Enhancing Immunity with Immunitrax

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Immunitrax’ by Niki Manias

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How does it work?
Immunotrax is a website for medical students to manage vaccines, forms, and documents for clinical rotations.

Key Insights

  • Key Insights from the Video:
  • Immunotrax is a website used in the curriculum of medical programs to obtain vaccines and certifications required for clinical sites.
  • It provides a centralized platform for students to ensure they have all the necessary requirements for their clinical rotations.
  • Students can create a username and password to access the website.
  • The website is divided into sections such as immunizations, forms, messages, and upload.
  • In the immunizations section, students can enter dates of completion for various vaccines, certifications, titers, and health insurance.
  • The view history option in the immunizations section shows any missing requirements that need to be updated or completed.
  • The forms section provides downloadable PDFs that students can bring to their doctor for physical examinations, which can then be uploaded back to Immunotrax.
  • The messages section contains communication between students, clinical sites, and doctors regarding required documents and deadlines.
  • The upload section allows students to upload various types of documents and certifications, ensuring that everything is up to date.
  • Uploaded files can be viewed, approved, and checked for completion.
  • Instructors and clinical sites can also access the platform to view students' progress and documents.
  • It is recommended to use a PDF app and keep all files organized in one folder on the computer for easy access and navigation.

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University. I am currently a senior in the respiratory care program. So today I’ll be giving you a tutorial on Immunotrax. What is it and why is it important? It is a website that we use in our curriculum that obtains vaccines and certifications needed in order for you to go to your clinical sites.

So students like myself, nursing students, physical therapy students, any medical student, this would be very beneficial for. And this makes it easier for our clinical sites to go to one place to make sure that we have everything needed necessary to go to our sites.

So first off, you would make a username and password. I have one already, of course, so we’re going to use mine for the sake of this video. And this will tell you step by step on what to do, but I will be providing that for you. So on the top we have immunizations, forms, messages, and upload.

When you click on immunizations, you have two columns over here. You have enter dates and view history. When you click on enter dates, it offers all the dates you will plug in of when your vaccine or certification was completed. So you have your CPR, history and physical examination, TB tests, required vaccinations like your hepatitis, varicella, MMR, flu shot, Tdap, varicella, etc. You also have titers. If you aren’t able to have your vaccine documented, you can do blood work. And this is another way for you to upload that. And of course, your health insurance.

So either you can put this one by one. So I could say today’s date and I would hit submit or you can put all your dates for all the vaccines and certifications you have all at once. Let’s just say I did all of them at once today, like out and they’re all completed. You would hit submit over here and it would log in all the dates.

OK, so when you get back on top, you can view history. And this just shows anything that’s missing, for example, my annual PPD is missing. So I need to update that because I’ve been doing my clinical rotations for about two years now. So you have to get these recertified every year. And then this is what is done for me. And it has a checkmark over here under historical your status for an example, my CPR, because that’s a certification that needs to be done. Shows that I am certified and it has all the dates over here of when these were complete or when the vaccines and certifications were completed. So this is another great overall to see what is done and what is not done.

Over here, forms, you have your physical examination form. These forms are what you can bring in if you click on it. It’s a PDF of what to bring to your doctor during your physical examination. And this gives you an overall view of what needs to be recorded. And then you would upload this back on ImmunoTracks so that the outside clinical instructors can view to make sure you have everything. So this is just a nice organized way seeing Youngstown State University from my school on where to find it and so on and so forth.

So get back on ImmunoTracks. We also have messages. So I have a bunch of messages and it tells you dates and times on probably from your doctor or from the clinical sites on what needs to be done. Or for an example, we can click on this one. This says PPD documentation tells me that I need to upload a copy of my PPD test report. So this is a good way for communication between you and your clinical sites to make sure they have everything completed.

And then you also have upload. So in upload, you have all your different types of documents that may be uploaded like I showed you before and entered dates. And over here, these are all the documents that I already have on file that I’ve uploaded. So for an example, my CPR, if I want to view my file, okay, it brings you to my PDF form and you see my basic life support and it’s a picture of everything documented and I already got the okay that it’s uploaded properly and they’re able to see from their end as well.

Now say you don’t have your CPR, okay, and you need to enter that in, you click under here, okay, I want to put in my CPR documentation. So I click on CPR documentation, then you select file and it will take you to your files on your computer and you make sure you upload on your computer and pick it, upload it, and then it would pop up over here. And then it’ll give you a message saying if you have your, if they were able to see and that it is approved because sometimes your dates aren’t up to date. For an example, the one vaccine that you get every 10 years, I believe it was your Tdapt, I had to upload mine because it expired last year. So I had to redo that and then upload that as well. So this way you can see what’s done and just double check to make sure that everything is up to date as well.

So I really, really like this and your instructors can also view this as well. So if you have any questions or need to re-explain anything, they’re able to see it on their side as well. So it’s a great way for the student, the instructor, and the clinical sites from various places to see everything in one place. And then you can always go back to your home screen.

Now when I upload something, I like to use a PDF app. There’s free ones out there or whatever you have and then make sure you save it onto your desktop or laptop and keep everything in one folder so it’s easy to navigate and to find everything in one place.

I hope this was helpful. I highly, highly recommend this to any medical student like myself and I hope this tutorial was helpful for you today. Thank you.

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Immunitrax’ by Niki Manias