Exciting Resident Evil 9: Multiple Games Arriving in 2024!

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Resident Evil 9 and four more games are being developed; remakes, enhanced gameplay, and expanded lore are expected.

Key Insights

  • Twitter user ResidentEvilCentral shared that 5 Resident Evil games are currently in development, including Resident Evil 9, according to the well-known leaker Dusk Golem.
  • Dusk Golem has proven to be a credible gaming leaker, accurately predicting the Silent Hill 2 remake, RE4 remake DLC, and the new Silent Hill short message game.
  • Possibilities for the Resident Evil series include remakes of Resident Evil 5 and Code Veronica, with potential refinements, expanded narratives, and improved gameplay mechanics.
  • The remakes could explore complex relationships, introduce enhanced AI for cooperative gameplay, delve into psychological horror, and expand character backgrounds.
  • A potential remake of Resident Evil 1 could refine the story, improve controls and camera systems, and offer alternate scenarios based on player choices.
  • A remake of Resident Evil Zero could explore events leading up to the mansion incident, deepen character backgrounds, and provide more information about the early experiments and the T-Virus outbreak.
  • Capcom aims to bring these classic titles to a new audience with modern standards while deepening the series' lore and character development.
  • Resident Evil 9 is said to be under development, with rumors suggesting a return to survival horror elements, innovations in combat, exploration, and puzzle solving.
  • Fans speculate about the setting, plot, and convergence of storylines from Resident Evil Village.
  • Official announcements are expected, and the anticipation for Resident Evil 9 showcases the passionate engagement of the Resident Evil community.

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We just got some massive news in regards to the future of the Resident Evil series, and it’s quite shocking to say the least. Stick around to the end of the video because this is something you definitely don’t want to miss.

Today, Twitter user ResidentEvilCentral put out a very interesting tweet that states, 5 Resident Evil games are currently in development, according to well-known leaker Dusk Golem, with one of them being a heavily anticipated Resident Evil 9.

Before we get any further into these leaks, I just want to make it clear that Dusk Golem, in my opinion, has proven himself to be more than credible when it comes to these video game leaks. Just recently, he has shown to be right about the Silent Hill 2 remake, he was pretty accurate about the RE4 remake in its DLC, and the leaks he revealed about the new Silent Hill short message game was 100% accurate even a year later. Obviously, things change over the course of the game’s development, but in my opinion, Dusk Golem has proven himself to be a very reliable gaming leaker.

Now, the prospect of 4 additional Resident Evil titles alongside the anticipated 9th installment opens up Pandora’s box of possibilities. Among these, speculation is everywhere about the potential for remakes of beloved classics, specifically Resident Evil 5 and Code Veronica. The Resident Evil series has been a resounding success with its modern reimaginings, bringing classic horror to new generations with updated graphics, refined gameplay, and deeper narrative exploration. With that said, it’s only a matter of time before we see more of these classics remade.

Starting with one of the more anticipated games, a remake of Resident Evil 5 presents an opportunity to refine and expand upon the original’s action-oriented gameplay while deepening the narrative context. By incorporating more nuanced storytelling, Capcom could explore the complex relationship between Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar in Greater Dove, adding layers to their partnership and individual backstories. Enhanced AI for Sheva could improve the cooperative gameplay experience, making it more dynamic and strategic. We’ve already seen this massive improvement from the RE4 remake when we were with Luis on certain missions throughout the game. If they could incorporate a similar if not improved system into the RE5 remake for Sheva’s AI, then that alone would be a massive improvement for the game.

