Discover the Best Remarkable 2 Alternatives: Eink Tablets!

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Every professional will want one! Eink Tablets! Remarkable and alternatives!’ by Kit Betts-Masters

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Written by: Recapz Bot

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E-ink tablets offer a paper-like experience with digital features, various sizes, and popular brands, providing benefits like reduced eye strain and long battery life, and it’s best to watch a video for details on the main companies.

Key Insights

  • Note-taking e-readers or e-notes, also known as e-ink tablets, are becoming popular as alternatives to paper notebooks.
  • Remarkable 2 and Books Max Lumi are examples of these devices.
  • Working with a pen on paper offers a better experience than using an Apple Pencil on a glass screen or LCD panel.
  • E-ink tablets combine the pen and paper experience with digital features.
  • The range of devices starts from small A6 size (7.8-inch screen) to larger A5 size (10.3-inch screen) and even A4 size.
  • Remarkable, Supernote, and Onyx Books are among the popular brands in the market.
  • Benefits of e-ink tablets include reduced eye strain, long battery life, pen and paper feel, distraction-free environment, and virtually unlimited storage space.

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Every professional is going to want one of these. This is the Remarkable 2, and it’s just one example of a whole list of great devices that are out there now called note-taking e-readers or e-notes. They’re sometimes called e-ink tablets.

This one is about the size of an A5 notebook, but this one, which is the Books Max Lumi, is A4 sized. There’s a reason why Android devices or iPads haven’t yet replaced the paper notebook, and that’s because working on a glass screen with an Apple Pencil on an LCD panel hasn’t yet got as nice an experience as working with a nice pen on some lovely paper and having your notebook there at all times without requiring charging it or any of these things. And these e-ink tablets are starting to get there.

They’re combining what we all love about pen and paper with some digital features that more and more we can’t do without. In this video, I’m going to briefly talk you through the range of devices that are available. It starts small like this. This is A6 size and is actually called a 7.8-inch screen. It’s nice and small, it’s about the size of a Kindle e-reader if you’ve had one of those before.

This one specifically is the Supernote A6X. Then it goes up to the A5 size. It’s your kind of large notebook size, which a lot of people will be comfortable with. This one specifically is the Remarkable 2. There are loads, though, of devices in this size. This is the most popular size, I would suggest. This is called a 10.3-inch screen. And then they come in the large size, which, especially if you’re interested in like academic reading, this is an A4 size screen, pretty much.

This specifically is the Onyx Books Max Lumi, and it’s a really nice device with loads and loads of features. But because of that large screen, they do get pretty expensive at this point. And those are the three main brands: Remarkable, Supernote, and Onyx Books. There are some other ones out there, but most people, I would suggest, will be thinking between those three devices for their purchase of an e-ink device.

The chief benefits for me are that you’re not going to get the eye strain that you will with working with an LCD screen like an iPad or an Android tablet. The battery life is amazing. They’ll last more than all week with you using it throughout the day. And they really focus on like pen and paper feeling. It really feels like you’re using pen and paper. They also generally have a pretty distraction-free environment where you can just use it like you would a notebook or a filofax or a planner or a diary, and you can really enjoy that. And then they never get full, basically. In something this size, you can carry the equivalent pages of an entire shelf full of ordinary notebooks, and you’ll never be again thinking to yourself, “Which notebook did I write that down on?”

But there are some differences and some reasons why you might choose one over the other. So I strongly suggest you check out this video on the screen, which will talk you through the three main companies, their main device. Thanks very much for watching.

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Every professional will want one! Eink Tablets! Remarkable and alternatives!’ by Kit Betts-Masters