Dr. David Sinclair on NMN & Anti-Aging Supplements: Reverse Aging with Side Effects

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Reverse Aging: Dr David Sinclair on NMN & Anti Ageing supplements (including their side effects)’ by Data Espresso – World of DaaS Highlights + Clips

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Written by: Recapz Bot

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Sirtuin genes protect against diseases; NMN boosts NAD levels, studied benefits; NMN shows no side effects; scientific comprehension needed for anti-aging choices; growing interest in personal well-being, intermittent fasting; pandemic increases health optimization awareness; fasting improves health, shift towards mainstream perception.

Key Insights

  • Sirtuin longevity genes protect against diseases and become less active as we age.
  • NAD (Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is a molecule required for sirtuins to function properly.
  • NMN (Nicotinamide mononucleotide) is a precursor that the body uses to make NAD, and it can boost NAD levels.
  • Raising NAD levels through NMN supplementation has shown benefits in humans based on clinical studies.
  • NMN is being researched as a potential treatment for various diseases, including COVID-19 and kidney failure.
  • Taking NMN has not shown any known side effects or risks in human clinical trials.
  • The decision to start taking supplements like NMN or metformin at a younger age should be made under a doctor's supervision.
  • Proper comprehension of scientific data and research is essential to make informed decisions about anti-aging lifestyles.
  • People are becoming more proactive about their health, and there is a growing interest in monitoring and improving personal well-being.
  • Intermittent fasting is gaining popularity as an anti-aging lifestyle choice, as it is relatively easy and perceived as low harm.
  • The pandemic has increased people's awareness of their mortality and has led to more interest in optimizing health.
  • Fasting is seen as an effective way to control calorie intake and improve overall health.
  • The perception of fasting and other anti-aging practices has shifted from fringe to mainstream in both science and the general public.

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[00:00:00.00] Now you’re a big fan of NMN. And before I read your book, I had never even heard of NMN. Why is that good?
[00:00:06.01] Well, now we’re talking about research from my lab in the early 2000s. We found that the sirtuin longevity genes that we’ve, my team, and well, I should say my mentor’s team, Lenny Guarente, discovered sirtuin.
[00:00:20.00] So let me tell you about sirtuins. These are seven genes in our body. Some of us have better versions than others. And in general, it’s found that they protect the body against diseases ranging from Alzheimer’s to diabetes. Now, these genes get switched off over time. The main role is to make enzymes that tell the body how to survive during adversity. So when you’re exercising and dieting and in a sauna, they come on, protect the body. But the problem is as we get older, they become less active.
[00:00:47.12] And one of the biggest problems is that for their activity, they require a little molecule in the body, a very abundant one called NAD. NAD is required for life. It’s involved in chemical reactions, but it’s also used as a sensor for the body of adversity. When we have no adversity, we’re eating a lot and sitting around, NAD levels go down. That’s true as we get older as well. So a 50-year-old has half the levels of a 20-year-old for NAD.
[00:01:14.13] And what we like to do is to boost the levels of NAD back up to youthful levels and mimic exercise, mimic dieting, or even enhance those modalities. Now, we’ve even got human clinical trial data. I was mentioning one of my companies has done clinical trials already for the last few years. And by raising NAD levels, we can actually improve human health. And we hope that this will be a drug one day to treat diseases ranging from kidney failure to even COVID-19 survival.
[00:01:41.03] So what about NMN? Well, NMN is a precursor that the body uses to make NAD. And by ingesting NMN, we’ve shown in humans that you can raise your NAD levels by about two to three-fold. And that’s beneficial in humans based on clinical studies. When I say I’m a fan, I’m not selling this stuff. A lot of companies claim that I’m involved with selling it. That’s not true. I spend a fair amount of legal fees on trying to stop that. But yeah, NAD boosters, as they’re called, seem to be really beneficial. I take NMN, and I’ve been doing so for probably about eight to 10 years. And so far, so good. I’ve only seen benefits. Some people ask about- And so basically, you’re saying the goal is to increase your NAD. One way to do that is through exercise. You can do that by fasting, sauna. This other way to do it is to take this NMN. Essentially, it’s a supplement, and that can also boost your NAD.
[00:02:37.14] Yes, that’s what the scientists are saying, and others have shown it improves six-minute walks. So it’s being used for performance, endurance, and overall health. It’s not proven that it extends lifespan. In fact, we’ve only just recently found it extends a mouse’s lifespan. I haven’t published that yet. So it’s early days. We still have a lot to go on or to do, at least. But-
[00:02:56.03] Are there side effects for taking it, or does doing one thing make it harder to do something else, or?
[00:03:01.14] It doesn’t seem to be. I mean, in mice, there’s a couple of studies in some rare cases of genetically inbred mice that don’t have an immune system, that there’s hints that cancer might spread slightly more frequently in a very small study. But these are mice that are inbred and have no immune system. So it’s still full steam

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Reverse Aging: Dr David Sinclair on NMN & Anti Ageing supplements (including their side effects)’ by Data Espresso – World of DaaS Highlights + Clips