Then there’s the remake of Code Veronica, which is anticipated by so many fans and seems to be the most popular vote for the next Resident Evil remake. This game could redefine one of the series’ most pivotal stories, focusing on the twisted Ashford family and the dark secrets of the Umbrella Corporation. By enhancing the narrative, Capcom has the chance to delve deeper into the psychological horror and gothic elements that made the original so memorable. The RE engine could beautifully render the eerie Rockford Island and the desolate Antarctic base, with its atmospheric effects adding to the suspense and terror. Gameplay improvements could include a more intuitive inventory system, refined combat mechanics, and the incorporation of puzzles that challenge the player while driving the story forward. The remake could also expand on the roles of Claire Redfield, Chris Redfield, and Steve Burnside, providing more background and development for these characters. Additionally, integrating new storylines or side missions could enrich the lore, offering a broader view of the global impact of Umbrella’s experiments.

Aside from these two games, I’ve seen a lot of talk on the potential of a Resident Evil 1 remake, which seems to be a very divisive concept in the community. While the original Resident Evil has already received a remake, the potential for a new remake with today’s technology offers an exciting prospect. This remake could further refine the story of the Spencer Mansion incident, enhancing the narrative with additional details and character development. The RE engine would allow for a breathtakingly detailed and horrifying exploration of the mansion, with environmental storytelling adding layers to the ominous atmosphere. Gameplay enhancements could include modernized controls, an updated camera system that maintains the claustrophobic feel of the original, and puzzles that integrate seamlessly into the narrative. The remake could also offer alternate scenarios or outcomes based on the player’s choices, adding replay value and depth to the experience. This would not only pay homage to the game that started it all but also introduce it to a new generation of players in a way that respects its legacy while offering something new.

Another classic I’ve seen a lot of talk and discussion about is a remake of Resident Evil Zero. This remake could offer a unique opportunity to revisit the series’ roots, exploring events leading up to the infamous mansion incident. With an emphasis on the partnership between Rebecca Chambers and Billy Cohen, a remake could deepen their characters and explore their backgrounds with more detail. Modernizing the game with the RE engine would bring this game to stunning life, enhancing the horror and immersion on a whole other level. Improving the zapping system between Rebecca and Billy could also offer more dynamic gameplay, allowing for intricate puzzles and combat strategies that utilize the strengths of both characters. Additionally, a remake could expand the narrative to include more information about the Umbrella Corporation’s early experiments and the T-Virus outbreak, providing a richer context for the events that unfold in later games.

By reimagining these classic Resident Evil titles, Capcom could not only bring them back to a new audience with modern standards but also deepen the series’ lore and character development. Each remake offers a unique opportunity to explore different aspects of the Resident Evil universe, from the origins of the T-Virus and the downfall of the Ashford family to the global implications of bioterrorism explored in Resident Evil 5. Together, these remakes could form a cohesive narrative tapestry that enriches the entire series.

Now, as for Resident Evil 9, we’ve kinda known for some time now that this game was under development. Leaker Dusk Golem has claimed that this game will be announced this year and will be released in 2025. I’ve seen a lot of people speculating that this game will be announced sometime during Quarter 2 of this year, potentially at the Summer Game Fest, but only time will tell if that will indeed be the case.

Resident Evil 9 rumors have hinted at an even deeper exploration of the series’ horror roots, with a return to survival horror elements that challenge players to navigate treacherous environments with limited resources. Theories abound regarding the setting and plot, with some fans speculating about a convergence of the storylines from Resident Evil Village, bringing together familiar faces in a battle against a new bioterror threat. The anticipation for Resident Evil 9 is not just about the continuation of a story, it’s about the evolution of gameplay. Innovations in combat, exploration, and puzzle-solving are expected, alongside the breathtaking visuals and atmospheric sound design that have become hallmarks of the series.

As we stand on the cusp of official announcements, the speculation serves as a testament to the passionate engagement of the Resident Evil community, eagerly piecing together clues and dreaming of the next chapter in the storied franchise.

With all that said, that about wraps up this video. If you enjoyed, be sure to leave a like and subscribe for more Resident Evil news. Thank you for watching, and I’ll see you next time.

This article is a summary of the YouTube video ‘Multiple Resident Evil Games Coming In 2024!’ by Evil Blitz