Destiny’s Wife: Leaving for Dollar Store Ezra Miller

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Destiny’s Wife left him for the Dollar store Ezra Miller’ by It’sAGundam

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Video mocks Destiny, his relationship, defends banishment, criticizes choices, insults wife’s new partner, doubts silence, and sympathizes with situation.

Key Insights

  • Destiny's wife left him
  • The video is mocking Destiny's appearance and relationship
  • Destiny advocated for the narrator to be banned from YouTube
  • The narrator believes Destiny made poor choices in his relationship
  • The video includes mocking and derogatory comments about Destiny's wife's new partner
  • The narrator criticizes Destiny's decision not to share his side of the story
  • The narrator expresses a mix of sympathy and criticism towards Destiny's situation

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It was a day like any other day, I think it was Tuesday, then something terrible happened. Something no one saw coming. I know you didn’t and I didn’t. Destiny’s wife left him children. It was so bad I literally had to ignore it for like a month because my heart couldn’t take the terrible news. The soy king had lost his queen. God help us all.

And you might go, Gundam, it’s kind of rude to say something like this when a man loses his wife. I’m like, well, you know, I think Destiny was one of the people that advocated for me to be banned off YouTube or something back in 2020. Hem and Asmongold. Now I remember my bird for Asmongold was, uh, his takes are so bad his hairline is receding to distance itself from him. I literally destroyed the dude in one sentence. I skinned his ass alive. Ah! And for Destiny, I was just like, I will see how long that marriage lasts. And now we know it’s over.

Anyway, I guess this is from his discord. I have a small combo when I get back about things. I’m not going to nuke Melania, Melania, whatever her name is. She’s a Twitch dot. Hello, YouTube. Or anything. But the last two months and the two weeks have been a massive mind for me watching her become obsessed with a toxic, abusive guy. Ladies love it. When I visited Sweden last, he gave Mel an ultimatum to divorce me, and then he threatened to kill himself. Oh, crap. I can’t say that. And he threatened that he would bubble himself, that he would bubble himself right now. When she didn’t do it, among 20 other abusive, manipulative things he’s done, endlessly make excuses for him. I’m out.

Anyway, have fun with movies for three days. Good luck. See you on the ninth or tenth. Josh, yeah, me discovering boundaries was the death knell in this relationship. Destiny, Sleepy, Runt, why? This proves every point I’ve ever made. Girls can leave you for jobless, manipulative losers if they just play their cards right. Well, you know, can’t argue with that, to be honest. The dude just has Riz. Just like the dollar store Ezra Miller.

Hello. Can you squat me here now? Yeah. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Okay. Yes. Oh, this is so fun. This is so fun. Oh, my God. Okay. Whoa. Hi, what’s your name? Melina. Can you get me laid? Yeah. When? Today. With? Your mom. I don’t want that. Wait, who’s? Oh, who’s my mom? Me. Where is your God? Where is your God now?

Mel can’t get enough. It’s a rollercoaster ride of emotions when you don’t know whether your boyfriend will bubble himself or put on your panties. Oh, it’s a hot Sunday night. Or you could be in a room with a dude who’s built

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Destiny’s Wife left him for the Dollar store Ezra Miller’ by It’sAGundam