Empowering Weak Men: David Goggins’ Message

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘A Message For WEAK MEN – David Goggins’ by Rise Above

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Written by: Recapz Bot

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Overcoming adversity, strengthening the mind, facing demons, sacrificing, discipline, confronting fears, challenging situations, accepting flaws, moving forward, no regrets.

Key Insights

  • Being considered one of the hardest men in history is about overcoming any adversity and figuring out a way.
  • Hardness is not just physical, but also about strengthening the mind to handle judgment and criticism.
  • Suffering and facing one's demons is necessary for personal growth and achieving goals.
  • Balance is overrated; greatness requires being unbalanced and sacrificing certain aspects of life.
  • Discipline is the only thing that can change one's DNA and lead to personal transformation.
  • One must dig deep into their soul to understand and confront their weaknesses and fears.
  • The brain gets stronger through the process of repeatedly putting oneself through challenging situations.
  • Understanding and accepting one's flaws and imperfections is part of what makes us beautiful.
  • Life is always moving forward, and one should always be prepared for the next chapter.
  • Giving everything and not having regrets is what defines a person's journey and growth.

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I honestly want to be considered one of the hardest men to walk the planet Earth in the history of the world. And I mean by hard. I’m not talking about the guy who does the most pull-ups, most sit-ups, runs the most. Just a person who’s able to overcome any adversity in front of them, to figure out a way. Hardness isn’t about all this physical shit, man. Yeah, it helped me get to where I’m at. But all I was doing in the whole process, the process wouldn’t be ripped, it wouldn’t walk around my shirt off, that wasn’t it. I knew through the physical challenges, through the physical suffering, my mind was getting stronger. I was literally doing that for a reason. I had a weak mind, all the rest has happened to come with it. I was trying to strengthen the mind to handle all the judgment that’s passed on me, perceived and not, sometimes you make it up in your own head. I just want to be able to handle all of that, everything physical, mental, like an old-school barbarian, old-school guy. That’s like, “God dog, man, nothing can hurt the guy,” which is why the book is titled “Can’t Hurt Me.” I want people to have that mantra in their life. Take that with you, and if you believe that and you work towards that, callous in your mind, strengthen yourself, can’t hurt me as strong in any situation, like miles and buds. They beat this shit out of you, I’d be the first one to give say, “Can’t hurt me, motherfucker,” and they were beating the hell out of me. But you say that enough, it’s false motivation becomes a real motivation, after all. Self-esteem was built at a young age. I had zero, so that’s why that discipline for me was so important. It takes nothing to be a loser, and that’s why I hold most people to a higher standard. Because I know how little it takes, little ability, like you need no talent, you need no greatness inside of you, and you can still be a bad mother. I wasn’t going through Navy SEAL trade is one thing I told myself I wanted to quit every single day. But many dreams die while suffering, and many of us out here have suffered, and when you’re suffering, I’m not talking about just physically, I’m talking about emotionally, spiritually, it could be a relationship. When you’re suffering, you give up on the very things that you wanted the most. When I was going through pararescue, I wanted to be a pararescue man so bad, but that water haunted me. So when the suffering got too much, my dream died and pretty much I almost died with it, if I didn’t find Navy SEALs and getting past that hump and overcoming my demons and facing my demons. Every day, I would have never been up here today. You can’t outrun your demons, they’ll always know where you’re hiding, trust me, at that. And I’m ending with this, don’t stop when you’re tired, stop when you’re done. But trying to find your best self, you become unbalanced, and people always talk about this mythical creature called balance, you want to be balanced. I think balance is a bunch of bullshit if you want to be great at anything. The Michael Jordans, the Tiger Woods, the greatest people of all time, the daggone Kazmeyers, you talk to these guys, you talk to Roger Federer, they have a life on the surface, they have a life. But I guarantee you drill down deep, man, they are so off in balance, their life doesn’t eat like, you know, you get on a teeter-totter, you’re not gonna come down, it’s just not balanced, and that’s how you become great. So you lose a lot of your life, but I made a choice to become unbalanced, and the