pushback. At this rate, if this happens again, we’re going to have a September launch. We’re going to be back to where we were when Destiny 1 vanilla first dropped, and- and D2 vanilla, and um, the Taken King. We used to have launches of September, but things have been going over that one-year threshold.

The point is, and I want to pull on this right now, do you believe the final shape was pushed back to add this subclass? And understand some of the icons here you’re seeing, you’re like, whoa, but Cross, that- that’s literally icons. Some of these icons we already have. Understand some things are placeholders, right?

All right, so I have some people saying that, Cross, what if we would have already had the subclass added, and they just were being quiet and hush-hush about it? Guys, think about this. Think about when the new supers for Forsaken were shown. Think about when Stasis was shown. Stram, when it was shown. What was the first thing you saw in the trailers? Bungie was literally like, hey, look at- look at this new subclass. And that was the selling point of the expansion. You think if Bungie didn’t have a new subclass here, they wouldn’t be marketing as such? They want money. They want revenue. They want you to buy the game. They know that that’s a hype factor. That would have been in every single trailer, Viaduct, everything we got during the final shape reveal. So to say that Bungie was hiding this, no, but I will entertain the thoughts that maybe, just maybe, Bungie is adding this subclass for the final shape.

Right now, with final shape delayed to add a new subclass, we’re at around 22% say yes, 78% say no. Some people are saying right now, we’re setting ourselves up for disappointment. Look, I get it, dude. I get it. And that’s why I don’t really want to say that we’re going to get a new subclass. Even if I, you know, even if another leak came out today, I still wouldn’t want to say, because I don’t want to set myself up for disappointment.

The question is, is three months actually long enough? To add a whole new subclass. Now, the only reason why I bring it up is if we brought up the document there from Bungie, way back when, let me pull it up. This was November 27th. This was essentially Bungie coming out and stating that yes, the final shape was delayed. Then beginning in April, we’re delivering a two-month content update available to everyone called Destiny 2 Into the Light, which will prepare players for the Guardian’s journey into the Traveler. All of this is in addition to the ongoing efforts from our PvP stride team, including three new PvP maps dropping in May. We know you’re eager to get your hands on the final shape. In that sense, delays aren’t fun. For our part, we’re excited to have the extra time needed to bring our vision for the final shape to life for all of you. We’re looking forward to sharing much more in April, including all new gameplay to showcase the significant content additions currently in development.

78% of you still say, no, we’re not getting a new subclass. Look, I can’t argue with that, right? I completely understand where you guys are coming from. This was the other big post they put up. Actually, this was the one right after everything came out and the layouts came out, but this one right here. To us, the path is clear. We need to make the final shape an unforgettable Destiny experience. We want to build something that will be recorded alongside the best games we’ve ever made. A fitting culmination that honors the journey we’ve been on together for the past 10 years. Forsaken, the Witch Queen, and the Taken King. These are the standard bears we aim to live up to.

The reason why I wanted to reread that one more time, guys, is if that’s the standard bears, Forsaken, Witch Queen, and the Taken King, what in the hell is the final shape going to have that’s going to match that level of content in terms of just sheer girth? Could just be PR talk. You’re right. Could just be PR talk. There was no new subclass in Witch Queen. You’re right. And there was no new subclass in Forsaken. You guys are right. They expanded on those subclasses. We’re getting new supers. We know we’re getting new supers. And so we are getting that. They’ve already shown off the solar ones. And essentially, we’re getting like Sunsinger back for more locks and stuff. So it’s essentially going to be more like Forsaken and the Taken King in that aspect.

I want to believe it, but one of the biggest things that should be Forsaken was Gambit. We got our whole core playlist added. That was a big deal. And I know Gambit hasn’t necessarily received a bunch of updates, but at the time, it was a major deal. I’m telling you. I’m, look, at GuardianCon that year, I cannot stress how many people were playing Gambit. There were people lined up. You couldn’t even get to a computer. They had hundreds of computers. You couldn’t even get to a computer to play Gambit. Everybody was lined out the door. People were walking away from that going,

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘About that Red Subclass.. (Will Final Shape have a NEW SUBCLASS?) | Destiny 2 Season of the Wish’ by Aztecross