Discover Top 3 Dragon Incantations: Ekzykes’s & More – Elden Ring Guide!

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘You NEED to Get the 3 BEST Dragon Incantations – Ekzykes’s & More – Build & Location – Elden Ring!’ by RageGamingVideos

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Written by: Recapz Bot

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Dragon incantations transform players into unique dragons with abilities, such as Theodoric’s Magma, Exique’s Decay, and Placidus’ Ruin; Decay is recommended as the best due to range, damage, mobility, and Scarlet Rot effect, while Magma has mobility issues and Placidus’ Ruin is risky but visually impressive; the video provides acquisition info.

Key Insights

  • Dragon incantations in the game transform players into dragons with unique abilities.
  • There are three specific dragon incantations discussed: Theodoric's Magma, Exique's Decay, and Placidus' Ruin.
  • Dragon incantations can deal significant damage in PvE and PvP but can also be easily interrupted.
  • The Decay is considered the best incantation due to its range, damage, mobility, and Scarlet Rot effect.
  • The Magma incantation has good damage over time but is less effective in PvP due to mobility issues.
  • Placidus' Ruin has impressive visuals and damage potential, but it is the riskiest to use and can be easily interrupted.
  • The video provides information on where to obtain the dragon incantations in the game.
  • PvP and PvE gameplay footage is shown to demonstrate the effectiveness of each dragon incantation.
  • Overall, the Decay incantation is recommended as the most reliable and powerful option.

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Hello and welcome back to Ray’s Gaming Videos. My name is Holo and today I’m on this, well, beautiful character, just gorgeous character, to talk to you about dragon incantations, which is why my hand is very faintly glowing red. Dragon incantations in this game are interesting. They’re really cool. Instead of transforming into a nightmarish skeleton dragon creature like in the earlier games, now we’re transforming a bit of ourselves to have a dragon above us, and then that dragon head will do something depending on which incantation we’re doing. Some of these look incredible, like that lightning one where you hang in the air and you get to do this crazy long animation with lasers, or the various spewing of fire or ice or rock. Because some of the dragons look slightly different to each other, right, like the magma one, you get unique heads based on which one you’re doing. It’s really cool.
But are they actually any good? I would say yeah, they’re really good, and also no, they’re not. It’s like weird. They’re capable of doing some big numbers, dealing serious damage to enemies in PvE or PvP, but they’re also very capable of just being kind of like a wet noodle and disappointing as hell when, like, a small fly hits you and interrupts your giant dragon cast animation.
Today I want to talk to you about three specific dragon incantations, the ones that are arguably the best, and what I think of each of them. Theodoric’s magma is going to be one of them. We’re going to look at Exique’s decay, which is arguably the best one in the game. And then we have Placidus’ ruin, which is the extremely cool laser shot.
Naturally, if you are interested in running some dragon spells yourself, you’re going to want the dragon communion seal, which has an S scaling in

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘You NEED to Get the 3 BEST Dragon Incantations – Ekzykes’s & More – Build & Location – Elden Ring!’ by RageGamingVideos