people that love me, realize, you know what, this is who I’m with, this is who he is, this is who he wants to be. So yeah, you do lose a lot, but you gain a lot also. And every foot strike to hit the pavement, that’s how I feed myself. Motherfuckers look for inspiration, inspiration’s found in every footstep you take, every grasp that fucking iron bar, all that, all the miles in the pool, inspiration’s found in suffering. See, I love watching fights, man. Okay, I see ’em, and I start to say, “Okay, in a bad situation, man, and I see a couple guys getting ready to tap.” Yeah, and that one-second decision, I call it, mm-hmm, they’re thinking, “Man, I gotta tap, like,” and you see the hand motion, like, “I’m about to tap,” and they go somewhere else, not today. Yeah, because I’ve been here, I’ve been here before. I can last maybe just one more second, and that one second may get me out of this, and I see how the mind is evolving in that one moment, at one quick moment, I see that a million thoughts went through their mind, and it didn’t tap. The only thing that changes your fucking DNA, it’s discipline. Yeah, this is the only thing that changes your DNA, man. This is the only thing, only thing, man. You can be, so I realize that, man, I was like man, the only thing that changed my DNA is discipline. I always fix the things on the surface. If I couldn’t read and write, learn to read and write, I would always fix these things on the surface level. And so, whenever something hard would like raise its ugly head, I didn’t have any kind of tools to handle it. I mean, I thought I fixed this already, man. But no, I didn’t go deep into the dungeon of my soul and say, “Okay, what is making you a quitter? What is making you a weak man? What is making you afraid?” That’s why I kept on quitting and going back to start or not knowing how to get through hard times. You put a sword in the fire repeatedly and repeatedly, if you keep on doing that, you’re gonna get a nice sword. And then you keep on beating it, you gotta beat this shit up, and that’s what I am. Yeah, I became that much. I said, “Okay, we can’t quit. You gotta figure out why you are this pussy. Why are you this pussy, man? What is wrong with you? What’s going on here?” So I kept on putting the sword back in the daggone fire, and I just beat it harder, and I beat it harder. Before I knew it, I started realizing, “Hmm, alright, man. The brain is starting to get hard. The brain is starting to get hard. I’m no longer a theorist. I’m now a practitioner. I put it in hell. I dissected it while it’s in hell, because you can’t dissect anything in a normal environment. You can’t dissect anything in 72-degree weather. You must put it in the freezer and freeze the fuck out of it, and then you dissect it. That’s litter. That’s when it’s miserable. Dissect the brain with all this thinking about, ‘I need to get out of here, man. I want to get out of the freezer.’ Open the door. And he said, ‘Nah, five more seconds, man. Five more seconds in the freezer.’ And that’s when you start to pick that brain apart. And that’s what all this stuff did to me. I kept on putting myself back into the freezer or the fire and beating the shit out of myself mentally and physically before I knew it. This is what happened. We’re scared to dive into our lives, what made us who we are, the beautiful people that we are. We’re all jacked up in so many ways. That’s the beauty of us. That’s the beauty of me. I’m jacked up. But I figured out my own little process on how to get on jacked up. You know, I’m not gonna get the same way you’re gonna get there. You may get there by going point A to point B. I’m gonna go point C to D to E to F. I’m gonna be there the same way you are, just a little harder. That’s how I trained my brain. This was like literally a trained skill for me. Was I’m always preparing for not being a bitch. I got to a point in my life where I realized this is life. And so I move on past things real quick. So people like, “Oh my god, what are you gonna do, David? If you can’t run, I’ll swim. Or I’ll go to college or I’ll do something else.” Like, this isn’t my life. I’m very aware how quick life can take it from you. I’ve always prepared my mind for the next chapter, man. I mean, you’ve done it with like, Kobe Bryant and Kobe and retired. Last game, he like, 60 points or some shit, you walked off the court, he didn’t cry. He’s like, “Oh my god, I’m Mr. Sport.” But if he walked off, he gave, he gave everything he could. Man, when you can give what I’ve given, and motherfuckers still tell you, “You don’t know shit,” which makes me who I am. I’ve given everything. People make, “Oh, you ran off up knee, you taped your feet up, you did blah blah, you had two heart surgeries, you kept on going.” Yep. Sure did. I had somewhere to go. As long as I’m going, I got there. And buddy, when mother tell you, “You can take a break now.” Hey, you

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘A Message For WEAK MEN – David Goggins’ by Rise Above