Elizabeth Marie Chevalier Interview: 2023 Babes in Toyland Charity Event

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Elizabeth Marie Chevalier Interview “2023 Babes in Toyland – Support our Troops” Charity Event’ by MaximoTV

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Written by: Recapz Bot

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Liz attended the event with Michael, organized by TheTroops.org, supporting troops with care packages, where female influencers, including Liz, often participate and compete in a bikini competition.

Key Insights

  • Liz Chevalier was present in the video
  • Liz and Michael became friends after he invited her to the event
  • The event is organized by TheTroops.org, which has donated $290,000 in care packages to troops overseas
  • Michael is a veteran, and supporting the charity helps troops
  • Many female influencers attend these events, especially when Michael is hosting
  • There is mention of a bikini competition, but Liz is uncertain if she will participate due to potential hangover
  • Kylie, possibly Liz's girlfriend, is driving back the next morning
  • Michael appreciates Liz's presence and expresses excitement for the event
  • The event is called the 2023 Babes and Toilet and supports troops through supportingforthetroops.org

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I bet you didn’t even notice that Liz Chevalier was in the shot.

Hi, Michael! Hey, what’s going on?

I remember last year, this is my first time coming to one of these events, and Michael is the one who asked me to come. And it was the beginning of our very wonderful friendship. And then I realized that she was a WNBA player. I wasn’t aware. I did not understand. It must be the heels.

Okay, Liz, so we’re doing this for TheTroops.org. They’ve given $290,000 care packages to troops overseas. How amazing is that?

That’s amazing. And if you don’t know this or not, but Michael is a veteran. So support Michael and come to these parties. It’s a wonderful charity for the troops.

Do you see a lot of other female influencers that you know at these events?

Everyone comes to these events, the Babes and Toilets events, especially when Michael’s hosting. It’s an incredible time.

Are you actually doing the bikini competition tomorrow?

I don’t know. It depends on how hungover I’ll be. But I am going to come to the next one. I’m leaving at 7 a.m. and flying back.

By the way, Kylie’s driving back tomorrow morning if you want to go.

Kylie. My girlfriend is coming back.

Well, I love you, Michael, and thank you so much for bringing me here today.

We’re excited, guys. We got Liz Chevalier in here. All the troops are incredibly happy. This jacket makes my boobs look big, but the troops are happy about it.

Stay tuned. Much more coming your way. The 2023 Babes and Toilet. Support our troops. Supportingforthetroops.org.

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Elizabeth Marie Chevalier Interview “2023 Babes in Toyland – Support our Troops” Charity Event’ by MaximoTV