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This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘How to License a Cover Song. | Easy Song’ by Easy Song

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Written by: Recapz Bot

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How does it work?
Tutorial on creating an EasySong.com account and purchasing cover song licensing.

Key Insights

  • The video is a tutorial on how to create an account on EasySong.com.
  • It explains the process of setting up your first cover song licensing project.
  • Instructions are given on how to purchase cover song licensing to obtain legal permission to release the cover song.
  • The video starts with guiding users to EasySong.com and signing up for a new account.
  • It mentions receiving an activation email to verify the email address.
  • The tutorial focuses on cover song licensing, specifically for songs without changes to the lyrics or melody.
  • Contact and release information regarding the album or single are required.
  • The option for digital downloads licensing is chosen, with a minimum order of 25 copies.
  • The length of the recording is also needed to determine royalties.
  • A referral program is mentioned for customers, offering a referral payment.
  • Users are able to review their cover song project details before purchasing licensing.
  • Once the project is submitted, a licensing expert is assigned to assist with any questions.
  • The status of the song is "searching," indicating copyright information is being searched.
  • Users are able to purchase licensing before verification, and refunds are provided if the song cannot be licensed.
  • The option to include a seal of authenticity is available, granting fee-free reorders for life on the project.
  • A graphical badge is provided for displaying proof of licensing on websites.
  • The total cost for licensing is shown ($68.99).
  • Payment information is required before placing the order.
  • After purchasing, proof of licensing will be received within one to two business days.
  • For further questions, users are directed to contact EasySong.com via their website or phone number.

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Hi there! Today I’m going to be walking you through how to create your account on EasySong.com, how to set up your first cover song licensing project, and also how to purchase your cover song licensing so that you all have all the legal permission that you need to release your cover song.

So let’s get started by going to EasySong.com. Alright, and if you already have an account with us, that’s great, but today we’re gonna walk through setting up a new account. So you’re gonna click on the sign-in badge, and then click on new here create an account.

So here we’re just gonna ask for some simple information, your first name, last name, email, and password to get you started. Alright, and I’m gonna click sign up. Now what that’s gonna do is it’s gonna send you an activation email for you to verify your email address so we know that we can contact you that way. So I’m just gonna quickly hop over to my email.

Alright, so here’s the email that we can confirm our email address with. If I just click on this link, it will take me here to the welcome screen, and that’s just confirming that you’ve activated your account. So we can now begin.

So here we’re gonna be starting up your first project with EasySong. Now most customers come to us for cover song licensing, so that’s what we’re gonna work with today. So you’ve got clear cover songs, but here you can also see all the other services we can help you with.

If your cover song that you’re recording has any changes to lyrics or changes to the melody, or you you’ve written your own new lyrics or melody to go with it, that’s gonna be something that you will need custom licensing for because it requires special permission direct from the publishers. But if you’re not making any changes to your lyrics or melody, then you are good to go through our clear cover song service.

So we’re gonna start with that. So here it’s gonna ask you for your contact information. Next, it’s gonna ask you for your release information. So that’s gonna be the title of your album or single, your album artist, and some other information.

Now I’m just recording one cover song, so I’m gonna be releasing it as a single so I can use the title of that song. If I were recording an EP or an album, I can use the album title here. But for today, it’s just a song title which I’m gonna be covering in Africa by Toto.

Now the album artist is specifically me or my group. Now I’m just a solo act, so I’m gonna use my stage name, Adam G. I finished recording and I plan to release this month.

Now I’m gonna be going through a digital distributor and they require that I get licensing for digital downloads that I might sell on iTunes or Amazon. I won’t have to worry about the streams I get on Spotify or Apple Music since those are handled separately. But today I do need to get licensing for digital downloads, so that’s what I’m gonna select.

And I don’t know how many I’m gonna sell. I haven’t sold any songs before, so I’m gonna just put in 25, which is the minimum order. Now for the song I’m doing, I just need to provide the song title and an artist so that the EasySong team can search and verify the copyright information needed. The length of my recording will be needed when I finally get my license.

In order for EasySong to file with the publishers, we need to indicate the length of your recording because that determines what royalties we have to pay out. And I can just hit save this song. It’ll let me review if I wanted to add another. I could, but today I’m not going to.

And then finally, we like to ask every customer this at least once because we do have a generous referral program where if someone mentions your name at signup, then we like to send you a referral payment of 15% of any fees that we collect.

Alright, finally it’s gonna let you review your cover song project. So it’ll review your contact information, your release information, and your songs. Now this is important because you’ll be able to change this information up until the point that you pay for your licensing. But once you’ve paid for your licensing, that information will be final and we can’t make any changes.

So now I’ve submitted that project and this is what you’ll see. My colleague Katie has been assigned as my licensing expert. So if I wanted to ask her a question, I could click here and send her a message. And then I can check my email inbox for any replies from her.

So from here, you see that the song status is searching. This means that our team is currently searching the copyright information needed to license your song. Now that doesn’t mean that you can’t purchase the licensing. It simply means that if you do purchase the licensing, we’ll verify that information afterward. And if for any reason we can’t license the song or we find out it’s in the public domain, we’ll refund you promptly.

So right now we’re gonna go through and buy. I do want to include the seal of authenticity because it gives me fee-free reorders for life on this project. Meaning I just pay once and then when I sell out of my 25 digital downloads, I can come back and I don’t have to pay any additional fees. All I have to pay are the royalties that have to be paid to the publishers.

So I’m gonna select that and will also give me this graphical badge that I can put on my website to show that I was fully licensed. People can scan that code and see my proof of licensing without me having to lift a finger. So with that, my total is $68.99. I’m gonna click buy now. It’s gonna ask me for some payment information. Once I’ve put my payment information in, it will bring me back to my project just so I can confirm everything one last time before I place the order. So I can go through here and click place order.

Okay, so that’s it for today. We walked through how to create an account, how to set up a cover song project, and how to purchase your licensing. And then from there, all you have to do is wait one to two business days to receive your proof of licensing and you’ll be all set to go.

Now if you have any further questions that you want to ask our team, you can always visit our website or give us a call today at 1-800-360-5192. Take care.

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘How to License a Cover Song. | Easy Song’ by Easy Song