Disturbing ‘Things’ IG Models Do In Dubai: Revealed!

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘The Most Disturbing ‘Things’ IG Models Do In Dubai’ by Moon

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Written by: Recapz Bot

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Dubai’s excess and glamour hide a dark underbelly of sex tourism, exploitation, and corruption, where influencers blur the line between modeling and sex work, while the reality stays hidden.

Key Insights

  • Dubai is known for its excess, glitz, and glamour, but it also has an underbelly of sex, exploitation, and depravity.
  • Influencers and models are offered large sums of money for vague favors and trips to Dubai, often involving propositions for sex tourism.
  • Many influencers go to Dubai for brand deals, and companies with inflated marketing budgets often sponsor trips for influencers, suggesting something more than simple marketing.
  • There are disturbing stories of sexual exploitation and abuse targeted towards influencers and models in Dubai, including stories of extreme and graphic acts.
  • Dubai's treatment of migrant workers is also concerning, with reports of labor exploitation and poor living conditions.
  • The legal system in Dubai is biased, and corruption runs deep, protecting the ruling class from any consequences.
  • There is a blurred line between social media models and sex workers in Dubai, with Instagram serving as a public catalogue for rich individuals.
  • While some cases have been reported and cracked down upon, stories remain largely untold due to fear, embarrassment, or agreements of silence.
  • Influencers who promote Dubai are propagating a fantasy, as the reality of the city is far from the idyllic images portrayed on social media.

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Everything about Dubai screams excess. From the heights of the tallest skyscraper in the world, to the depths of the deepest underwater pool. But mostly glittering and effective flares that the UAE’s tourism board has are their influences.

Tens of thousands of bikini models and Andrew Tate wannabes descend on the city every year, to show off the sights and lounge around in air-conditioned villas. But underneath Dubai’s surface of glitz and glamour lies an underbelly of sex, exploitation and depravity.

In fact, some of the content in this video is highly disturbing, so turn back now if you don’t want to know the true reality of being an influencer in Dubai.

Now Dubai is known around the world for its cleanliness, both their public places as well as their people. If you take a walk around some big streets, you’ll see it’s clear of litter and no crime to be seen, enforced by the highly strict religious laws and the lengthy prison sentences for criminals.

Every other week there’s headlines about some westerner getting arrested for having drugs in their system, or even having CBD in their car, showing affection in public or criticising the government. It’s not an atmosphere you’d expect to match up with influencers in bikinis, but the UAE makes an exception for them. It’s a small glimpse of the hypocrisy that underlines this whole city.

While the 90% of the UAE’s population are migrant workers, and the other native citizens lower down the ladder, who have to obey these laws or else, as always there’s a whole other world for the wealthy and powerful. These are the people who, in their own narrow view of the world, have already got anything and everything they want.

Whatever they desire can be met with the click of a finger, whatever food they want, whatever mansion they want to live in, and whatever they want to do. All of their wishes can be arranged for just a tiny fraction of their almost unlimited oil wealth. The people and world around them have been quantified and given a price. So where can they go from here? What other experiences are there left to explore? Well it’s no wonder they’ve been indulging in their darkest and most deranged fantasies yet.

You can get an idea of where we’re going from these messages sent to influencers who appeared in Love Island, a reality TV show in the UK. Titan Lexi, a model from the show, woke up one day to see a weird DM from a man from Dubai. He offered her £20,000 for dinner and some drinks. You can understand what the implications were there, she was only 19 at the time of the message. A couple years later, after she’d been on Love Island, an agency which said they represented a client in Dubai, offered her £50,000 for five nights in the city.

Included in the offer was a non-disclosure agreement, a common practice in this new wave of propositioning in sex tourism. Titan Lexi then stated that she refused both of the offers. Another Love Island star, Rosie Williams, was offered £100,000 per year for being the companion of a man from Dubai. Along with the cash came the promise that he would take her shopping whenever she wanted and foot the bill for her handbags and clothing.

It happens all the time. The same article describing these cases talks about the countless anonymous tips and stories of similar things happening to other social media models. It just doesn’t get talked about. Either the women refuse and don’t mention it, or they accept and they’re too embarrassed or under agreement of silence.

You see, most of the influencers that come to Dubai go for the same reason they do anything else. Brand deals. Brand deals are the currency which fuels the whole industry. Influencers are only as valuable as the amount of people they can convince to buy your product. So when companies with massively over-inflated marketing budgets are looking to appeal to a younger audience, they

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘The Most Disturbing ‘Things’ IG Models Do In Dubai’ by Moon