Diablo 4: The Ultimate Dungeon Farm for 12+ Million Gold an Hour

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ’12+ million gold an hour, insane dungeon farm route with this OP loot cave in Diablo 4 Mercy’s Reach’ by Goblin Gaming

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Written by: Recapz Bot

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A farming dungeon run in Diablo 4 called Mercy’s Reach, where players collect gold, gear upgrades, and complete quests by killing elites, taking about 3 minutes per run with a potential gold income of 20-30 million per hour.

Key Insights

  • The video is about a farming dungeon run in Diablo 4.
  • The dungeon is called Mercy's Reach and is located to the left of Kielvashod.
  • The run starts with 6.8 million gold.
  • The route through the dungeon is relatively straightforward, following a straight path.
  • Kill elites and ignore trash mobs, focusing on treasure chests for potential elite spawns.
  • Collect gold and gear upgrades, with emphasis on Ancestrals and Legendaries.
  • Complete the quest objective by killing three elites, then proceed to the next area.
  • Look for branching paths with pedestals to find more elites.
  • The dungeon run takes about 3 minutes, including distractions.
  • Multiple legendaries and uniques are obtained in this run, which is considered lucky.
  • Pick up mechanical boxes for movement speed and use Unstoppable to avoid interruptions.
  • In town, sell all items to vendors, resulting in a gold count of around 7.7 million.
  • The estimated gold income per hour is between 20 and 30 million, depending on the run.
  • This farming method may be nerfed in the future, but for now, it's a good way to farm gold and materials in Diablo 4.

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Hello and welcome back to Diablo 4. Today we’re going to be showing you a farming dungeon run, which is a normal dungeon. It is up and to the left of Kielvashod. You see Menastat, and then up and to the left of that, you see our actual dungeon that we’re going to be running, which is Mercy’s Reach. So just go and make your way over to that, have an empty inventory, and go on in. We’re at 6.8 million ish gold to start here. We’re gonna start this run at about 50 seconds in. I taped this and accidentally have my audio off, so I didn’t record my mic. So now I’m commentating over the top in retrospect, which is, you know, not usually the best way to do things, but it is what it is. So c’est la vie. The nice thing about this dungeon is it’s a relatively straightforward route. It’s just straight on rails. You run a path, you get to where you need to go, and you kill the elites. Go ahead and just ignore the trash mobs for the most part. Do whatever you need to get your movement speed and that sort of thing, but ignore the trash mobs for the most part. Any time at all that you see a treasure chest, make sure you’re clicking on that because those can spawn elites, and you will see that happen here in this video clip that I recorded. So here we’ve got a couple of elites in this room, two or three, I think. There’s another one. Okay, treasure chest right there. Clicked it, spawned an elite. Beautiful. Kill that, just grab everything on the ground. If you were looking for gold, if you’re just looking for gear upgrades, just grab ancestral and legendaries, but otherwise grab everything. You saw we had that little red wall there. That means we have to kill this quest objective, which are these three elites up here. So just go quickly kill them, grab your gear, and then go back to where that red wall was, and that’s going to be your path forward to where the real loot is. As I said, it’s a relatively straightforward path. There’s not really much a way to get lost here, so, you know, you’ll figure it out. Just go ahead and skip this room. That doesn’t do anything you don’t need to worry about. Just keep running, movement speed wherever you can to keep yourself moving as quick as possible, and you’re going to see another pack of elites here, usually, and then sometimes there’s a treasure chest here that you can grab. There’s my first unique. Wonderful. Continuing to grab all the yellows as they drop as well. I got slowed for a second there, bummer. I got distracted by shinies, also bummer. I went into a room that didn’t matter. All things kind of slowed down my run, so, you know, you could take 20 seconds off this run just for my stupidity. So, yeah, there we go. Kill those elites, keep moving, and we’re going to be coming up on the hallway with the pedestals now. Once you see these pedestals, there’s always two branching paths. Sometimes it’s down and left, sometimes it’s down right, sometimes it’s left and right. Doesn’t really matter. Just follow those paths, and you’re going to find elites. Oftentimes, there’s one to two elites outside of the main room, sometimes not. This one wasn’t. I think we have about seven elites that I see in there, in this first room. Maybe eight, yeah, quite a few. So, kill everything, pick up your legendaries, etc. There’s another unique. What the heck? It does not usually happen where you get repeated uniques. This is just a really lucky run. It’s typically like one or two legendaries, and then a bunch of yellows. Main reason you’re doing this is for aspects and gold or gear upgrades, if that’s your intent. Uniques are just a pleasant thing when they happen, but they don’t usually happen. It’s not usually two uniques per run like this. Just to be perfectly clear. Make sure you grab the mechanical boxes. It gives you movement speed to make it to the next area. Before you try to grab that mechanical box, create unstoppable for yourself, so that way you don’t get interrupted by the ice shard thing. And yeah, jet into the next area. This one had nine elites in this room, which is amazing. Another legendary, great. A bunch of yellows, and that is our run. This whole run, including me getting distracted and being stupid, took about three minutes. In the end, we end up vendoring everything. The unique item that I got, I already have multiple duplicates of. The boots are actually dependent increase, so I saved those and I sold the ancients oath. But, you know, you could do whatever you need to with your materials. But yeah, so you can see there’s my gold count before I go and sell. All right, and we’re in town now. Let’s go ahead and run on over to the vendor. And you can see here I’m checking to see what the uniques were. So I wasn’t quite sure. I knew one of them was the ancients oath, but then I was happy when I found out the other one was pants increase. That’s fantastic. A lot of classes use that. So I’m happy to find a like six copy of it. So all right, and then we’re just to sell everything. Oh, we have 6.5. It looks like it’s a little hard to tell on my preview window here. I think it’s at 6.5. And then we sell everything. And that’s going to put us at, I’m going to sell that too, I think. Yeah, 7.7 in the end. So that’s what, 1.2 million gold. We did it in about three minutes. So if you take 60 and you divide it by three, right, that’s going to be about 20 runs in an hour. And then times that by 1.2, you know, you’re looking at a pretty good gold income. All things considered. If it was 1 million, it’d be 20 million. Right, so 1.2 times 20 is about 24 million gold an hour. I would say, you know, give or take five million gold. That was a particularly good run. So I’d say anywhere between 20 and 30 million gold an hour or if you’re looking for materials, just a lot of materials, aspects, etc. Hopefully that helps you guys out. If they don’t nerf this before the start of season one, it’s definitely gonna be a great way to farm. I’m sure they will, but in the meantime, you know, have some fun, get some legendaries, farm some stuff, try out some new builds. Make sure you like, favorite, share, subscribe. We’re gonna have build guide videos and all kinds of guide videos coming up in the next week or two. I have more or less a week off to report some content, so I’m going to do just that. Anyway, thanks for being here, guys, and have a wonderful rest of your day.

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ’12+ million gold an hour, insane dungeon farm route with this OP loot cave in Diablo 4 Mercy’s Reach’ by Goblin Gaming