Did Gibbs Leave NCIS? Mark Harmon Reveals the Truth

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Mark Harmon, who played Gibbs in NCIS, will no longer appear; McGee takes over.

Key Insights

  • Mark Harmon, who played Leroy Jethro Gibbs in NCIS for over 20 years, will no longer appear in the show.
  • Harmon's character, Gibbs, decided to stay in Alaska in episode 4 of season 19, leading fans to believe he might return after a few episodes.
  • Harmon has been replaced by Sean Murray, who will now play the role of McGee in the show.
  • Reactions from fans vary, with some being okay with the decision and others wanting to see more of Harmon in the series.
  • Harmon's departure from the show was confirmed by the executive producer, but he will continue to be part of the show off-air.
  • It remains uncertain if Gibbs will ever make a return, but there is hope for a special guest appearance in future seasons.
  • The final episode where Gibbs says goodbye to the crew is titled "Great Wide Open" and features several hints that his departure was imminent.
  • Many believe it was the right time for Gibbs to leave the show after his long history and character development.
  • Gibbs's advice to McGee about finding his rhythm and following his gut leaves room for a potential return in the future.

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For years, Mark Harmon has been the face of NCIS, and there wasn’t a day when anyone thought that the show would be able to work without him. But now, he won’t be a part of it.

For over 20 years, the actor starred in the Police series as Leroy Jethro Gibbs. But well, let’s find out the fate of this character and the actor himself in this video. Let’s get started.

First up, here’s what happened with Harmon. Over the years, NCIS has seen several of its characters leave. But at the same time, many new ones joined in too. But one character that we all thought would never leave has now been removed from the show. Yep, you heard that right. Harmon will no longer appear in NCIS as Gibbs.

He’s 71 years old right now, and maybe it was the right time to finally say goodbye to a character he’s played for the last two decades. Apparently, he said goodbye to the show while he was already 4 episodes into the 19th season. If you’ve already watched episode 4 of season 19, you already know that Gibbs has decided to stay in Alaska while the others went back to work. He had said that he would not be returning to work.

This made everyone think that he’s retired, but the actor has confirmed that his character has not retired. Instead, he’s now just staying in Alaska, and this made everyone believe that he might return after an episode or two.

Up next, the actor has now been replaced. After leaving the show in season 19, the actor was still in the credits of the show up until the final season. This was another reason why everyone thought that he might be back. But now, with season 20 premiering, the show has now officially replaced Harmon with Sean Murray, who’s playing the role of McGee.

Many fans of the series also talked about this happening, and the reactions were mostly mixed. Some were really okay with the decision, while others wanted to see more of Harmon in the series.

One fan wrote that the new NCIS credits are amazing, and they love them. Not just that, they also mentioned that they love and miss Gibbs as well. But him being in the credits of the last season also felt weird.

Not just that, another fan said that after 20 years of watching the NCIS opening credits, without Harmon’s name popping up is a bittersweet feeling. But at the same time, seeing how Murray has evolved is also amazing.

Another one said that they’re happy that Harmon is now out of there, as they are now fully ready for the crossover. But at the same time, many fans were feeling hurt, since it was their favorite character that has left the show.

One stated that their mother is devastated because of this decision, and might not even watch the show anymore. Well, that’s a loss.

Following up, some fans got to know about it a while later. Another fan, Austin Bechtold, also points out that the name has been removed from the credits. But that’s where the whole saga began.

Even though some were late when it came to finding out about the news, it was still clear that Harmon would surely be missed. No matter what people might say, he had a place in the show that no one else could ever have. He’s been the heart of the show for too long now.

A while back, the actor himself also talked about it, and said that all these years, one thing kept him going back to the show, and that was his willingness and passion for keeping the character fresh and challenging. And the plot has put the character on a path where he has to do it all. He stated that he thought it was honest and okay with him.

Up next, let’s look into the way he’s addressed his exit. We know for a fact that it must have been a hard call for the actor to bid farewell to a character that had become his personality trait. He starred in the series since it debuted back in 2003, and he shared that his beloved character has not retired.

According to him, Gibbs just decided to stay in a new city. In the final episode in NCIS, the character made it clear that he had no plans to leave Alaska. Gibbs has said that he wasn’t going back while talking to Tim about it. At the time, the two were on a fishing trip together. He then told McGee that he couldn’t have hoped for anyone better, since he’s worked with him for the past 18 years, and then the two hugged.

After this episode, Steve Binder, the executive producer of the show, addressed the matter and broke the news of Harmon leaving the series. He stated that as an executive producer and a friend, Mark would continue to be part of the show. He also stated that the North Star has always stayed true to the character, and the truth is what always guided the stories.

While talking to People, the producer stated that regarding the future of the character, the fans should know that they’ll never count him out. Not just that. Kelly Call, CBS Entertainment president, told Deadline that Mark has always been a part of the show, and he’ll always be a part of the series. He also stated that his on-air appearances will have to be decided in the future.

This was in 2021, but now it’s clear that the actor will only stay connected with the show by working off-air. But we never know, he might even return someday.

Next, let’s see if we’ll ever see Gibbs again. For now, he’s been removed from the credits and is now not linked with the show at all. In fact, it’s like the showrunners are making sure that no one keeps up with the delusion that the character might make a return.

But here’s the deal. Mark Harmon has said that his character only stayed behind and hasn’t actually retired from his job. What could that really mean? For some reason, it gives us hope to see the actor return, as Gibbs, yet once again. Yeah, we understand that he might not be back as the main lead again, but what if he appears as a special guest now?

Many were hoping for Harmon to return to the show in the 20th season, but given that he isn’t even mentioned in the opening credits anymore, it’s clear that this season would not see him, at least. But at the same time, we don’t think that NCIS is going anywhere from us anytime soon. This means that the seasons in the future will have a big chance of his return. So let’s just see what happens.

Now, let’s have a look back at the episode that ended up being a goodbye to the character. The episode that marked the end of Gibbs’ journey with the crew was titled, Great Wide Open. In the episode, Gibbs and McGee traveled to Alaska as part of the investigation into the company that was accused of hiring the hitman, Paul Lemerle.

There, the two find proof against Sonya Eberhardt, the CEO of the company, and it turns out that she was the one who was behind all the mess after all. The CEO was removing anyone who was coming in the way of Sanova to build the copper mine. In fact, they also found out soon that one of the victim’s husbands was also working alongside her.

After solving the case, the two relax for a while. And that’s when Gibbs drops the bomb. He announces that he isn’t going back home, and that he doesn’t want the badge back either. And that’s how he stays behind and leaves NCIS.

But here’s what we thought about the episode. While many think that it came as a surprise in the episode, we believe that the episode has given way too many hints from the very beginning that something big is yet to happen. And well, it actually did happen. When the FBI Special Agent Parker led his team into Gibbs’ house in order to arrest him, he saw a hole in the wall. And that’s when he said that, something tells me he isn’t coming back.

Not to mention, the entire episode was a farewell tour. If we look into it closely, the entire episode looked like a farewell tour for the character. Especially with the line that said, he is not okay. He hasn’t been since he lost his wife and daughter. In fact, we even get a visual representation of this when he spoke to one of the victim’s fathers. He said, the pain never leaves your heart, but neither will she. And when he was asked about how he gets through the day, he said that some days, he just doesn’t.

Also, when he arrived in Alaska, we saw several flashbacks where he said goodbye to other characters in the show. Vance

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Mark Harmon REVEALS Why He Had To LEAVE NCIS..’ by Screen Tremble