Eddie Huang’s Wife, Shia Blanca: Truth or Drink!

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Eddie Huang & Wife Shia Blanca Play Truth or Drink | Cut’ by Cut

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Written by: Recapz Bot

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A couple discusses their relationship, panties found, their sex life, and challenges, emphasizing their commitment to each other.

Key Insights

  • The video is a conversation between a couple playing Truth or Drink
  • The couple's names are Edwin and Natasha
  • They discuss their relationship and answer various questions
  • They mention finding a pair of women's panties in their house and speculate on who they might belong to
  • They talk about their sex life, pregnancy sex, and their love for each other
  • The couple expresses that they would not be interested in having a threesome
  • They discuss annoyances and challenges in their relationship, such as communication and canceling plans
  • They reflect on their love for each other and their commitment to their relationship, expressing that it is forever

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[Opening shot with the couple sitting across from each other]

Edwin: Have you ever thought about cheating? Are you trying to ruin relationships here?


Edwin: I’m Edwin Charles Wong, born in Fairfax, Virginia.

Natasha: I’m Natasha, and I’m on the receiving end of his writing. I produce our podcast, and shout out to our new baby. He’s almost four weeks old.

[Starting the game: Truth or Drink]

Edwin: We’re going to play Truth or Drink. Have you ever heard of Truth or Drink?

Natasha: Yeah, if you don’t want to answer a question, you can take a shot of alcohol. We also have some ginger shots because we know you are a new mom.

[Discussing their relationship]

Edwin: This is so funny to sit across from you like this.

Natasha: I know. This is like couple’s therapy.

[Starting with a question about their intentions when they first met]

Natasha: When we first met, were you just trying to hook up or were you looking for something serious?

Edwin: I was definitely not looking for something serious. But I wasn’t trying to hook up because I think I told you delayed pleasure. But why wouldn’t you just put me in the rotation?

Natasha: There was no rotation. There was no rotation.

[Discussing physical traits and sex]

Natasha: What physical trait of mine do you want me to work on?

Edwin: Oh, none. The ass got fatter in pregnancy. But really, I may not even have enough dick for that much ass. I’m at the extent of my dick. This is as much dick as I’ve got.

Natasha: You have to know what you can play with. There are certain parking spots.

[Sex advice]

Natasha: What sex advice do you have for me? How can I improve?

Edwin: Don’t have the wire playing in the background. Maybe don’t have the wire, Entourage can be turned off. Our sex is so different. We just have in love sex. It’s emotional. And I don’t think that there’s anything I would change about it because I just love you.

[Ranking their sex life]

Edwin: Rank our sex life. How does it compare to past loves?

Edwin: Oh, this is for sure number one. It’s not even close. The pussy got hands. Like crazy hands.

Natasha: Yeah, you know you go to a bar and they have those black and white photos of Irish boxers going like this. Like her pussy.

Edwin: It’s like turbo. Yeah, your pussy is like an old-school Irish pump box.

[Discussing threesomes]

Natasha: Would you ever want a threesome?

Edwin: No. Honestly, I did it. I’m good. Truly no. Yo, because I don’t like seeing the motherfucker in the corner like, “What up, doll?”

[Annoying habits in the relationship]

Natasha: Is there something I’ve said or done in the past that you still hold against me?

Edwin: You called me incompetent. And you called me dusty when you were mad at me. You called me a dusty bitch.

[The mystery of the rogue panties]

Natasha: Have you ever thought about cheating? Are you trying to ruin relationships here? Pantygate. We found a rogue pair of woman’s panties in our house this week.

[Final thoughts]

Natasha: Is this forever love?

Edwin: Yeah, for sure. Forever. I love you.

Natasha: I love you too.


This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Eddie Huang & Wife Shia Blanca Play Truth or Drink | Cut’ by Cut